ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider Playing Spyro the Dragon on a PS1 Emulator. Childhood! <3

12 months agoSunildattSunildatt Minatsuki Takami <3
ChocolateSpider (2 months ago) #19849200Well hello there, new friend.
Whoa! There is a lot of Deadman Wonderland here. I haven't thought about this show since I saw it on Toonami a few years ago. :D

ChocolateSpider (2 months ago) #19849318Thanks you so much for that complement! I am always happy to see someone finds my shenanigans amusing. x3

Hehe yeah I am a big fan of Deadman Wonderland. Ah those good old toonami days. I wasted decades of my time watching those English dubs week after week XD

It took like 8 years for me to finish Bleach on Adult Swim!!

My pleasure friend. I love this figure collecting hobby and I love seeing others enjoy it too. For me, I open a figure, observe it carefully and then put it up for display. You on the other hand make funny skits with them and really hilarious fight and chase scenes LOL.

I also see you like Monster Musume. It was really funny until it got sort of repetitive. I ain't into lolis but I adore Papi. Her dumb bird brain is so cute lol. But my bae is Zombina. Necrophilia for the win!!!! (I'm I'm not) XD
12 months agoSunildattSunildatt Minatsuki Takami <3
Yo dude, you are awesome! I love reading your blogs, they are very interesting, funny and well thought out :)
02 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Asagoe (2 months ago) #19731045Thanks for accepting! I like the cut of your jib.

I'm not gonna lie. I had to use UrbanDictionary just to figure out what that last sentence meant. I am not well versed in old sailor slang. :P

[ext link ]
12 months agoAsagoeAsagoe Mad Magician ✨
Thanks for accepting! I like the cut of your jib.
12 months agovero_figurevero_figure
hi :3 yes i love chibi they're really cute and easy to collect !!ChocolateSpider (2 months ago) #19645241Oh goodie! A new friend! :D
I like your collection of chibis. Chibis are life. :3
12 months agoGoldSaint95GoldSaint95
ChocolateSpider (2 months ago) #19518467Oh goodie! A new friend! I see you only joined 1 months ago. Welcome to MFC! I hope you are having a fun time on this site. :D

Thank you,I'm having a good time here,thanks to people like you and the other friends I've made here,cheers.
12 months agoDeadIEndDeadIEnd
ChocolateSpider (2 months ago) #19610772Happy birthday! I hope someone brings you a big, delicious cake! ^o^
Thank you very much!! 'Champion drink' at a local coffee shop is even better than cake, I'm getting one now :P
12 months agoblueberrywaifublueberrywaifu
Hello there! I live in the same state as you and I also am very passionate about ps1/ps2 platformers and video game soundtracks, in particular the Spyro trilogy soundtracks! Let us commence the friendship?
13 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #19331897Happy birthday! I hope someone brings you a big delicious cake. :D That sure sounds lovely! as long as I get one of my favourites it will be good :D thank you for the birthday wishes!!
13 months agoMatrawMatraw
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #19100001You have a great collection too. I like your assortment of Yu-Gi-Oh and DC Comics stuff. :D

Thanks ! I just receive my second Marik today, i was really happy, he is beautiful !^^
13 months agoMatrawMatraw
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18985123What's this? A new friend? Oooo! And he's French too! Time to celebrate with wine and Kool-Aid! :D

Haha, thank you for the FR, you have a great collection ;)
13 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
View spoilerHide spoilerChocolateSpider (4 months ago) #18260442Yippee! I love not being killed! It is my favorite activity next to taking naps and playing video games! :D
It wouldn't be surprising if I had siblings I didn't know about. My parents always seem like they are hiding something. :P
Thank you for the complements. Your collection is super duper cute too! :D

Hahaha yeah I thought as much ;P
the secrets finally out xD
You are welcome~ and thank you as well \^o^/ !!
I see your new status, I would like to play the Crash Bandicoot remakes as well! I am the only one in my family excited though :(
13 months agoSageGuySageGuy
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18932645I am regretting not pre-ordering that Nendoroid. Seeing all of these cute pictures of it show me what a great picture opportunity I missed with it. >.<

I didn't have the money until after release, and I wasn't expecting her to be popular enough to sell out within a month. So I had to pay the after market prices.
13 months agoSageGuySageGuy
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18932416I just finished browsing through your pictures. They are so cute! :D

Thank you, I've got a few more of Aoba that I'll be posting soon.
13 months ago11lemons11lemons
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18929308We are not so bad once you get to know us. Maybe this Christmas video will change your mind. :3

Haha! That is actually really cute. Never thought I'd say that about a spider xD
13 months ago11lemons11lemons
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18929305I friended you because I like lemons.
.......That is pretty much it. Oh! You seem very nice too! :P

Haha! Well chocolate is good. Spiders .. not so much :P
13 months ago11lemons11lemons
Thanks for the FR! :)
13 months agoPokeking709Pokeking709 Semi-Crazed Toy Abuser
Thank you! :)ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18915310Happy birthday! :D
13 months agoRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
ChocolateSpider (3 months ago) #18802712Thank you. Friendships accepted. :3
Youre welcome ;) Looking forward to the conversations in the blog section.
13 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Rajke (3 months ago) #18802697Send you a FR, like your review style and photo's. Thank you. Friendships accepted. :3

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