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011 months agoHSkeletonHSkeleton
woodysixone (11 months ago) #1640514Excellent, love the offer to help. I have many questions at times and just not sure. A true collector is nice to have as a contact and I value that very much. Just do not want to overload your comments area. If you chat or have long bored times to answer a few questions - say the word. I hope you are well, I have not been back to Wisc. in years (Iowa boy) but loved the time there! Reply when you can...take care!
No worries, I don't mind. You can always shoot me a PM as well. Just to let you know, I will be gone August 8th through the 16th on vacation but I'll be able to help you out when I return.

Aww, a true collector? That's a real compliment, thank you! So you're originally from Iowa then? I've been there once and but only passed through it on trip, we went right straight through it and saw literally tons of farmland. Iowa definitely has more farms than Wisconsin but at least we have all the cheese, haha.
011 months agoHSkeletonHSkeleton
woodysixone (1 year ago) #1621772WOW Thank you! Never a problem - do not see it as snooping but more as a great helping hand. I could use your help more often as I am so new to this. Please communication more often if you like...I could use any wisdom and a friend in the business ;)

Aww, thank you! Sure thing, I'm glad to be of help. :) If you need any further help I can certainly try and help out.
01 year agoHSkeletonHSkeleton
Hi there! Sorry to come across as a snoop but I saw the comment about the unknown Pandra character. I did some checking around for you and found out her name is Hades Pluto, though she seems to be a minor character.
01 year agoBLKstarBLKstar
woodysixone (1 year ago) #1550739Good Day Sir,
Hey I had a question on a character. I searched the web for hours and translated many Japanese websites and no luck. We both own two figures from Pandra:
Unico Winged Horse item #108433
Reiryi Black item #128862
Who is the third character (on the left of this picture) in the series?
(ext link)
I would like to know the name so I can keep an eye out for the figure if/when if gets produced. Sorry to take time just wanted to seek your wisdom. Hope all is well with you in the summer months.

I have this book on my computer but I believe its but translated into English. I wish I could help you more but I'm not sure what her name is. I'm almost positive she will be released soon considering she its the last one on the cover
01 year agoIt_FiguresIt_Figures
Had to send a Friend Request since it seems you share the same taste in figure type that I do. And a Moguden avatar helps too! :-3

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