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02 months agoSolariacosSolariacos
Your inbox is full so i cant reply on your question :o
but i listed her on ebay for 250 incl. Shipping
but im open for good offers ;)
03 months agojz7662jz7662
first time for me too, i cleared out my inboxzzzzzy (3 months ago) #2790217Hello there! I haven't done this "give away pre order" before, but I guess I only need to send them a mail, and tell them your Amiami registered email adress?
Your inbox is full by the way =)
04 months agoamy616amy616 Let's DANCE
Are you still selling Snow Miku Ichigo version??
05 months agoPyroPandaPyroPanda
Hello? I tried to PM you but your inbox seems to be full D: can you empty it so we can talk? I'm very interested with the miku in your shop
05 months agoTeaKatTeaKat
I tried to PM you but it said your inbox was full :c

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