womanizerwomanizer Hello everyone!!!! Smile and have a nice day :)

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01 month agoTakeTake
womanizer (1 month ago) #2398914I'm studying Biology :). I know that you are on your last year, you told about that before ;). Yes, I'm buying all the X-TRA line from Tsume, so now I have three Tsume figures and I will have six by the end of this year.
My POP collection is growing, but I have to be selective because the space is a problema for me now.... Wow, I haven't seen Dangan Ronpa so I don't know what's the main story. Dōjinshi, that's interesting, what kind of dōjinshi are you collecting?

Ah ah, I'm simply assuming everyone has as bad a memory as I have myself, better safe than sorry lol. What do you think about Tsume's quality? I know a lot of people are complaining about them and it's true the only figure I have from then could have used a little bit of extra work, but I'm interested in your opinion as someone who has several of them.
This collection must be impressive, though! Do you take some pictures sometimes? DanganRonpa is pretty much a survival game which takes place in an high-school, mixed with an Ace Attorney system since every time someone is killed, the other students have to go through a trial to find the culprit. For noy I'm still exploring the doujinshi world, but I have a preference for art books based on serie I liked. But I would buy pretty much anything that is drawn in a style I like.
01 month agoTakeTake
womanizer (1 month ago) #2393083Hi Florent :) I'm fine, now I'm just giving my best because it's my last year at the university and I want to be the very best hahahaha. How about you?
I sent you a PM but you didn't answer, but don't worry for that. I'm still collecting POPs (Rebecca, Momonosuke, Trafalgar Law Ver.2, Nico Robin Dereshi, Bartolomeo....). How is your collecting going??

Oh, keep up with the good job then! I'm sure you can do it :) What are you studying again?
I'm also at my last year of school, which takes the form of an internship, so I'm currently working.

Your POP collection must look so good now! I can see you ordered Tsume Shikamaru as well! I almost made it myself, but since I don't own any other Naruto item it would have looked a little bit odd. My collection keeps growing as well, I am more and more focusing on Tales of merch, and right now I'm buying a lot of Dangan Ronpa stuff as well. I also started collecting doujinshi and rubber straps!
01 month agoTakeTake
Hello there :D How are you doing?
I kinda lost control of my PM box lately, but just so you know I'm not totally a jerk, you will always be welcomed to say hi in my comment box whenever you feel like it :)
I've seen a lot of POP being released lately, are you still collecting them?
01 year agoKillaxKillax
womanizer (1 year ago) #1626424Sorry Killax, I can't, I wish I could, but I am waiting for Sasuke G.E.M. and now I have to stick to my guns and keep saving. Thanks a lot ;)

01 year agoKillaxKillax


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