yunamonyunamon ヲタクールチュアの坂


Otaku, Graphic Designer, Gunota/Guntaku, Figure Photographer, Figure Meister, InnovaDDo, タマちゃんの御主人様 (マスター)

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09 months agomdkprimemdkprime
yunamon (1 year ago) #1436803Happy Prime Day!

Thanks you
011 months agokevin26exekevin26exe
Thanks! ^_^ yunamon (1 year ago) #1805551Happy Kevin Day!
01 year agoSinger_YunaSinger_Yuna All along the Watchtowe...
yunamon (1 year ago) #1793083Happy Singing Day! wHappy Singing Yuna day!! Thanks for the greetings Yunamon, I appreciate them a lot, having a Happy (insert different word every year) day everyday ^^
01 year agoYuuichi-kunYuuichi-kun
yunamon (1 year ago) #1732296Happy Yuu Day!
Thanks ^^ sorry the response is so late, I've had a busy last few days ><
01 year agostupidlamerstupidlamer
yunamon (1 year ago) #1732597Mak right? w

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