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05 days agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (5 days ago) #23580891ahh okay I'm happy I picked him in that case. also the pc port will be out soon so when you get it let me know how you like the game/story as you go, and here's a tip the story keeps getting better and better as it goes. (;
You won't regret getting him XD, and yes as far as i know is that it has a Dinasty Warriors gameplay and that is somewhat connected to the Fate/Extra Dimension, i do hope that it's story gets better otherwise it'll be disappointing haha
05 days agoJeanneJeanne
Fate_of_a_Saber (5 days ago) #23598547I just added you my name is ritsuka.

Got ya!
16 days agoKyrieleiisonKyrieleiison
Heeey~ nice profile you have.
(b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b
08 days agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (10 days ago) #23395568Oh really how's he good on there? and Liz is a good pick, I love'd her on Fate/Extella She was so funny!
well you see... as you may know Camelot is one of the hardest stages of the game, from there the game begins to be harder, anyway, the enemies and most servants are Saber class sooo yeah with a 4* Archer you'll have an advantage against them. well i needed a good Lancer Servant so i thought she would be a good choice and hell she is haha she has a good attack atm, i'm currently leveling her with daily quests and stuuf lol wished i had a ps4/ps vita so i could play Fate/Extella, the good thing is that it'll have a pc port :)
19 days agoJeanneJeanne
Fate_of_a_Saber (9 days ago) #23400580Me too so good to find new friends that are into Fate! and thanks She's my grail Nero for sure! I can't wait for the July 30th WF coming up soon.
Oh and do you play Fate/GO NA?

Oh gosh, me too..Although my wallet would rather I not look at it at all, LOL.

I do play! My NA code is 015698612 :) Feel free to add me and use my servants, my ingame name is Mercy!
111 days agoJeanneJeanne
Yeah sure np glad to see there are lots of other Fate fans on here too! All your Sabers are sooo cute! I'm so jealous that you got your hands on item #452373 , she's gorgeous. <3
011 days agoLancerBathoryLancerBathory
Fate_of_a_Saber (16 days ago) #23149474Okay I'm so sorry I was so late to reply but she can't hold it up to high.. if you angle her it will be a little high up but that's all.
I hope this helps!

Yeah I thought not, was worth trying out though. My display places for all of these Nendoroids are pretty limited so I might as well try and pose them all together. Fighting each other is out of the question then.
012 days agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (14 days ago) #23230157I picked Archer/Emiya! got to love his UBW lol
Nice choice, he will be very handy at camelot XD i picked the best idoru, Liz-chan!
014 days ago (14 days ago)hyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (17 days ago) #23099704Yeah it was on kissanime, it was great thanks! and I just rolled Attila as well I'm a Saber magnet lol so what are you looking forward to this up coming Wonfes?
I'm looking forward for more Fate figures and for the new FGO Archer Swimsuit ver.Figma i can't wait to pre order her ^^ aside from the Fate figures i'd like to see what's going to be released by Max Factory and Figma, i love their figs ;) btw which servant did you choose from the 50000 likes recruitment campaign prize?
015 days agopradshaw89pradshaw89
Fate_of_a_Saber (15 days ago) #23155623Lol you first, did you get him! XD

Nope I got a Berserker Lancelot instead.
016 days agopradshaw89pradshaw89
Were you able to get Gil in the gacha?
018 days agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (20 days ago) #22959882Don't be you will get your chance at Her sooner or later :P Yes it was great to see! but it had no ENG subs.. View spoilerHide spoilerbut that end had me like what was that about was that sieg in the bed? and what was Jeanne saying? and are they together!?!? and Mordred was bada** lol XD
I hope so, she's a good saber servant :) didn't you search on Kissanime? i'm pretty sure they have uploaded it with ENG subs, watched it with Spanish subs tho and yeah it seems that Sieg & Jeanne have some important connection i am not so sure since i haven't read the LN, lol Mordred was so amazing indeed that final part of the chapter was so cool as well as the intro with everybody fighting, can't wait for the next chapter! XD
020 days agohyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (21 days ago) #22919848Yes this is the year to be a Fate fan! and wow you got Jeanne I wish I were you lol! take a look at my first 5* SSR just got her today, View spoilerHide spoiler[ext link ]
Awww an arty <3 now i'm jealous of you XD Fate/Apocrypha just released yesterday! did you watch the first ep?
021 days agoLancerBathoryLancerBathory
Quick question about the Mash nendoroid.

Noticed you've ordered the Jalter Nendoroid too, so you know she has that addon of her extra attack. So my question is, how high up can Mash actually raise her shield? Would they be able to pose in a way to look like she's blocking the attack or is that just out of her reach.
021 days agoAzaizerAzaizer
I like Fate. You like Fate. Let's be friends!! Really like your username it's cute! XD
022 days ago (22 days ago)hyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Fate_of_a_Saber (24 days ago) #22788193Yea! I can't wait to see that as there's so much TM still has not covered in the manga, and I'm also hyped for the Fate/Extra one that's coming this winter! Oh and here is my Fate/GO US friend ID (210,522,105) I'm enjoying the story, so how far does it go in the US ver.?
The best thing of Fate/Apocrypha is that it'll be 25 chapters ^^ and about Fate/extra i can't wait to see Tamamo ! oh god there'll be a lot of great stuff from TM this year and onwards lol btw i've just send you a friend request, i am "EST". FGO's story is so good, i'm currently in Orleans and i'm loving Jeanne so much! so pure and mature, the best thing is that i got her from a roll yesterday haha my first SSR ^^, the US version's story i think 'til now it lasts to Septem
123 days agobabygerberbabygerber
Fate_of_a_Saber (23 days ago) #22833579Ritsuka
Already accepted, just a tip, add more servants to your support party, the strongest ones if possible, so that way more people add you and more people accept your friend request
023 days agoYoakeYoake
Fate_of_a_Saber (23 days ago) #22839712I started on the 27th and so far I got 2x Hercs lol

Awesome. You should put him on your support slot. :)
Any idea who you're planning to pick for your free 4* servant? I'm thinking either Carmilla or Marie. Carmilla is a pretty solid assassin, but Marie is cute and fills out the "Vive La France" team.
023 days ago (23 days ago)YoakeYoake
Fate_of_a_Saber (23 days ago) #22834784It's ritsuka, I'm hoping for Saber or Ruler lol, and that sucks.. I hope you get him back.

Added you! Who all have you summoned so far?
Good luck on summoning both! I hope he returns.
023 days agoYoakeYoake
Fate_of_a_Saber (23 days ago) #22833671Hey! So how have things been going, do you have a FGO NA ID?

Hey! Things have been going okay. My phone bricked and I lost my initial FGO NA account with Waver, so that sucked. How are things with you?
Here's my I'd: 635,242,137. What's your name? :)

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