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017 days ago (17 days ago)SirisSiris
xkirax (17 days ago) #20951221Thanks for the FR ^^ Let me know when you'll order your G.E.M remix, I'm still hoping you'll find them at the price you expected.

Thanks! I will ask it in the shop in my city, if they get them, I will not need to pay for the shipping. NY is my second option. I hope tomorrow I could know about it.
02 months agoRikudouRikudou
xkirax (2 months ago) #19072267I already feared the case "after all we're not able to take orders for this product" or that kind of situation haha
At least it wasn't near of the actual release, so I would have ordered somewhere else but still... I feel like I'm stressing to much...
Thanks for being that kind and patient~

No worries at all, happy to talk =)
02 months agoRikudouRikudou
xkirax (2 months ago) #19059837Sorry.. I mean the product page is no longer accessible. When I search for Lavi or Megahouse figures, the one I ordered isn't showing up.. but my preorder is still accessible from my account. For already released products, they only use "out of stock" when they doesn't have these products anymore, so I was wondering if it was the same for preorders or not.

That's nothing abnormal :) a lot of retailers make specific page only available to be seen with a direct link so customers that already purchased it/pre-ordered can see it while a normal search necessarily can't. In short yes it is normal.
02 months agoRikudouRikudou
xkirax (2 months ago) #19041348Sorry for annoying you once more.. but is it normal the figure I preordered from Nippon Yasan is now invisible? I think the fact that this figure is exclusive limits the amount of preorders possible (even more on global website), but I'm still stressing a little bit suddenly haha

Invisible? :)
02 months agoRikudouRikudou
xkirax (2 months ago) #18968090In that case it's ok, I read the terms and conditions and paypal is still an unknown thing for me, I prefer to use my card. Even if I know their policy of no-cancellations is equal no matter if you used to pay by paypal or by your credit card...
Thanks for your explanations about Amiami and shipping.. to be honest, customs things are still unfamiliar to me, as for the moment I've neved had to pay extra for customs charge... I'll keep that in mind for Amiami ^^
Hum, I understand the fact that people usually only post feedbacks when they encounter problems... that's why it's hard to judge when you're wondering where to buy or not. But I can imagine that all shops may have a problem at one time...
I feel bad for you and your Sasuke case.. sometimes solutions offered seem to be too much complicated, I see. I hope everything was ok for the second one at least.

Yeah pretty much, every retailer has its ups and downs and people think that the customer service is either bad or worse dependent on whom they might be speaking to. Pretty much like every company that offers customer service.

If you aren't getting hit with customs, it's great :) I'm not really familiar with the French border, but UK is pretty strict.

My new Sasuke was perfect, so I'm happy I wasn't unlucky twice in a row. It was the first time that I've ever had a problem with any MegaHouse product.

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