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01 month agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hey do you want my Caster preorder from US shop? She would be $51 shipped
03 months agokarolannafellowskarolannafellows
HI I am very interested in your Psycho Pass Akane nendoroid would you trade or sell me cheapest possible please?

Thank you and have a wonderful day.
06 months agoValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
I know it's been a year now but are you still selling Suit Saber's head parts and accessories?

01 year agojessicrottejessicrotte
oh man my mom would just laugh cause she would not know what to say XD and that s a BEAUTIFUL figure! xmoonyin (1 year ago) #11868349Can you imagine if your granma saw this hahahah!!
What do you think your parents reaction would be(if they ever saw it)?? hahaha! you crack me up!!
my mom would probably be...."I should have seen this coming"
My most lewd/sexy figure is item #144293
Which is nothing to me, but my older saw it and she was like...."why is she showing her butt?!"
01 year agojessicrottejessicrotte
Yass you bet I did! my plans is to put it in the center of my collection cause it deserves that amount of attention and then when my parents come over to visit i will hide it in my drawer ;) I cant wait! xmoonyin (1 year ago) #11817825Oh my goodness Jess! You actually pre-ordered this figure?? item #293234 hahah! What are your plans to do with it?? ;)

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