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09 months ago_ant__ant_
yuebing (9 months ago) #2920435Yesssss, I am so looking forward to having both in my hands xD I don't know why but the various Miku's versions slay me! Awww, you have also on order the Angel Crown version of Sakura! T__T That's sooo pretty, I'll have to see if I manage to find one too!

I'm so excited to receive her next month Plum did an amazing job on her and I hope you get her too! Are you planning on getting her Kotobukiya figure from the first OP? :)
09 months ago_ant__ant_
yuebing (9 months ago) #2906614Hi! ^^ Thanks for the FR! You have such a pretty collection! :)

Thank you! You do as well! We both have Tomoyo and Senbonzakura Miku preordered :D
011 months agoDanciDanci
Hi! I tried to PM you but your inbox is full. >.<

How much would shipping to England be for Monomi? And can you provide any photos? I'm very interested.


Danci :3
01 year agoGodYagamiGodYagami
yuebing (1 year ago) #2475910Of course!! I'm waiting for a friend to find a few thing she wants, then we'll decide together which one to try! I'll tell you which one we chose and how it goes >___< but hopefully good!! If I find a reliable and not too expensive proxy for chinese shops *___* a whole new world will open for me xD

I want to buy some junk on taobao, but they cost like 3~5 USD, any proxy service would cost me much more and there's also the shipping rates (I don't know why the costs seem to be higher when a proxy send to you than a store like BiJ/AmiAmi). -_-

Yeeees!! Please, go buy the whole China!!
01 year agoGodYagamiGodYagami
yuebing (1 year ago) #2473583Yeah, I think it's one of those languages that need a really accurate study to learn enough to easily understand/read/write/communicate so many people get uhm... tired of it? I know that I like it and sometimes I get tired myself XD
Ah, sadly not, I haven't found the manga or doujin I wanted, but I found a few really useful books for my thesis! So I'm happy all the same ** I have to decide which proxy to use, between the many that got suggested to me! :)

Yeah. I think they feel tired and don't expect chinese as tonal language. Few people do try to get some info about chinese before they decide to study it.

Let me know once you try out one of those proxies, I want to know if they are reliable >3<

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