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Started collecting figures a number of years ago when i saw a cute set of Love Hina trading figures, and a Mutsumi wearing a bath towel (damn, if I could ever get that one to stand up straight) at one of my first A-Kon's. I primarily only collected figures at anime cons for a number of years. Occasionally I would find small cheap figures at Suncoast (R.I.P.). In the last couple of years I have started buying online from shops like hobbylinkjapan, amiami, hobbysearch, and ebay. Currently my most common figure is Mini Ika Musume with 13 and Saber with 9

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01 year agoArekusuArekusu
Happy Birthday!
01 year agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Happy birthdsy
02 years agojesmagicchildjesmagicchild
Hey there!
Thanks for the friend request.
02 years agoDarkyDarky
nice collection i must say
02 years agomeeveemeevee
Thanks for the FR :)

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k-on! tainaka_ritsu kakifly figureneet stronger animaru!k-on! tainaka_ritsu kakifly figureneet stronger animaru!

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