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01 year agoichsanamoraichsanamora
hahahaa i got from rakuten bro, all the figure is in there bro!
yuebing (1 year ago) #1692028Pfft, I was going to ask you the same thing!
Well, I preorder stuff on Amiami (but there's not everything...) and I check Amiami pre owned section, then Mandarake is great, basically almost 70% of my figure come from there. Rakuten and Yahoo!Auctions are full of stuff but you need to use a proxy (There are a few Rakuten store that ship internatinally but well, very very few)
What about you?
01 year agobenhanbenhan
Hi Yuebing, your inbox is full.
01 year agoichsanamoraichsanamora
bro do you where i can buy the crows worst flash back generation international?
01 year agoichsanamoraichsanamora
thanks, you also have a great CxW figures! :)
yuebing (1 year ago) #1686936Hey! Great CxW collection! :)
01 year agoDaevaDaeva
yuebing (1 year ago) #1525983In alto a sinistra, sotto il nome in grande della figure c'è Add to my collection o qualcosa di simile! Se lo clicchi ti fa scegliere tra Wished Owned Ordered! :)Sì, ho visto! Ahah, che pupazza che sono XD Grazie <3 !

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