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01 year agowingsofninawingsofnina
I meant to tell you for awhile since you sent me the email, Your Urd looks amazing!! I wonder if they are going to release the rest of them pre painted. There's no way I could afford that GK and pay for somebody to pain it. Hehe
01 year agoTrafalgar_DLawTrafalgar_DLaw
How often do you purchase preorder with CR? are they as bad as customer reviews? You noticed their negative reviews on google right?
02 years agowingsofninawingsofnina
Wow, the Urd figure you ordered is awesome!!! Belldandy and Urd would look extremely awesome next to each other. I can't wait to see. I hope you upload some photos of Urd. :)
03 years agozferoliezferolie
Izlude77714 (3 years ago) #2029831Would you be willing to sell your Kaibutsu Oujo hime figure?

She is one of my favorite figures, so sadly I don't want to part with her.. Sorry.
04 years agoFychanFychan
zferolie (4 years ago) #1543656OK. I am awful with names, so I apoologize. I wanted to make sure you didn't go by something else.
And Added you. Nice to see a fellow collector. My list is not really filled out yuet, but I hope to change that

No problem, I'm pretty much just a lurker/stalker so I didn't expect to be recognized xD' Hopefully I can finish my stuff soon and be more active on the forums!

Be careful, this site is a really slippery slope!

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