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AnimeGirl1350 (1 year ago) #14755513Ah I see, to tell you the truth, I dislike to love ru and also high school dxd, they two I dislike the most, I do also dislike anime/Manga about a girl who crazy in love with a guy but the guy never notice or dense so it never go forward at all and keep making the same joke about it, it kind of annoy me, I like romance like Cardcaptor Sakura or Lovely Complex or even like the anime call "my love story" I am more into Shoujo Anime/Manga but mostly into Shoujo Manga :D I read so many Shoujo Manga, I will be saving up to buy more manga I like :D
Btw why don'the you shipped Len and Rin??? And also I think I heard of Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoujitsu but never watch it at all even the first season I have not watch

Yeah, I thought you probably don't like To Love Ru, but I think it was a good example of pure emotions also existing in that genre. High School DxD falls very short in plot, so I understand your hate for that. I think it was funny, but I don't think I'd ever bring up that show anywhere, but trust me there are worse harem shows...

I think having a shy character is fine even if her “love” doesn't make progress, but of course that would make a terrible plot for a main character. So, no that can't be the whole story.

I just don't think shipping Rin and Len is interesting enough I guess. I'm more for Len and Miku actually... xD But I also think it's just that I really like the mirror image idea. It's more interesting! Examples of that would be Alluring Secret Black ~Vow~ (caution! that's a bit sad one!) and Magic Mirror songs. However, I also like many songs where Rin and Len are siblings.

Oh! I wrote the Haruhi anime wrong! Sorry! Let's blame the fact that it's morning and I'm at work. XD The actual anime is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, and the Shoujitsu is a movie for it. Here is the show on myanimelist. Suzumiya Haruhi stories are one of my ultimate favorites, but the anime is... bit different so I'm not crazy about it but I still love it.

And random Miku thing, is that I'm really looking forward to this figure item #380217. Planning to get Rin and Len too from the same figure series. :3
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Oh, boy... There is so much differences here, but let's start with that I watch ecchi stuff.

And regarding that, I'd argue that there is also pure love in those. For example my favorite character from To Love Ru is Lala. She is air headed, and very childlike inventor. Even though there is much ecchi stuff going on in the series in one shorter story Lala learns that kiss is a good way to show your love. And that's the only thing she tries to do, find a good time to kiss the person she loves the most.

That series might still not be your piece of cake though. And I think it's okay that options differ. It might also be weird that I also look at the story when watching ecchi stuff, but oh well... :'D

And... I also like darker themes. I think the controversy with cute and dark is very interesting.

For Vocaloids it's really okay to make anything you want, but I don't ship Rin and Len. I do enjoy stories where they are shipped like The Apocalypse 13th (BTW I really recommend music this and other music from Hitoshizuku×Yama△ if you haven't looked into them), but I actually prefer the concept that they are like mirror images. :)

And finally the figure I linked is from anime/light novel series called Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoujitsu) [ext link ]. The anime was aired 2010 and was quite phenomenom and really popular among otakus. However the anime never continued properly, which is one guess why the series is quite unknown at the moment. I don't know if the series is for you, but you can read a bit about it. :)

And this one I forgot! I think open endings are fine, of course some of them can be cruel (to reader), but if they are open the series can continue or fans can think up an ending they like. ^^

I think I wrote quite much... so just let me know if you have any questions for me! :D
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AnimeGirl1350 (1 year ago) #14752727-snip-
I got into figures few years ago, my first figure was item #275. It's not perfect, but I like it and I'm glad I looked into figures after that.

Len is actually my favorite Vocaloid, so a bit similar there. x) To Rin I have like love/hate relationship (lol), but she has really greeeat songs.

I think with love/hate you're thinking about this song by HoneyWorks? That song is really cute and funny, so good choice. I don't have an absolute favorite, but I like Deco*27's new works like Ghost Rule and there is Hyurno on YouTube who does really fine covers with Len, likes this one (Hibikase).

Tsubasa is not my favorite, but I really like the art and I LOVE how it connects to xxxHolic. The manga also has really deep character development. I however really liked the Tokyo Revelations arc in anime as well. If the show was that insense all the time, it would probably be my favorite. :'D I loved the music too in that one.

I have watched more of shounen stuff that shojo, which also might be that I managed to miss on Cardcaptor.

Do you have a genre you enjoy or other favorite characters? :D
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AnimeGirl1350 (1 year ago) #14747775Hey :) how are you! I like your collection too :) you really love Vocaloid :) I only starting to collect things from there lol :) why you never got into Cardcaptor Sakura??
I guess you could say I love it, as I have been a Vocaloid fan since 2011. So, I have been following Miku and general Vocaloid development since then. There is just something cool in songs like this for example. :D

I tried to watch the Cardcaptor anime some time ago, but it just didn't feel it was for me I guess. Though I also don't like the anime adaption of Tsubasa Chronicle (it's like so toned down!), so I probably should give the manga a chance. Instead of Cardcaptor Sakura we only had Sailor Moon aired in TV, so that affects it too I believe.

And thinking up a question... What do you like about Cardcaptor Sakura? :)

Here is also my animelist if you want to take a look! :D
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You sent me a Friend Request. So... Hello and what's up? :D

You have a nice collection! Only thing I'm missing out is Card Captor Sakura, I love CLAMP's art but never really got into it.

Buhhey! (Random ending)
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G'day mate!

Hooley dooley, what an awesome Sakura collection!

Greetings from America.
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Thanks for the friend request! So much love for Sakura on your profile! <3
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Thanks for the FR!
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Hi! Thanks for the FR, have a nice day.
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Thank you for the fr :) your collection is so sweet.

All the best
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Hey thanks for the FR - love to get to know more Cardcaptor Sakura fans! :-)
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Thanks for the FR! :>
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Thanks for the FR. Your CCS collection is amazing!
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Thank you for the FR! :)
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OMG! Friendship! Wooo! :D
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Thank you so much for the FR. Love all the CCS! XD

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AnimeGirl1350 (1 year ago) #14129597Your welcome! I love making friends with CCS fan! There never enough CCS fan > <

Hopefully with the new sequel, there will be even more fans ^^~
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Thanks for the friend request! ^^ Always a pleasure meeting another Cardcaptor Sakura fan!
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Thanks for the FR! You have a very lovely collection!

Always nice to meet fellow Aussie collectors on MFC ^_^

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