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04 months ago27taichi2727taichi27
Oh I see that makes sense.zenpai (4 months ago) #20266883I'm not creative enough to come up with some of the nendoroid scenarios some people on here come up with. I would like to share my tapestry collection sometime - but I would have to get a place big enough to hang them all first because I have way too many.
05 months ago27taichi2727taichi27
I see. It might just make you more recognizable here in MFC.zenpai (5 months ago) #20257148Yeah, I don't take pictures of my stuff. I've never really felt inclined to.
05 months ago27taichi2727taichi27
Yep it's cool. You should invite more friends here in MFC. I also notice you don't have any pictures of your collections yet.zenpai (5 months ago) #20217583That's cool, I didn't know MFC did that. It may also be because I only have 2 friends on MFC that I haven't gotten any such notifications yet. ahaha
05 months ago27taichi2727taichi27
Well since your in my friends list I got a notification of your birthday.zenpai (5 months ago) #20206580Thanks! c: How did you know it was my birthday?
05 months ago27taichi2727taichi27
Happy Birthday.

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