DelicateThunderDelicateThunder Lost in Doll Land, please send help.

02 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
Oh they were done by Bandai:

item #262343

item #262344

item #224875
02 years agokawaiiphandakawaiiphanda
Hi! Thank you :3
I love your profile picture!

Yes! Koujaku and Aoba are adorable, I love how they look together since they were kids, and how their friendship became love *w* Koujaku's route and Noiz route are like my top favourite, but I do love all routes, and characters :D and you?

DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2494178Nice profile!
View spoilerHide spoilerI agree with you that Koujaku X Aoba is the best. They're so cute together....
02 years agoshanew91shanew91
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2414160Nice start to your collection, you've got great taste in series. (Great to see that you have Balthier too!) Hope you enjoy your stay here, your wallet, probably not. XD

Thank you (one month late)! I just added a couple new figures. You're definitely right about my wallet hurting T_T.

02 years agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2465349Hey! :D
Haven't talked to you in awhile and was wondering how life was treating you. Out of curiosity, did you ever order the Mami Azone HAF, or did you resist the temptation? It's been a little while since I've talked to you, but I did finally end up scoring a Dollfie Dream base body off Mandarake, but it's the original model and I'm a bit apprehensive about altering it. My husband ended up sorta confiscating it as well, and is using her as an artist mannequin/muse. Even with no facial paint or eyes, she's still lovely and very much photogenic. He made my mind up for me. ^_^'
Any end of the year figure avalanches for you? Started out with only 2 things on order and it quickly became a full month of December. XD

It's been forever! ...It's also been forever since you sent this, orz sorry. I think it got buried.
I didn't D:. I sort of decided that my Mami shrine was at a good size, and tbh there's not much I want to add to it anymore. That, and I don't feel like spending so much lol. Ahhh gj! Do you have any pics of it? They are super photogenic even without accessories, I agree. Sometimes I just want to leave my Mami doll all plain, but I think that would weird people out lol. So what are you going to do with it? Just let your husband keep it forever lol?
No, thankfully! I only have 3 figures ordered, and two are already paid off. However Comiket is at the end of next month, so I've been saving for that.
Your "Games" thing on the side made me laugh.
How was your Thanksgiving btw? Buy anything on Black Friday?
02 years agoGodYagamiGodYagami
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2465316A very happy birthday to you!!!!! Hope that it's a happy one!!!! :D

Thank you honey!!
How are you doing?
02 years agoIlzeNomiIlzeNomi
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2465333A very happy birthday!!!
*wheels in a cake*
*Badou jumps out, then promptly asks for a smoke*

Bwuhaaahahahahahaha xD brilliant! Made my day!
Thank you very much <3
02 years agoMobiusXMobiusX Chūnin Rank
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2461959Glad to see you made it out ok. The pursuit of good grades is enough to give you an ulcer: not surprised that it gave you some health issues. Hoping you feel a lot better now. ^_^
Fretting more about where Ren is going to go, and hoping that the finished product turns out as blazing hot as the prototype. After the holidays, I'm gonna have to do some serious hard core rearranging. Especially since he needs to be on the same shelf as Aoba. Have you seen the pics of the Noiz nendoroid? Really cute.

Properly scaled 1/7's will be a pain to fit, especially given their rather bulky sculpt. Ah well, gives them an excuse to huddle up close on a shelf if need be, aha.

Noiz looks great aside my slight gripes with his eyes, but I'll make final judgements upon seeing him painted. I'm still waiting on that Ren nendo. And man, collecting the 2003 TMNT DVD's have put me off-course yet again. Since the discs are practically a decade old, they're hard to find at a reasonable price (or simply just hard to find because no one's willing to part with them for me to snatch at a good secondhand price, :L).
02 years agoMobiusXMobiusX Chūnin Rank
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2460596Ah, you yet live. Did you make it through your finals?

Yes I'm back! :D
That was a painful twelve hours of exam time in total, but I think it worked out well :)
However, my GP says my recent headaches and nausea have been derived from exam stress (to the point I was hit with indigestion yesterday, go figure).

Now to wait for December 18th to get that letter in the mail with my final score.

How's life been on your end? I take it you've been hit hard with the 1/7 Ren based on previous comments on my profile, aha.
02 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2407384I shall wish you a very happy birthday here too, my friend.
*Rolls in a cake*
*Woody pops out*

02 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
DelicateThunder (2 years ago)'s that WHS figure I was telling you about. item #163750 Love it, hoping it's worth the hype, and hoping they make some of the other characters.
Nice Satsuki pics! She looks like she could stand up to Levi. ^_^

INTENSE, that sculpt looks deadly though, worth the coin indeed
Lol yes, she's wonderful
02 years agoIridescentFallIridescentFall いいよ~
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2452474Wow, you have an awesome DMMD collection!!! (Love your profile! Koujaku!!!!) I got into it only recently, and via the anime so I have some catching up to do. Was only on episode 2 and before I knew it, the Aoba nendoroid got purchased and on was on it's way. I have a feeling that Aoba and the guys are going to cost me some serious money before it's over with. xD

Thank you so much! ^.^ You have some awesome DMMd stuff ahead of you to enjoy then! I haven't actually watched all the anime yet, just because I'm biased towards liking the games more since I played them first. >.< I'd say if you're okay with the 18+ scenes, definitely play the game and then re:connect! They're amazing. The music too.
The Aoba Nendo is so cute! You'll definitely love him! Have you seen the prototype for the Noiz nendo too? I really hope they'll release him soon! Yes, you definitely may want to lock away your wallet when you're looking at DMMd stuff- there's so many amazing things (and unfortunately a lot of event exclusives).
Also, you have a lovely collection as well! ^.^
02 years agoSweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2447129Too much, suffice to say. ^_^'
I know that Cloud is Squeenix's mascot, but I draw the line at $100+, even if it is his kickass version from Advent Children. All of the new AC PAK are pushing that price, but Chocoboy is the most expensive. I have a feeling that FFXII's Fran will be similar, but since I have Balthier, I'm gonna have to just hold my nose and buy her. XD

Yeah I was really eyeing Fran but the prices for PAK I was hoping for a really nice scale o_o

Since game sales for them arn't so hot. Maybe their inflating the figure prices lol
02 years agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Saniwa
DelicateThunder (3 years ago) #2391838Here's the store website: [ext link ]
There's 2 owners, one based out of Oregon, and the one from NY. We haven't been to any events to catch up in a few years. T_T
My husband and I live really close to Philly too, Northern Delaware, to be exact. DC is a good distance from us, but it's worth the trip every once in awhile. I hate how the place is laid out though, we've gotten terribly lost on some of our trips there. I'll be curious to see where Otakon ends up if they do move it.
Aside from this, item #198394, December is somewhat free. If I can swing it, maybe I'll pick Aoba up. Ren is going to be an instabuy!
As for the collection, it's not all mine, but belongs to my husband and myself. Almost all of our friends and visitors call our house the museum because of the antique Japanese dolls, and the figures balance everything out. We had to take down our displayed kimono because our kitten was a bit too curious about hanging things. XD

Sorry for the super late reply! Thanks for the link. I really like the hairsticks. I wear them all the time...except I'm cutting my hair soon so no more of that.

Oh okay! I go to Delaware sometimes for shopping because, ya know, no taxes. Taking the trip to DC once a year should be fine though. It's not like it's all the time. Is it laid out strangely that its easy to get lost or something? Like a lot of "one way" streets so its hard to turn around maybe? I've been there maybe for a school field trip or two but that's it, so I don't really remember anything about it.

Well that's cool that your husband likes collecting too. My friend and my other friends boyfriend are the only people I know that collect. Hmm..can you put the Kimono in a case or something so your cat can't get to it? They usually look good like that too.
02 years agoGimmGimm
View spoilerHide spoilerDelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2442564I played Final Fantasy: 4 heroes of light, and heard that the same team that did that one also did BD. There was a petition on Square Enix Members NA to release BD outside Japan, and I'm glad that they took notice. Now, I need to stop playing Pokemon long enough to buy it and check it out.
View spoilerHide spoilerAoba is a strange one. As odd a choice as Mink is, Ren is an equal head scratcher. Since Ren was originally a part of himself, does that mean that Aoba is, well, indulging in self love with Ren? Clear is equally unusual, although I really like him as a character. Makes me wonder what I've gotten into with DMMD. XD
December, my wallet will need all kinds of life support. Not as concerned about the scale of Aoba as I am with the Aniplex PMMM scale. Might order Kirin after all, I have a traditional gold foil paper cut art of Kirin that this figure would go well with.
Edit: and ordered. This is just too badass to pass up. Thanks again!

Yup. Actually when you play BD you can find some 4 heroes of light's reflection. I bought the art book of BD and you know what, some art work from 4 heroes of light is also included in this book. ;)

To sum up, Aoba is a narcissistic weirdo that likes it ROUGH. XDDDD That's why Koujaku is so outstanding among them.

I finished Pokemon X in 48 hours, and then I was like "hmm, let's erase it and start everything from the very beginning."....................What a huge mistake. =.= I just don't have any time to play it again after I erased it.
02 years agoSweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2442545
Speaking of FFVII, have you seen what Squeenix is asking for their new FFVII PAK?! Wow! O_O

Nope I live under a rock. Enlighten me xD
02 years agoGimmGimm
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2440296Hi!
Thought I'd continue the DMMD discussion here since they like us to keep on topic on the figure pages.
Mink. I was really puzzled that they included a character like him in the series, in all honesty.View spoilerHide spoilerHis relationship with Aoba is definitely abusive, almost like he's at odds with the whole situation. It's like Aoba is a battered wife, maybe he likes it or perhaps he thinks he can change Mink later on. It could also be that Mink sees Aoba's Scrap abilities as monstrous and needs to feel like he's in control. I personally didn't care for it, but the fact that they included something like this is a bit bizarre. Noticed that this wasn't terribly prevalent in the anime however. Come to think of it, all of the guys had some sort of issues and the only ones who treated him halfway decently were Koujaku and Clear. I put Ren in a different category. Aoba has very interesting taste in men. ^_^'
Oh, and as I was looking at your collection, saw the Kirin Revoltech on your ordered list. I didn't know that this even existed. December is kind of nasty figure-wise, and right now my husband and I are trying to justify another order. Thanks! XD
Also noticed that you're planning Bravely Default. I've been wanting to pick this up. How is it?

I love Bravely Default. The graphic, music, character design are just fantastic. I love the gameplay as well, but few of my friends didn't like it. So I guess it depends on each person. :P You really need to be patient to go through each chapter, and the problem is not everyone can manage to do that...You'll know what I mean once you decide to pick it up...View spoilerHide spoilerAnd I strongly suggest you play every single sub-quest since they complete the whole story and every character's personality. I can share more with you but I'm afraid to spoil anything. XD I feel like it's not just a RPG game, but instead it also has a little of strategy in it. View spoilerHide spoilerOh, and grinding can be extremely terrifying... I spent 6 hours on just leveling everyone up to max level... And I still failed on fighting sub-quest bosses...Crazy, right??!! If they are going to make any BD figures, I'll buy them without thinking......

As for Mink, just like you said, well, I don't understand his relationship w/ Aoba at all. Aoba is such a weird uke. lol. Maybe He secretly enjoys the pain hahahaha. Moreover, if Ren has a feeling towards Aoba...... Isn't it awkward for him to be at Aoba's side when Aoba is making out with other people?......*facepalm*

Glad that I helped you finding that Kirin. Hahaha December is gonna be the Mink of my wallet.
02 years ago (2 years ago)SweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2436725Hi!
Noticed your comment on the impossible grail article about how you were looking at the FFX Bahamut and how nasty the price is now. I'm horrified at how much they're charging for these now! Sadly, I have a number of older Koto FF figures and am very sad to say that the quality is just horrible on many of them. (Open the boxes, broken parts. Parts not fitting correctly, not so much paint issues.) Didn't have any real issues with larger scale FFX figures, but have on many others. Worst was this thing, a looooong time grail of mine: item #10261 Hunted it down, spent a good deal of money on it, only to discover that it broke easily. Koto did not treat the FF franchise very well, not that Squeenix has done much better.
If you hunt down Bahamut, proceed with caution. A shame since he deserves better. X was one of my favorite FF games.

Thanks for the reply to my post! Yeah I used to see it for cheaper but my gut told me not to buy it for $100. I guess due to the HD version merch went up in price....

I don't think I will get him unless I win a low bid off of ebay. I loved the FFX line but for the most part the paint jobs really bothered me like Tidus. I did take a risk and bought item #2092 but I think I will make a new base some photos make it look leany...but okayish paint job o_o

I was somewhat wondering how is item #2128

And It's not just Koto that makes fragile figures! Square itself does, I bought Sion and it was broken (mfc link) I think FF needs more love. Also I'm disappointed with the HD release they only made 2 figures but no Re-runes! And no Wakka figure. WHY!? D,:
02 years agoAsceAsce
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2431582Well said on the Ren figure, and you've got an awesome collection!
Noticed in your about section that you're interested in Sentinels Titan line. Was very, very happy with Levi when I finally got him. (After that crazy pre order war!) Have Eren on the way, and Armin on order. Don't usually go for scales, but gave Sentinel a shot after getting one of their One Piece hooks, and the paint/sculpt on that was nicer than the POP!

Thanks, you've got a pretty awesome collection yourself.^^
Yeah that PO war for Levi was insane. I never managed to get an order in so for now colecting the Sentinel Titan line has kind of been put on the back burner for me. Not to mention MF dishing out amazing/expensive scales like Aoba and ren, I've got next to no cash for anything else xD. Lucky you for managing to get Levi, eren, and armin. I've never bought anything from Sentinel before but I've heard a lot of good things ever since the AoT figures hit the market :).
02 years agoMobiusXMobiusX Chūnin Rank
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2429352Both versions of Ren are now up for order. I...just got back hell of a lot lighter in the wallet, but damn......

Yeah I saw, though I'm still rather nicked off about how his exclusive has no helmet, oh well.

Lol man I am doing terrible at avoiding the internet. Nonetheless I've successfully minimized my procrastination hours.
02 years ago (2 years ago)IlzeNomiIlzeNomi
DelicateThunder (2 years ago) #2429322Ah, I was getting ready to tell you that Ren was up for order, but I see you're getting the same one I am. He's going to look fantastic displayed next to Aoba! Was gonna say that I can't wait to get him, but my wallet sure as hell can. Wow.
Thanks for the fr add too! Didn't know that Bullets and Carnage was still being released. Next Manga volume is out in December?

hahaha, was just about to message you! Definitely a beautiful couple. Yeah I really feel the WonHobby is a better value for money + exclusive so the price will go up. a good investment idea hahaha. I think there is enough time for us to save up for him. I'm looking into getting a better paying job before then however.

- Also, congratulations on the soon anniversary! It's beautiful to hear you guys been together so long! Any kids? Do they play with your figures? I think that would be the scariest thing. Babies and kids vs expensive delicate toys!(゜◇゜)
- Also, sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm so busy during the day at work and then when I get home I'm so tired I fall straight into bed ( ´Д`)
- Also, got Aoba 2 days ago. He is so kawaii! and tiny legs and tiny arms and super tiny Ren and the airbrushing on the hair looks amazing! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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