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01 day agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Thank you! I ate some things I do like and asked for money to pay my bills haha. But I did get some gifts.
I see. Well, to me it's because it's important for my studies because of foreign trade college. :)
Few people know this language, even those who study foreign trade.
I don't think it's because the teacher. I think it's more because... I don't know, people feel too scared? I mean, it looks like they weren't expecting the difficulty level of the language.

That's amazing! Hahaha, I can imagine how you feel talking with this guy!! I would feel the same way if I was able to do that. I think the only method to improve and be able to listen and understand is watching movies and such, but that demands time and patience. >_<

Did you find the chinese doujins/mangas you were looking for?
06 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Thanks for bday wishes!!

I see. Why did you decided to learn chinese? :p
I noticed many people start to study and give up after one or two months LOL. I know it's hard but come on...
Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to talk with people someday. I have my doubts )';
010 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
yuebing (10 days ago) #2455245Oh, dear, it feel as if I've been studying it since forever XD started uhm, ten years ago, then stopped studying it and well everything else too (got a bit depressed bleah) and then I've started again seriously in the last three years, more or less! Now I'm also writing my thesis on a chinese author... If I don't get really good doing this I don't know what else to do XD
How about you?

Oh! That's a lot of time.
Well, I know how you feel. When I was 14~15 I gave up studying everything and spent basically two years locked in my room XD
I go to the therapy and I'm feeling better now, I couldn't see myself working as I do now 3~4 years ago.

I've been studying chinese only one year, so it's not much time for a language so hard as this one!!
I decided to learn chinese because I study foreing trade in university. I hope I will be able to communicate properly someday lol - at least I can still have some text chats.

Did you find too hard in the your first years? ):
010 days agoGodYagamiGodYagami
yuebing (10 days ago) #2454923Hey! Thanks for the request! Great collection **
Anyway, about Chinese language, other than understanding people (which is haaaardddd, like you said) I find that I have to find some easy and fun stuff to read as a way to memorize more words. Which is way I'm looking for a way to buy exactly what I want XD One of my friend has heard of a writer of children literature called Yang Hongying, do you know her? Thay call her the Chinese J.K. Rowling, so I'm curious!

Yeah. I do confess I could be waaaay better with memorize words if I wasn't too lazy to study home.
Sometimes I wonder if I find stuff that is related to my interests (like mangas) I could force myself to study. So I kinda know how you feel.
How many time have you been studying chinese?

Hmm, no, I don't think I ever heard about her. But now you mention she does have a style similar to JK I'm really curious. D:
01 year agoichsanamoraichsanamora
hahahaa i got from rakuten bro, all the figure is in there bro!
yuebing (1 year ago) #1692028Pfft, I was going to ask you the same thing!
Well, I preorder stuff on Amiami (but there's not everything...) and I check Amiami pre owned section, then Mandarake is great, basically almost 70% of my figure come from there. Rakuten and Yahoo!Auctions are full of stuff but you need to use a proxy (There are a few Rakuten store that ship internatinally but well, very very few)
What about you?

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