womanizerwomanizer Hello everyone!!!! Smile and have a nice day :)

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09 hours agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Did you get Corazon yet?
02 days agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
How's the expo?
08 days agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
How about the right arm? Can you try to pluck it in perfectly without leaving crevice like this?

(mfc link)
012 days agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Please help man....Can you describe how do you put usopp's head? i cant plug it into the peg x_x i wonder if its like that hard or its just mine is unfortunate defect :(
016 days agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
Hey did your Brook POP lean? I heard the orange feather around his neck is extremely heavy, not just regular heavy

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