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08 months agoFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
Happy Birthday once again Dracnore! Hope all is well.
01 year agoFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
Happy Birthday!
02 years agoFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
Eh... the Nanoha movies themselves left me less than impressed. Unless they did a domestic release, I likely won't watch them again. Although the 1st was more palpable than 2nd. While I'm not necessarily completely against downloading anime, I don't feel like it is the right way to support the industry. Even so, I'm reasonably sure where I fall in the Otaku scale between super cheap and doesn't buy vs. must get everything. Probably more than the average anime fan, but just from this site alone, there are people with more time/money/dedication than me and I'm okay with that.

Thanks for a heads up on that Force Fate figure. I saw her designs from the bonus art book along with Force Nanoha and Vita. I'm glad they are doing something with them despite it being less than popular (or so I've heard). I've added to my need to buy list when it gets released.

As a random thing of note, I almost always get together with a friend of mine for weekly anime watching. We try to knock out 12-13 episodes series in one shot or if they're longer, about that many episodes each week. If you're interested in what I've been watching, I can PM/comment yah. Likewise if you wanted to do something similar, feel free to.
02 years agoFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
Hmm... the exceptions I've made over the years have been few and far between. There was Valkyria Chronicles and I waited several years for it to be licensed (with no success) before I watched it, Nanoha StrikerS was also long after it completely aired, both Nanoha movies well after the Blu Ray releases and Nunally in Wonderland also waiting awhile after it was released in Japan. Madoka has always been a game of patience that I eventually won simply by waiting. All too soon will I finally get to see Rebellion.

Besides, none of those mentioned are available commercially with physical releases over here. The 3 times I wanted to, yet still haven't, were Japanese Bluray LEs was for A Channels soundtracks which I adored the hell outta there vocal pieces, the Girls Und Panzer Anzio OVA from last summer and the Fury Bluray that recently came out because there was a feature by Yukari of GuP explaining tank combat scene(s?) from the movie.

And in the last 11 years of collecting anime and stuff, the only thing I've watched before it was completely released and still airing in Japan was Sailor Moon Crystal. I got no problem with people who like streaming their anime, but I just like to pop in a disc and marathon without creating my own playlist or dealing with ads or having some weird time bar buffering because I missed a subtitle or some such. Just my way of doing things.

While that Fate is quite impressive, I already have her with a BFS (and boobs) from StrikerS, this one here item #4322 Now as far as Nanoha figures goes, I'm waiting for this beauty from Force myself item #236444
02 years agoFinalCataclsymFinalCataclsym
Yah know, I actually built a custom database using OpenOffice from scratch to keep track of all my DVDs and Blurays. I update it when I get a few things in but I never made a MyAnime account. Also been meaning to make an AnimeNewsNetwork account but I never really found anything so important to post about. I suppose the fact that I don't stream anything contributes to such. Physical releases for me only!
02 years agoSnatcher2047Snatcher2047
Dracnore (2 years ago) #2602562
Also, do you plan on getting this one when she is out?
item #220945

Didn't even know about that one! If the price isn't too ridiculous, I'm definitely picking that up. Thanks for sharing that.
02 years agoSnatcher2047Snatcher2047
Dracnore (2 years ago) #2596904I have a question, from one Fate fan to another.
This figure:
item #226217
How is the quality of it? It looks adorable and cheerleader Fate is original, but I'm a bit concerned about the quality of it since it's a prize figure.

For a prize figure I'd honestly say the quality is pretty good. At least I was rather pleased with it.
02 years agoFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday !
02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
05 years agoDjibrilDjibril
Happy Birthday!^^
06 years agoToadyToady
DracnoreOh, then I guess that makes you the Toady from ISML as well. :3

About how long ago did you purchase her? If you don't mind me asking.

You're one of those Fate's fans of ISML aren't you ? Which one ? xD
I bought it 3 months ago (April 25th) so I guess it's still possible to find her.
06 years agoToadyToady
DracnoreAre you Toadounet from MAL, by any chance?

Also, when and where did you find that Fate figure? I can't seem to find a place to buy it. ;-;

Yes, I'm this Toadounet ! ^^
I found this figure by chance in an anime convention. The seller came from Italy I think, but I don't know his name :$ It was kinda expensive, but I really like her face so I bought her :p Sorry that I can't help you =(
06 years ago (6 years ago)zszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreHonestly, the Nanoha series strong point was its characters, but that went down the drain after A's.

The old cast which are in StrikerS are still good, but the new characters? bleh

To be honest I quite liked Subaru in StrikerS.

After reading nanoha Force though all I can say is, despite being called Nanoha force the main character does not appear until chapter 7 and the [new] main male character has the personality of a rock.

Nanoha was on slightly more pages than Fate, and thats not many...I could even forgive Force if Nanoha and co. appeared more.
Hopefully the new Nanoha movies will have more main character screen time.

nearly forgot, [ext link ]
WTF, haha!
06 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreWell if you're a fan, no point not watching StrikerS too, right?

As for MyAnimeList. Well, you can at least join the Nanoha and Fate clubs there. The Fate one has over 3000 members, and the Nanoha one is pretty large as well.

Can't say for sure on Vivid or Force, though neither manga interests me. The new characters are a bore.

I agree, The new Force manga doesn't feel like nanoha and the new characters are in my opinion unlikable. at least many StrikerS characters were.
06 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreI see you went pretty crazy with buying the NanoFate figures. ^^
You should join MyAnimeList.net, if you have not already.

Both Nanoha and Fate have really grown on me ^^ especially the white devil herself.
I might still collect a few more of them in the future sometime.
I have heard of MyAnimelist.net although i generally tend to not watch too much anime because I always love at least one character and collect more -.-

Madoka was enjoyable though. it is no where near as good as the nanoha series, but is still pretty good.
Looks like I was wrong about StrikerS, I have been enjoying it recently. Like you once said, A`s was the best. I wonder if they will animate ViVid or Force?
06 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreOh, well their prices can be very sketchy sometimes. I notice retailers in Hong Kong have really strange price ranges for their merchandise. I can't really say where else to get her at this point, though.

just see the price of fate phantom minds sky rocket in a few months! i bought nanoha alter for $150 w/ shipping and since the price has doubled, even in japan.
06 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreWhere are you ordering? Nendoroid Nanoha and Fate have the same retail price.

i ordered on ebay. maybe i should order from a middleman? though i dont know of any.
06 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreWell, this is the fanclub for Fate.
club #122

StrikerS and loli Fate are essentially one and the same, and as far as I know, this club is for the Fate from all three seasons and the movie. Her most current name is just Fate T. Harlaown, so they went with that.

And yeah I managed to join your club..it just lagged a bit. And yeah, the new alter loli Fate is really huge.

Yep, Its just I wanted a club for young fate. plus i didnt like the name of the other club. Sure im picky, but I personally much prefer younger fate. I also like simplicity, but i would like the club to have another few pictures so its eye catching.

I also preordered azone 1/6 movie fate but i have to save up a little more because this month i have a lot of orders, and i ordered nendoroid fate. couldnt order nendo nanoha because she was over twice as much as fate! People in japan must adore nanoha.
06 years ago (6 years ago)zszoroarkzszoroark
DracnoreDid you delete all of your comments? I thought we had a conversation awhile back, but there aren't any comments on your profile. You are the same person, right?

And nice profile image, heh.

Ever get around to watching A's? I see you made a Fate club -- Some reason, it wont let me join it.

yeah, i am the same person ^^ I did delete the comments, Its just what i do after a while, nothing personal. It looks like you successfully joined the club on the page. yep, i watched A's. can never get enough Nanoha! Oh, i sent you another message. i hadnt checked my profile so, yeah ^^
06 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
Heheh, i ordered Phantom minds fate. I check the shipping everyday, She was sent EMS so...should have her soon. Hope your doing OK and thanks for joining the club! I couldn't believe no one made a club for the younger Fate. Blasphemy!

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