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04 months agoSetsunaSaturnSetsunaSaturn
ymous (4 months ago) #1867901oh, man. did you get two of the same phone jack things from me??? D: blind boxes are evil!!

Haha, it's ok, I don't mind. It just means I have one to display and one to use :D
04 months agoSetsunaSaturnSetsunaSaturn
Thanks for accepting my FR! I honestly thought I did it a while back but realized I didn't when I got a new request today >__>; . I'm so terrible, sorry XD! Thanks again :3
06 months agopiratestylepiratestyle
OPMan and One Piece fan! Always nice to find people who share more than one of the same interest.
08 months agoKoreantacosKoreantacos
ymous (8 months ago) #1673618Rolla, huh? I always liked to eat at that buffet with the giant cow when I was little lmaolol, I've only been there twice.
08 months agoastralfruitastralfruit
ymous (8 months ago) #1659784It's good to see someone else properly appreciating Armin 8D
Why yes. The boy needs more love. :3

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