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Hello thanks for the FR ^q^
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2239980super late responseee ohh nice I wish i celebrated after I finishd finals haha. Ohhh nice that sounds like a lot of fun. Awww well you can come anytime! I ended up not cosplaying Levi at AX cuz I got sick on day 3 due to food poisoning. It was horrible! I just did not cosplay on day 3 nor day 4 because I wanted to be comfortable. How is your summer so far? Oh shoot, are you okay now? if not, I hope you'll get better soon! Summer's been great! I'm in Bali right now but I'll fly to New York on 27th of July. By any chance if you're in NY while I'm there, give me a call! How about your summer? it sucks that you can't cosplay Levi but I hope everything will go much more smoothly on your next cosplay event.
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2222406did you get my reply for this O.o might have missed it Hahaha you haven't replied you silly :p
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2155353it's okay it will eventually be over ;_; I do have a couple plans for summer break! Going to Anime Expo of course and preparing for it, prepare for other fall/winter cons, otasummer (yukata cosplay festival/event) this june, go on dates with the bf (can't get any cheesier than that), work on my online store (more money for more figures), visit my art school I haven't been to in a year, beach, etc. Yes Jojo's Bizarre Adventre!The blonde one is actually my favorite. His name is Dio. The anime is too fabulous..... I love it haha. I also have the game which is plenty fun. I just ordered an extra Eren today from Rakuten.... now I'm just waiting for my 3rd one I will be buying from a friend that does not want her preorder anymore. Yay! I'm finally done with exams!! man, the exams are really hard this year. People were practically crying after exams ends ;w;
Sounds like you'll have a fun and busy summer ahead! Hopefully everything will go well for your cons preparation and have a lovely dates with your bf!
Me and my friends are going to London tonight to celebrate end of exams uwu after that, travelling non-stop to many beaches around the world until September. oh yeah, we're also going to US this July! it would be really awesome if we can meet but I still don't know if we're going to LA or not..
The game does looks fun. I'll probably try it after summer ends. whoo! you gotta show me you Eren shrine when you get all those Eren figmas >w<
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2135628oh man sorry for the late response! I've been hella booked from doing final projects and stuff sobs. Fanfic of older eren...? Did I really saythat? I don't remember xD There probably is one //now i need to go look for one omg. Bottom Levi is my weakness. I can't wait to get Eren's RAH. Can't wait to dress him up in all the doll clothes I bought/I'm going to buy. Man talking about t and b reminds me that I need to finish the anime xD I stopped midway because I got so busy with finals sighhhh. Maybe I should watch it while I do my project and last project I need to do for the semester (next week is the last week yay!!!!) My fave from kuroko is.... kuroko I guess and taiga and I'm not really sure anymore hmmm. My fave from hakuouki is probably.......hijikata haha. Oh man Noiz I hope they make a figure of him because that would be an insta buy for me! Just take my money nitro+chiral!!!!!

Please don´t apologize! Actually I´ve been really late at replies myself so I can totally understand >_< Damn all those final exams!!!
Ahahah you did. No worries I´ll try to find those amazing fanfics myself =)
Talking about Eren´s RAH, Armin is getting one too ^^ It must be a dream come true for people who have the money to get them since there´s also one of Annie! Eren in frilly laces will surely look very would be fun if you could also apply make-up to his face but I guess that wouldn´t be possible xD Eren with red lips and high heels oh my ;)
Oh so are you already done with your project? How did it went? I really wish it was done as smooth as possible =)
So that Aoba nendo with his naked torso! Hmm I see you´re getting him ahahah ^^ He comes with a lot more than I was expecting, GSC did a great job!
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2149057Well I'm finally free now! Yay for a long summer break! Hehehe bob hair.... ;;;; I guess it depends on what kind of bob hair for me lol. Recently I've been getting really into the new jojo game for the PS3 :D Have you ever seen the Anime or read the manga?You don't know how much I envy you right nowwww ;w; what's your plan for the summer break?? going anywhere fancy?
jojo?? as in jojo's bizarre adventure?? I've never read the manga nor seen the anime.. oh but I've seen the anime opening though! I kinda like the blonde one hehe
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I think your inbox might be full!
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2135638Yeah.... next week is my last week!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I just have one project to finish (excluding the ones i have to do in class but those are easy). At this point I think I'm done with painting forever. It just takes too much time and I'm not good at painting with acrylics anyway. I wish I had long hair but I also like short hair as well (I cut my hair neck length like a month or two ago). At this point it's growing so I needa cut it again because it's looking too even now and I like it cut with style esp since it's short xD (I don't really want bob hair). Thank you for helping me preorder those plushies ;o; I would get more but I needa make more money in order to do so! (so I can get more Erens) Wish Ren didn't sell out so quick though! I'm currently waiting for my eren figma and nendo to arrive...same with mikasa but I think I'm going to give her to my bf cuz I kinda lost interest in her figma awhile ago xD How luckyyyy!! Next week is when the real struggle begin for me >_< my professor estimates that 60% of us will fail the solids and structure exam and he also said that he himself failed his exam when he's still a student wwww... I'm doomed ;A;
Ahh bob hair... I also don't like bob hair. Especially when it's combined with super straight fringe hahaha.
I'm happy I can help you! and yeah, Ren is sold out in like 3 minutes ^^;
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2083175Ehehehe this month is final projects month nooo i have so much work to do
I'm an art major!
Oh my gish haha xD my dad just knows i like Eren a lot and when I told him that I'm gona cut my hair shott he asked me like eren's hair?!?!? hahaha I said no ;_; that's too short for me..... oh my od taken by eren .....your dad sounds super hilarious... View spoilerHide spoilerNooooo senketsu...... :( He will be missed! I thought it was a very cute episode although I will miss a certain someone...... Have you seen the Eren strap that's exclusive if you get that one koto figure??!?!? I want it but I dont want the figure so much cuz Eren doesn't look like Eren xD he looks a lot like those shonen kids if you know what I mean
I'm also so excited for the plushies as well Dx I need to get youji and ren from gift as well ughhh hopefully my proxy gets them...
I just finished my final project uwu good luck with yours!
Ahh that's really awesome! I can only imagine how busy you must be! my department building is right across the art department and all of the art students seems to be rushing around with bags full of sketch book, brush, paints and other materials a lot lately.
My mum once cut my hair as short as Eren's when I was in middle school lol she's really fed up with me having long hair (it reaches my butt) and the next day no one recognise me at school xD but hey, my head feels lighter and my hair no longer slap people when I turn around suddenly ~
The ending is really cute apart from that... yes ;w; and also, Satsuki's new haircut is pure love.
Hahaha I know what you mean! Honestly he looks like he could belong with those Inazuma boys. I guess it's because the sculptor signature overly-spiky-and-short hair style.
Oh yess those GIFT plushie! You're going to order 2 Eren and 1 Levi right?? I also want Ren...
oh! did you order nendo Sakura? she's soo cute! I ordered two 'cause I'm going to stick Eren's head into her body hehe
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2086883Oh man I have seen fanart of older Eren and hngggg husbando material. Hahaha an oji san like kotetsu maybe one day.... I love long haired Eren...... he looks so cute with it eee. Yeah they should make shampoo w his face on it. I'd take 10 of them.. omg playboy but innocent attitude.... yeaah I love koujaku xD I think Noiz being a huge tease and stuff caught my heart though I thoughr his clothes were weird as heck and I would like koujaku but nopeeee i ended up liking noiz then clear first xD Hehehe I cant wait for the new 1/7 fig

Fanfic of older Eren? You need to show it to me~! I´ve seen Eren in a lot off different outfits but I don´t think I´ve seen yet oji-san Eren! Kotetsu is an awesome guy, I don´t get why his GEM is going for so cheap...(if it was Barnaby I´d understand tho xD never really liked the guy).
Koujaku is really weird ahahah I mean that playboy was always hanging around women and then blushes when Aoba says he loves him xD Noiz´s clothes are something else! All those piercings frightened the heck out of me - I mean he literally has piercing everywhere!!! But I guess I must have started liking the mean/teasing type of fav Kuroko guy is now Imayoshi...and my fav from Gintama is the self-proclaimed sadist Okita Sougo...I hope that doesn´t translate to real life, it would be pretty troublesome >_<
I think MF is having a great time not revealing just who in the world they´re making...just like the time we´ve been waiting for nendo Aoba to appear painted :(
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2054975Yesss haha. His hair is so cute /)w(\ wait wha swiping his hair around?? Lololol omg nui she cray. I kinda like nonon... she has like a small accent or something. You can always get the skin suit but ehh it's not the same. Noizzz hhhhhh. My one true love...... Yeah I was surprised at clear like damnnnnn what a lewd robot xDD He's my second fave right after noiz. Ren's route was sooo cute omg. His eyes. He's such a fluffy char literally too haha Nooo I suck right now orz. Yeah people do pose. A lot of interesting poses one would have never thought of. Basically the ones you see statues do.

Ooh, that´s right Eren´s birthday was yesterday! I wonder how he´ll look when he's of old age? A very impressive oji-san like Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny? Only time will tell XD
Hmm, I think it´s swiping the hair you call it, but maybe not. Well he´s passing his hand trough the hair, kinda like Haruka when he gets off the water. Seriously they should all apply for some shampoo brand commercial. I knew I´d buy it! >_<
I like Koujaku better after Noiz! I think it´s a mix of his playboy but then really innocent attitude, and the combination of the red kimono and tattoos...I prefer Noiz, but I kinda agree that Koujaku looks hotter after a bath~! >///< I wonder if Clear got himself some kind of material reference to study from because I always thought he was very pure-hearted so it really come to me as I surprise! I mean is that even Clear??? mmmm Clear ranks a bit dawn the bottom with me, because I also prefer Ren first. Ren is 2 in 1 after all! Tadam sexy human and cute fluffy dog! Just press the switch eheh.
For real? Ahahah if it was me I´d just stand there all uncomfortable and stiffened...But after all that´s why some people are models and others aren´t =)
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2066097It's Eren's birthday today!!!!! I wish I had time to do something for today :( (I shall reply to the comment later since I have work to do orz) yayy Happy Birthday Eren! (it's 23:58 now so it's still the 30th ;w;) I do celebrate Eren's birthday by dragging my friends to patisserie valerie with me, eating cakes and ditching our work for 4 hours ~ Now we have to pay the price by working overtime again. you too good luck with your project!
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2064550woops yeah same here ;_; so many projects orz
It's okay! I understand :D Ohhh haha what does he say whenever he teases you? LED lights pergaps on his nipples too if they don't did you finish watching klk yet? 0:
I think all uni students are suffering around this time of year ;__; random question, what is your major in uni?
He calls me Mrs. Jaeger whenever I talked about Eren lol and I still remember when I first introduced him to my uni friends (all of them are boys since my department has like 350 students but only 10 girls >__>) and he said "my daughter is already taken. his bf is Eren Jaeger so stay away from her" sometimes he embarrassed me too much ;w; yes yes! just watched the last episode this morning and I bawled so much View spoilerHide spoilerEspecially for Senketsu... I just.. let me cry some more. what's your thought about the episode?
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2054962I can't wait until Eren arrives. I will show him to my dad too hahaha. I made him watch shingeki and he liked it. He knows I love Eren a lot. ///// Oh my gosh wrinkles before he turns 30 hahaha. He prob will either that or his face might get stuck www Yeahh i was gona say o: Ugh they have to make Aikuro..... I want glowing nipples in my room and perhaps a glowing dick I just realised you reply to my comment twice hahaha I'll just reply to this one. also, sorry for the late reply, I have so much work from uni lately ;w; I keep reminding myself "I'll reply when I get back home" and then ended up doing more work... forgive me huhuu. My dad also knows I love Eren a lot, he often teases me about it too.
Glowing nipples! a great source of light during emergency lol if they make Aikuro I'm going to install an LED on his crotch for glowing dick effect
03 years agoAryaArya
Have you seen it yet?! There´s a Dmmd anime coming out!!!!! *So excited* And there´s even a trailer now!

P.S. I´m gonna go study a bit, I´ll reply to the rest later ^^
03 years ago (3 years ago)AryaArya
ErenJager (3 years ago) #2037592Itachi's face on a bag 0,0?!?! lol I'll figure out the make up thing ;D prob will do it in red pencil liner though.I could do nonon but she's not my fave char from the elite four---- would rather crossplay as sanageyama 8D which I prob will one day~ Yeah I can't do Aikuro LOL I have feminine shoulders and feminine body ;A; can't do half nakey cosplays for dudes unfortunately... omg Noiz's route in reconnect *giggles* that part was jwokwjwoowiewoe.. Think my heart melted when that part happened ohoohho. Awww yeah I wished they finished the last edits for sweet pool :( my Japanese reading is getting rusty now... I need to review the hiragana and katakana... and read it everyday (plus skip the kanji parts cuz I can't read those hahaha too many kanji words...) Oh man my parents would be like wtf??!?!! LOL it would stay in my display case though and I shall cover it up once a family member comes like my aunt or something ... it's not like I haven't seen nakey people irl since I'm an art major and I have to draw the human figure and stuff... so I guess it gives me an excuse XD

Is that Eren in a suit? lol, that hair! (But I´m sure Levi will like you either way ;)
Yeah, bag or purse isn´t that what you call it? It hangs from your shoulder, Itachi looking fabulous and all swiping his hair around...but it was a bit weird...
I like Nonon but I really hate her voice, it´s just so high-pitched >_< And Harimu Nui reminds me so much from Mugi of K-On, maybe something is wrong with me.
No going around cosplaying as half-naked guys either for me xD And where would I put my boobs in another dimension, probably that won´t do!
Noiz is just soooo sexy! But I feel a bit bad, I mean I´m 17 and seeing stuff like that it really embarrasses me...And the route was a bit "hardcore", either Koujaku´s or Ren's is much more innocent...I was surprised at Clear´s too because of the mirror, oohh what a lewd guy!
Good luck on that! Really why does japanese seems so complicated!
An art major! That sounds so cool! My drawing skills suck...You have to show me yours! Do you do some of anime guys? And hmmm do people pose naked for you to draw them? Like in David of Michelangelo?
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2048749Yesss I do not regret pre ordering him. He looks amazing.....and dreamy... lol;;; Oh man a figure with glowing nipples would be an insta buy! Sticking Levi's head onto it would be interesting.....with the Eren faceplate of him looking devastated. Ahhh yes... I can imagine it.. highly doubt they would make an Aikuro figma but if they do then I could only hope they make untransformed Ryuuko to recreate the scene in the Anime where Aikuro takes off his disguise. Hahaha that's one hilarious scene! Untransformed Ryuuko is already confirmed, now we just need to hope they make Aikuro too ;w; maybe if we all e-mail GSC they'll consider it. btw, I showed my dad the new RAH Eren picture and he said 'kid needs a serious anger management, he'll get wrinkles before he turns 30' www

EDIT : ahaha turns out it was a scale of untransformed Ryuuko that got announced, not her figma. I'm so dumb in the morning ;w;
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2048726I have to agree Eren still looks cute ;3; Hahaha Aikuro.... and his glowing nipples... My summer orders are gona be huge. I ordered a hot toy and those kind of figs don't have attractive prices. I painfully added the Ryuuko nendo to my Aug order as well >< My birthday money will definitely pay Hot Toy Captain Harlock.... so all I would have to save for is Ryuuko. I was actually planning to stick Eren's head from the figma and nendos onto Ryuuko's body.... and Levi's head onto Satsuki's body hahaha Hot toys line are amazing! the price really reflects the quality ;w; I have both Babydoll and Amber from sucker punch and I really love them. Ohoho we have the same idea here! I hope they make Aikuro figma so I can also stick Levi's head into his body (with glowing nipple please) >w<
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2048651His hair looks pretty short in my opinion.... or maybe cuz his hair has too many strands I don't know ._. something is up with the hair though that makes him look younger than 15 with a longish body. I love all the characters too ;u; I would have to pick... Senketsu, Uzu, Gamagori, and Aikuro as my top faves 8D I pre-ordered Ryuuko's nendo >.< I also have her scale pre-ordered as well.... I also want Beach Queen Ryuuko...ughhh I'm just gona get those two for now though XD I'm waiting for the Satsuki, Mako nendos and the figmas as well! Now that I use my glasses I can see what you mean. I think it's a little bit of both. oh well, he's still a cutie in my eyes uwu. Aikurooo www he kinda reminds me of this guy from Disgaea who always show off his nipples. Awesome! I really want to pre-order Ryuuko's nendo too but I've reached my limit for summer pre-orders, I need money to travel with my friends during summer break ;w; I also can't wait for Satsuki and Mako nendos + figmas >w<
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ErenJager (3 years ago) #2048599I wish they made his hair longer ;_; other than that he looks beautiful...... we can only hope amiami will have them.... xD I see you like kill la kill too ovo who's your fave character????? Ehhhh his hair is shorter?? bloody hell I should've wear my glasses to see the figure properly >__> I love all of the characters ;w; but if I have to pick favourites, that would be Satsuki, Ryuko, Nonon and Gamagori >w< what about you?? oh yeah, are you going to get Ryuko nendo? I kinda want her body for Eren..

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