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08 days agoDbonn12Dbonn12
ymous (8 days ago) #2316384Hey! Are you still looking for the Elize rubber strap? Any interest in trading another strap for her? :D
Umm, I am, but unfortunately I have nothing to trade really except some KLK straps.
Thanks though :3
02 months agoucles83ucles83
ymous (2 months ago) #2198110Hey! Quick question, is there any difference between the POP mild mugi theater figs other than the colored bases for the ltd edition? (I'm talking about these! (mfc link)) Thanks in advance!
Hi! You're welcome! ^^
The only differences are the color of the bases and boxes.

Have a nice day ymous! ;)
02 months agoEternalTuneEternalTune
ymous (2 months ago) #2197258Me too tho
Oh really? Where? I'm over in Eastgate.
02 months agoEternalTuneEternalTune
ymous (3 months ago) #2130562Cincinnati!
Yarp. Cincinnati.
03 months agopiffin88piffin88
ymous (3 months ago) #2162080your room is soooo cute

Thank you! ^^

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