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027 days agovitzekevitzeke
zaockle (27 days ago) #23901115no. things no longer on the for sale list have been sold. Thanks!
027 days agovitzekevitzeke
Hi! Are you still selling your Inori?
011 months agomanu-channmanu-chann
Hello. ^^

In a very old comment you said you wanted to sell your Accelerator (1/8 Alter) so I would like to know if you're still willing to sell him. If you are, please feel free to PM me with possible price.

Have a nice day!
03 years agolagomorphlagomorph
zaockle (3 years ago) #1912179you dont have the saber triumphant anymore by chance, do you?
I sure do!
04 years agoKonekoRawrifyKonekoRawrify
Is your BRS:Original ver. still for sale?

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