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03 months agoYukataonlyYukataonly
Thanks for adding to your favorites.
08 months agoPhicooPhicoo
Thanks for your friend request :3
01 year agoleesanleesan
zzzzzy (1 year ago) #1354872Tycker du om Nendo Miku 2.0 ? Åååh jag har redan beställt Sakura Miku och (snart) Ichigo Shiromuku Miku. Beslutsångest!
Otaku business is expensive! D:
01 year agoleesanleesan
Sena Kashiwazaki joins my collection ;D

item #106566
02 years agotiramisstiramiss
Hi zzzzzy ^^ You left a comment on my pic (mfc link) unfortunately the cabinets have been discontinued so they are not listed on their website anymore. But when I went to Ikea they still had quite a few in stock. So chances are they may still have them. Here's the part #'s for them. EFFEKTIV 300.725.28 and # EFFEKTIV 001.052.38

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