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01 month agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
xMiyuu (1 month ago) #24203207Yeah, this WonFes was pretty disappointing for me. Finally got a prototype for Sakura from Fire Emblem which was the most exciting thing. xD
Also the announcements of Takimoto Hifumi Nendo from New Game and Beatrice Nendo from re:zero. Those are awesome! Other than that.... not much to say.

I agree, hardly anything super amazing was shown. I was pretty sad that a bunch of figures I was interested in didn't even have painted versions, including the BlazBlue Hazama that Broccoli was working on... oh well. On the other hand, A BUNCH of interesting looking lewd figures and a bunch of Mikus popped up. Oh my GOD the Mikus. XD

My wallet is already deceased. WALLET, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU
01 month agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
So how was WonFes for you this time around? I have quite a few Mikus I want (FREAKING WEDDING MIKU ARE YOU SERIOUS) but ultimately not as much revealed this time that I want versus last time, perhaps due to the over abundance of Fate stuff. Still more than enough to keep me going, haha!
01 month agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
xMiyuu (2 months ago) #23769017Hell no he won't! He has to pay for college! xD

Pffft, college schmollege, he'll be rich soon and then you can relax and lounge and roll around in all that money you guys will tooooootally make in our broken economy! xD

Also, RYUKO DROPS TODAY... unless FREEing wants to be jackasses and delay her ON release day, which... I dunno, we'll see. Goofy stuff happens. Also, I really want to buy a PS4 but between all the releases and WonFes soon affgfhfhjhsbgfj
02 months agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
xMiyuu (2 months ago) #23758331Next month for me is going to be insane and I'm panicking a little bit.... hehehehee.... -cries-
The struggle in this hobby is so real. I'm capped for this year but still want more. >.<

I've actually gotten to the point I'm considering nuking some of my preorders and shifting them to other things. I also am considering nuking some of my collection (mostly Transformers stuff) to try and pay for existing orders and just save some more and/or buy some games I've missed out on. Liking scales is the worst!

But you'll be okay, Miyuu, just lean on your boytoy, he'll totally help you xD
02 months agoVaikyukoVaikyuko
xMiyuu (2 months ago) #23685441This year is delay year... My August haul is ridiculous thanks to delays.... Are you getting hit with this problem? lol

Honestly, not really - thus far, Ryuko was delayed a month (no biggie), Tsukiumi was delayed a second time to October from May (ugh), and that's all. I just changed my billing for internet so I'm saving a bit more per month - I might turn that into some new preorders but we'll see. Aaaaaagh I want so much. lol

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