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Started collecting figures a number of years ago when i saw a cute set of Love Hina trading figures, and a Mutsumi wearing a bath towel (damn, if I could ever get that one to stand up straight) at one of my first A-Kon's. I primarily only collected figures at anime cons for a number of years. Occasionally I would find small cheap figures at Suncoast (R.I.P.). In the last couple of years I have started buying online from shops like hobbylinkjapan, amiami, hobbysearch, and ebay. Currently my most common figure is Mini Ika Musume with 13 and Saber with 9

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05 months agoTsunami3kTsunami3k
zeroryoko1974 (5 months ago) #1836849Hmm I wonder if Ikea has any bkack friday specials
A free shipping special would be sweet!
07 months agoTsunami3kTsunami3k
zeroryoko1974 (7 months ago) #1725601That Tenshi looks to awesome. Why no photos of her yet?
Be ready for a photo explosion once IKEA comes to town. ;D As is I don't have the shelf space.
08 months agoloploploplop
Happy Birthday Zero!
08 months agoxxsupernoidxxsupernoid
happy birthday!
01 year agozeroryoko1974zeroryoko1974
Got a new most expensive figure added to my collection. The Ultimate Madoka figure cost me almost 200 dollars with shipping. It's kind of funny to me that larger figures will only ship Express Airmail the most expensive shipping option. Like they purposely trying to screw their oversees customers

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