wolfgenzwolfgenz :)


❀ Hello! ❀
I'm Chelsea and I'm 20.
I bought my first figure in 2014.
I began seriously collecting in March 2016.
https://jpeghost.net/x-iRaaaa.jpg: @wolfgenz_
https://jpeghost.net/s-hRaaaa.jpg: @wolfgenz

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01 month agoSureFiguresSureFigures
wolfgenz (1 month ago) #22629983Hi there!
Thank you for accepting my FR. I really enjoy your photography,"Miku Addict" is one of my favorites. Sonico looks so adorable, your set up was really nice too and I relate with being a miku addict LOL
Thank you so much! That's so nice of you to say, you seem pretty cool and have great taste as well!
If I may say, your collection is amazing!
Also I'm from NYC :)

I'm always happy to hear people enjoy my photos. Thank you! I've been thinking about doing a blog called "photography for the non-photographer" or something where I share my tricks. I'm not at all trained and mostly use my iPhone so it may be encouraging to show people you don't have to be a pro with extremely expensive equipment to produce a decent photo. We'll see though, I'm shy and am still yet to write in my blog section.
Ah nice, no wonder - NY people are always the coolest ;) Here's a club you might want to keep an eye on: club #1178 A few people are good about posting relevant events happening around the city, organizing NYCC meet-ups, etc.
11 month agoSureFiguresSureFigures
This is coming a little late but I just wanna say it was pleasure to get your FR. I've seen your comments around these pages and I always thought you seemed cool, well-informed, and of great taste. You're in NYC or a different part of the state?
13 months agoChelsea_akashiChelsea_akashi
AHHH Happy Birthday Chelsea! I am a bit late but I hope your day was wonderful! ;v; May you live many more healthy and happy years filled with love and joy! And also amazing figures and YOI ;0; Hope your doing well and hope we will get a chance to chat soon!
13 months agoAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
13 months agoobrittanyobrittany
Happy Birthday!! ^_^ Hope you have a really awesome day <333

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