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01 year agoagcpicturesagcpictures
yuebing (1 year ago) #8751968Thanks a lot for helping me buy the DC subscription box! You've been kind and helpful, it was a really pleasant transaction! :)
You're very welcome! :) I'm happy you're happy and I hope you're enjoying the Armored Batman Pop and other goodies!
02 years ago_ant__ant_
yuebing (2 years ago) #2920435Yesssss, I am so looking forward to having both in my hands xD I don't know why but the various Miku's versions slay me! Awww, you have also on order the Angel Crown version of Sakura! T__T That's sooo pretty, I'll have to see if I manage to find one too!

I'm so excited to receive her next month Plum did an amazing job on her and I hope you get her too! Are you planning on getting her Kotobukiya figure from the first OP? :)
02 years ago_ant__ant_
yuebing (2 years ago) #2906614Hi! ^^ Thanks for the FR! You have such a pretty collection! :)

Thank you! You do as well! We both have Tomoyo and Senbonzakura Miku preordered :D
02 years agoDanciDanci
Hi! I tried to PM you but your inbox is full. >.<

How much would shipping to England be for Monomi? And can you provide any photos? I'm very interested.


Danci :3
02 years agoGodYagamiGodYagami
yuebing (2 years ago) #2475910Of course!! I'm waiting for a friend to find a few thing she wants, then we'll decide together which one to try! I'll tell you which one we chose and how it goes >___< but hopefully good!! If I find a reliable and not too expensive proxy for chinese shops *___* a whole new world will open for me xD

I want to buy some junk on taobao, but they cost like 3~5 USD, any proxy service would cost me much more and there's also the shipping rates (I don't know why the costs seem to be higher when a proxy send to you than a store like BiJ/AmiAmi). -_-

Yeeees!! Please, go buy the whole China!!

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