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Maakie (10 months ago) #14470931Ello! :D
Their goods e-mails are insaaaaaaaaane. And even those 7 e-mails are loooooooong. It would be nice if those e-mails could be only about the series names/series types you selected or bought from or something like that. An insanely long mail with 95% in it series I don't care about...ain't nobody got time for that!
Is their figure mail good? I would expect those to also be...reallyyyyy long considering how big the shop is. xD
My current job is coming pretty close to 50 hours and that's without travel time (I travel 2 hours a day) and since I have this job I barely can do my chores around the house. X_X Luckily my husband works closer to home + lesser hours so we devided the tasks at home differently since I got this... But yeah, imagine being single and/or have a partner working the same amount of hours! >.<
I would love to earn more money, but I don't want my life to be all about work. Unless I could make my hobby my work one day, but that is different. ;)
Hrmm the only thing I am afraid of with those plastic covers is for the stitching in the plastic to open after a while of using. And yes! I saw that tutorial you are talking about! You can indeed clean rubber straps that way, I did it too! :) The only thing is that if parts break off from your rubber strap or paint wears off..that you can't fix! :(
I own a lot of HD's, but most of them have died down. They seem to have a shorter life span than small USB sticks and stuff that I have put on CD's and DVD's.
Talking about memory lane...just a few days ago while I was cleaning up some folders on my computer I came across pictures of when I went to my first convention with my high school friends. It was cute and cringeworthy at the same time. I'm so glad the internet wasn't that big back then and these pictures are private. xD
Yes, cruises are supposed to be luxury things with unlimited and good food! But because they are so expensive over here, they make "low budget cruises" and when that get such low-end cruises they are not worth it. It also doesn't help that so much Dutch people are cheapskates, so those "bad" cruises get more popular. xD And woah, maybe you're right there. A return ticket to FL from here is 1-1,5K euros a person! o.o
And you mean there are duty-free shops on board? I guess they can do some tricks with the taxes because the boat will travel through different countries?
What could go wrong on a Disney cruise? Except if one of the kids is afraid of Mickey Mouse. xD But I know some people that are afraid of cruises and/or being on a boat in general, because if anything goes wrong on board or you miss something important from home...there is no way to get it!
I don't know it with cops. You just have good cops and bad cops. Unfortunately over here you mainly see the bad (and with that mostly lazy) ones. Talking about government services, most people over here have more respect for firemen or soldiers than cops.
Oh yeah, I've seen those Nendos! I like how such likewise looking characters can be so different personality-wise! It already shows on the figures without me even having seen one episodes of the series. :) *checks your ordered list* OH MAN YOU ORDERED THEM ALL?! I didn't know you were so much into Osomatsu, haha!


I went off an on between scrolling through them before I unsubscribed for good. I think my biggest gripe was that when I did see something I wanted there was like a 50% chance it was already Reservation Closed/Sold Out. >_<
The figure mail is good though! It works as a nice backup for when you haven't thoroughly kept up on MFC releases.

That sucks :< but you know what, at least you ahev a partner. At my job the management team does 50+ hours a week so I think there's not much time for much else in life... including dating. Us staff are like, damn, look at them stuck being chronically single...

I just got some pass cases that are really nice but they're basically like giant rubber straps. So I'm going to invest in a bottle of wood glue soon so I can keep them pristine and clean the one that's on my keys right now. lol

HDs are super fragile, the ones I have, I'm not even sure if they're still alive. That's also why the iPod classic was so fragile, it was like a mini HD in a case vs. the new hardware used in the Touch/iPhone.

I don't post my photo much so thankfully I'm not too worried about my photo leaking anywhere. Although there are apparently a number of women with my first and last name... I hope no one thinks I'm them! lol

Low budget cruises almost sounds like an oxymoron. If you want to vacation on a low budget then you totally go on a cruise! But there's also the fact that the cruises I mentioned are on modest (decent though) cruise lines going to the islands and back. If you take a cruise line like Disney or Celebrity, or cruise to somewhere like Alaska/Europe/Asia, or opt for a suite instead of a cabin, the price goes up a LOT. But on the last bit, suite is pointless since you'll spend most of your time outside of your room!
And yeah, that's what it seems like. Plus like, availability... there's a "White Hennessy" that's only available in Jamaica I think, and if you can FIND it here it's a monstrous markup so people usually have friends/relatives bring them bottles from Jamaica. If it's available on the ship... well, I'd buy a few bottles even though I don't drink Henny lol.

Bottom line to me is, it happens because we let it happen... but at the same time, I can't fight the man with the law and the gun in his hand.

I actually love Osomatsu-san lol definitely a favorite. I can see myself actually having a lot of fun with their nendos, so why not? :D Plus my new Matsu school bag is super nice~
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Maakie (11 months ago) #13998226Ik ben laat, sorry! D:
Een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

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Maakie (10 months ago) #14652477Friend request accepted of course! I never really pay attention to friends lists and keeping them up to date, sorry for acepting it late! ;)
Oh no worries! I completely forgot about the friends feature on here, so I figured I'd send one now. XD
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Maakie (10 months ago) #14665764A happy birthday to you! :D
thank you!
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Maakie (10 months ago) #14665017Een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst!!!!!

Dank je!!!!
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Maakie (10 months ago) #14550453Hey, that sounds a lot like me, haha! I try to put myself to one day of working on cosplay a week, because if not, I'm afraid I would easily drop my creative hobby's because of being so busy with other things. I actually go a day "offline" when I work on my cosplay. :)
Ah, I hope your move went well and everything is okay? I moved about half a year ago, but still so much stuff is a mess and unpacked. ^^''
I heard you earlier about private recasting and I hope you don't mind me asking: How? You know someone or have connections with a factory that can do the recast for you? :O
Hehe, are you going to paint them all in different colors? :)
You never even tried using your airbrush? :O I'm still afraid of getting one myself, so never even bought one, haha!

It is important to have a hobby day, I agree. I also go offline on such days, just post WIP pics later everywhere :) I also try to never start a new kit before the current one is finished. It is important to have something done every once in a while. With my current schedule I think that 4-5 finished kits per year is my max but it's better than nothing! ))

The move is a little nightmare. There was a lot of renovation before that, too. I guess we managed pretty fine but we still lack, like, 70% of furnishings. Just kitchen and work area, still no wardrobes and no bed and no sofa. And no figure displays. The last one makes me really sad because half my collection is in the garage and another half in the display case at my parents' where we dwelled during renovation. I really hope to get a display case soon, I need my precious with me :3

Well, yeah, there's a whole GK underworld with private casts of rare kits and all that stuff :3
They don't do recasts in a factory, mostly these are workshops with proper equipments to make clean casts. I know a person who's been organizing it for fellow modellers for quite some time. Also there's an online shop, GK-Model, they can arrange a private recast if there's enough people who want a copy. Not every kit gets enough interest but there are many happy collectors who got a copy of a rare something that will never ever get a second release from the sculptor or simply costs too much on the auction (like, 100000 yen too much).

As for my Donyatsu..I think of making a big diorama with great many beasts: I can make a zombie donyatsu, a cyborg donyatsu, a Santa donyatsu, a cliche Russian donyatsu, a Fallout 2 vault dweller donyatsu. Heck, I can even paint a classic one!! These can be painted with a great variety ~

Airbrush I tried, I did. It's very cool and also very alien. I need to learn to control it. It also need a rather different paint mix, mine are too watery for such high pressure. It's a challenge but I think I'll get the hang of it eventually. Practice makes perfect, it's a uniform rule for any art. I'd say, get one, you won't regret it - this stuff is very handy for cosplay props, too!
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Maakie (10 months ago) #14447848Haha, you make me jealous! I haven't touched a GK in half a year or so! I have been so busy! D:
Did you also get some GK's as gifts? :)

I'm busy, too, a lot of work >__<
But I made it a rule to spend some week-ends with my resin beauties every once in a while :3
There was quite a long halt, though, due to the move and apartment renovation, all that crazy stuff.

I got several kits: husband got me a recast Bounty Hunter Yoko, I got myself an absolutely gorgeous original Kurisu bust and there's a whole little army of Donyatsu coming from a little private recast project I hosted - and I also snagged a second original one from Suruga-ya, too.
Just look at them, 5x more Donyatsu is all it takes to make me happy :3
View spoilerHide spoiler

I think I've been overspending money on kits all summer. I even got an airbrush and I'm still afraid of it, it's just too alien :3
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Maakie (10 months ago) #14466694Screaming
A con I will be visiting next month just announced Akio Watanabe as a special guest!!! :OOO
No news yet if he will give panels, if there is any chance for signing etc...
I really really hope there will be the possibility to sign items! Then there will be the hard part...
item #12994 is my favorite Komugi figure, but she's badly damaged and I have been thinking of replacing mine...
item #5888 is my 2nd favorite and her way too big typically Griffon-base would be perfect for siging! But the whole figure is so big and fragile, most famous artists will not sign only a base or piece of plastic, they need to see that it's merch. So I can't only take the base with me...
Anyway, I'm super excited! Can't believe this! :D

That's good news! Hopefully you will get some memento from Watanabe.

If you're trying to get something signed and you don't want to drag figures around (of if they won't sign bases), here's a possibility. item #5704 and item #5703 as well as item #1297 and item #1298 are all based on Watanabe's designs, and the packaging for those figures has a removable card on the back with an illustration picture #1245140 . Most of those figures are cheap and relatively easy to find, and those cards might be a good candidate for a signable item.
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Maakie (11 months ago) #14242702Heya! :D
Oh wow, that is a lot. Whenever a seller or store messages me so much, I just unsubscribe. I remember flipping the first time after ordering on Hobby Search and then realizing how much mailings they automatically write you into. My first order put me in 7 categories which got almost daily mailings with HUGE lists of which 90% didn't interest me. :T
Well it's a bit inbetween. My last job I was treated like crap and was paid well. My new job I'm treated like a human, but it pays bad. Seems like I can't win. :/ I hope things improve. I also had, just like you, even worse in the past with bad treatment + bad pay. *sigh*
You need one of those transparant keychain covers! I own a few and they are really nice! I don't know if they sell them so big, though. xD
I have the biggest keychain I own on my car key. Easy to find in my bag and I won't get confused with my other keys, lol. All my other keys have different, small keychains.
I have tried every outlet in my house! I give up! X_X Well at least as long as I have this job, I know I can charge my iPod...pffrt. :P
You know I have this really weird thing, where I got a hard drive with a random figure lot I bought on Yahoo! I don't have a desktop right now, laptop only, so I didn't have the chance to try if it works. I'm a bit scared of what I can find on the disk. :P On the other hand, it's a 1TB hard disk, so if it's clean and safe, that's pretty nice storage amount for a future desktop!
Yeah, I made my Elin pouty on purpose, I want to pinch those cute, chubby cheeks! :> I love her the most in the pirate-outfit and the red magician dress, but everything looks good on her, haha! Seriously, Elins' are one of the cutest races I have seen in MMO's! >w<
Oh wow MS to EVE is quite a switch. xD When you get so high up in EVE it becomes like real-life-roleplaying or something!
Awww, that's so cute! Nice to hear she enjoyed it so much! :)
Woah, that is cheap. Even the most barebones cruises over here start at 1500 euros and if you want something a bit decent or including food it starts at 2000 euros. X_X But for us in Europe, every warm island-like country to visit is far away, so you get prices like that. I would love to visit the Caribbean, but those prices, oh man. D: On the other hand, the good thing about being an European, is that every country within Europe is very different, even neighbouring countries have different languages, cultures, styles of architecture etc. My husband and I do city trips when we have enough money left during our vacation-time not this year, because we bought a house lol A city trip means you buy a combo-deal with hotel/appartment + flight. Going for around a week to any (big) city in Europe will cost +/-250 euros for 2 if you go on out-of-season dates and look for nice deals. Which is what we do. :>
I have seen pictures of the Disney cruise btw. It looks so cool! xD But I would be a bit afraid to go on there, probably 90% of the passengers are young kids. >.< I'm not really good with kids, especially young ones. ^^''
I think it's pretty much almost everywhere in the world, that people don't trust cops I mean ahahah.
Unfortunately a lot of Nendo's are lacking nowadays. Especially the one for Western franchises they have been making, but I also think the recent ones from that Chinese doll-series (forgot the name lol) are incredibly basic.
I will make an exception for the Biohazard/Resident Evil Nendoroid they will be making, no matter the accesories and expressions he will come with. Damn you, GSC! And I also love you.

Howdy! :3

I stay subscribed to HS's figure mail, but their goods mail... on average it's like 7 emails and they always arrive early morning when a night worker like me is asleep, and my email has a sound alert for every message...

Could be worse, sort of? I'm not talking unemployment... the management at my job do 50+ hours of work a week but get paid well. It's like... imagine having lots of money and no time to spend it. I sometimes ask them (seriously) "Do you have time for things like cooking and laundry??"

I considered it but considering the rough treatment my keys can go through I imagine I would cause the plastic on the cover to break. Someone said covering the strap with wood glue and then peeling it off removes all grime. I might try it with the single strap I have on my keychain.
My keys have a bright yellow spring loop so they're easy to spot and I can wear them around my wrist instead of absentmindedly dropping them somewhere!

I have several HDs from over the years that I need to buy some cords for and see if they're still alive. A horrifying walk down memory lane night be in order... At best, I had some really cute online friends, I'd like to see their photos again. Plus one mp3 that has eluded me ever since!

Wait WHAT? The beauty of cruises here is that it's all-inclusive, so food is part of the package. There are -more- food and drink options that you can pay for but at default you get some decent meals. Some people tell me to watch out, you might get fat on a cruise. They also tell me a cruise is a great place to... stock a liquor cabinet. The bottles are cheap and duty free, but you only receive them once you return home and depart from the boat. It might be cheaper overall for you to fly to Florida and take a cruise from there to the Caribbean O_o

My friend recently told me her hubby and one of her kids are afraid to go on Disney cruise because if something happens they can't run. I'm like ""

The world doesn't trust cops and yet we let it happen... hmm -_-

My Osomatsu nendoroid should be coming soon. I think. Been a long time since I'ce so looked forward to some nendoroids \o/
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Maakie (10 months ago) #14379126Thank you :3
No problem! Did you ended up doing something nice for your birthday? ^^

I ended up fiddling with resin all the day, it was nnnice ^^
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Maakie (11 months ago) #14256948
Thank you :3
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Maakie (11 months ago) #14016780Oh ecoline! Toen ik dat voor het eerst ontdekte op de middelbare school ben ik er helemaal mee uit mijn dak gegaan toen, haha! Daar kan je echt mooie dingen mee maken! :) Welke tekeningen op je DA zijn met ecoline?
Een vriendin die ik had op de middelbare school was niet zo goed met tekenen, maar wél met copics. Dus zij haalde dan zwart-wit art van het internet, printte het uit en ging toen helemaal los. Het is dat inkleurder zijn zo'n dood beroep is hier, maar anders zou zij zeker goed aan de slag kunnen als één!
Zolang er genoeg ruimte om de apperaten heen is, dan is het niet erg dat het in een kast staat, hoor! Ik zeg het ook vooral omdat ik zelf in het verleden een hele grote fout er mee gemaakt heb... Ik had toen ik nog bij mijn ouders woonde altijd mijn Gamecube in een krappe la van een kast zitten waar het ding net in paste. En dan speelde ik dus ook met de Gamecube aan in die la... ^^'' Ik weet nog dat ik vroeger zat te grappen dat er "warme lucht uit de la omhoog kwam". Pas jaren later realiseerde ik me hoe dom ik bezig ben geweest al die jaren! (Gelukkig voor mij is die Gamecube nooit kapot gegaan.)
Ik denk dat we zelf nog maar eens voor iets meer customizable moeten gaan. We zijn blij met onze TV kast, maar hebben nog wel wat losse spullen. En het is een wirwar aan lelijke snoeren overal. Ik wil die nog mooi weg gaan werken, ookal weet ik nog niet hoe. :P
Jep...daar komt ook nog eens bij kijken dat ik voor mijn werk nu ook heel vaak op zaterdagen moet werken, wat ons maar 1 dag in de week geeft om samen iets te doen. We kunnen wel genoeg los van elkaar ook doen, maar heel handig is het niet aangezien het huis en de indeling toch van ons samen is en je dingen wilt bespreken. ^^'' Nee, dat ik uitkijk naar eindelijk weer vakantie samen hebben is geen geheim. xD Ookal is het maar voor samen uitrusten en klusjes doen!
En yes, vooral in de tuin zien we veel verandering! Nu ook met het warme weer van de afgelopen tijd kunnen we eindelijk goed zien welke planten wel of niet dood zijn in de tuin. xD Verbazend genoeg staat bijna alles in bloei, terwijl we dachten een bijna compleet dode tuin te hebben toen we dit huis kochten. xD

Ik heb het beperkt gebruikt op een tekening, met ook maar een kleur. Deze: [ext link ]
Ik heb het op de grafische opleiding ook eens gebruikt, maar die tekeningen staan niet online omdat het meer uitprobeersels waren. xD

Oef, een GC in een kast. Nee, dat is inderdaad niet zo heel goed voor zo'n ding nee. De warmte kan niet kwijt dus dan raakt zo'n ding oververhit. Gelukkig heeft je GC het overleefd!

Ik heb zelf ook nog geen idee hoe je de snoeren zou moeten wegwerken. Je zit tenslotte ook nog met de controllers, en oprollen is nogal slecht voor het snoer.

Ik dacht te menen dat je in oktober vakantie zou hebben? Dat is al best snel. Ik kan me voorstellen dat nu klusjes te doen inderdaad wat lastig coördineren is, ja, zeker als je niet op dezelfde dagen vrij bent. Maar slow motion is better than no motion, zeggen ze altijd.

Grappig hoe dat zo anders kan zijn binnen een seizoen. Wel een mooie meevaller dat je toch een vrij levende tijd lijkt te hebben!

Alvast veel plezier op Abunai! trouwens!
011 months agoJosineJosine
Hoi, is die figure collecting lecture op Abunai zaterdag nou van 11 tot 12 zoals op de abunai site staat, of van 4 tot 5 zoals je eerder hier in de Dutch Collectors club aangaf?
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Maakie (11 months ago) #14099167Hello!
Oh man, that is a lot! Lol. Isn't there any possibility to unsubscribe from all that spam? I would go crazy, lol. I think my e-mail is about 50 messages a day, but I also do most of the contact for my volunteer work through e-mail. I think 1-3 a day are MFC related? They get compiled to one message with Gmail. ;)
Haha, well I have to shamefully admit, they changed a lot of things at the job description and tasks I now I have a lot more "bad days" at work. :/ Oh well, I hope it improves soon again. I don't like the job getting changed so much after just getting it, this is not what I signed up and got trained for. :/
I sometimes laugh at the size Japanese give to their straps and charms. I've seen people getting straps in loot-posts that were bigger than their hand!
NO! That is the most stupid part! I'm using the same cord at work and home. But the charging only happens at work! I don't understand! D: I even bought a new cord and did the same thing: Charging at home: no, Charging at work: yes. How? Why?
The thing that actually worries me more with second hand electronics, is saved items and maybe spam/virusses etc. left bij het previous user. So annoying to get rid of all of that and I've had electronics that after a full re-installation still had crap I couldn't get off! *sigh*
Oh, she is cuuuuuuuute! <3 Also looks really nice with the glasses! And if you like big hips, let me show off my own Elin in TERA with a few of my favorite outfits I have for her! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ] (NSFW lol)
Oh man, EVE online is way too hardcore for me with everything I heard from it! I saw a documentary on how the top-players/leaders in the game even hold IRL meetings with the staff from the game to keep everything up and running the way it is. Including political decisions and voting for the "civilians". Just...woah!
Because of my slow reply: How was your moms' birthday, did you end up doing something? :) Most of our family birthdays are just a dinner in the evening, haha.
And yes! I visited the High Line and liked it a lot when I was in NY! :) The art displayed there was nice and it was so different from any other thing I have seen! Defenitely a good memory. :)
Oh man I would love a cruise, but they are soooo expensive! D: I don't know if they are cheaper for you, but in general for the price of one cruise leaving from or near the Netherlands, I could go on 2-3 vacations of the same time span, but instead with plane + hotel/appartment... :T
And yeah I know that problem, I had friends flake out on me so much when it comes to (short) vacations and days out. I keep it to my family, husband and most close two best friends only to make sure I don't run into problems like that anymore (needless to say that since I do this, I have dropped quite some "friends"). >.<
Oh man, that sucks. :/ It reminds me that I haven't painted my nails in...ages. I think the last time was for a cosplay I did 4-5 years ago where my nails needed to be red. I like the look, but it chips off too easily and even though I have quite some nail polishes at home, I just forget about them... xD
Made me crack up. xD
Li was quite the surprise to see announced! I'm curious how he will turn out, also the now-announced Edward Elric Nendoroid. On top of that my only "must buy" is also a Nendoroid, while I'm not even that much into Nendoroids?! They are completely on a roll with getting good characters and series for their line!
Heh. Every Wonfes I add a big bunch of items to my subscriptions, but I (luckily!) only have 1-3 "must buys" from each Wonfes. xD I have also been slowing down with collecting and am planning to sell and trade a lot. I don't necessarily want to downsize my collection, but I also don't want it to get a crazy amount bigger.
I'm not that huge of a TMNT fan to buy any of those figures, but the sculpts look so nice... I'm really looking forward to how they will turn out!


It's not even spam, it's just offers from various merchants. And like, I'm okay with getting an email about a sale - I mean, I do love the bargain bin - but some merchants email every single day. Thankfully GMail filters all those offers to a separate tab where I can check the handful that interest me and mass delete the rest.

Ah that sucks. Just make sure they treat you right, either compensate you for the extra work or even just take care of you. I had a similar situation at an old job and they pretty much refused to do right by me, money-wise or other <_<

I have a few of those gigantic acrylic charms! They're super cute but I'm not sure what to do with them. I could hang them from a bag but I'm afraid of bumping into something hard and breaking it, or scratching it. Usually charms are for keychains but I think something that big is for the spare key you're trying not to misplace lol.

The only other thing I can think of is a problem with the outlet itself...?

I think when they're refurbish they format it so everything is fresh. That was the case with my iPod. If you had a PC and you were going to throw it out, the recommended thing to do is take the hard drive out and smash it with a hammer lol.

Look at the POUTY ELIN :< I love those plum blossom prints and the thigh-highs :9!

I do remember that. There was a player in MS who moved to EVE and ended up at one of those meetings. That's so weird and interesting lol.

Ah~ for mama, we went to brunch, did a little window shopping/real shopping and then went to a movie. Well, they went. I said I was tired and wanted to go sleep, but instead I went and bought some wine and cupcakes and brought them home so she had a surprise when she got home. She was happy and sat on my lap and gave me a hug and kiss (she's too big for that LOL but I went with it anyway)

Cruises are pretty cheap here if you're going to the Caribbean! You have the option of leaving from Florida (very cheap) or NY (more expensive, less departure options) but really you just do the math and figure out what's best. Can take a trip for $400-700 depending on destination, how many days, departure area. The super expensive cruises are either a farther destination or an expensive cruise line like Disney or Celebrity.

You know what's worse? I think the people who would actually follow through on going on a trip with me, are the people I would spend the entire time yelling at for one reason or another. LOL

It's true, it went from "Well, cops can lie too..." to "I don't trust cops." lol

They're on a roll and yet I'm still cutting back on the nendos. I think that, if they're making a single character from a series they should really bulk that nendo up with options. But a lot of one-off nendos are kinda lacking. Cuteness alone can't cut it anymore! I got a forex to worry about! :p
011 months agoMoroMoro
Maakie (11 months ago) #14146613Those Parfom are actually pretty expensive so far, like 5-6K yen. :/ But I really like their proportions and joints. They look like a way more action-figure-ey version of a Nendoroid. And while I think Nendoroids are super cute, sometimes their big heads are a bit too big for me. ;)
Yes, that was what I'm planning! I actually have some leftover plastics that should be safe, but I want to be 100% sure about this or cover the plastics up with something else. Don't want to get sick after wearing the costume for a few hours...
I really really want the legs to be seperately moveable, which is why I'm thinking of tongue/lips. An easier solution would be indeed using my jaw instead, but that would also limit the "leg movement" to only up and down. If for some reason I can't work out making the legs seperately moveable, I think I will drop the possible movement alltogether and go for a mask-only.
Oh, so HE was your favorite! Hrmmm. :> I haven't seen enough yet to say a lot about what I think of the character, but his voice actor being Akira Ishida makes me very prejudiced, hehe. I love his voice, it's one of the most distinctive voices I know. Everytime I hear an anime with his voice BOOM I know it's him. While with a lot of other (famous) voice actors I go like "hrmmm this character sounds like [other character]". I also have a lot of nostalgic feelings whenever I hear him, as he played a lot of roles in anime I watched when I was just new to it. :) My favorite (and most fitting) character for his voice is (in my opinion ;) ) Chrno from Chrono Crusade. What about your favorite? Kaworu or Xellos? :)
Oh yeah, of course scarification can go wrong, but branding, piercings and tattoos also have some nasty problems that could occur! I came across a picture of a "dried out" tattoo a few days ago and it looked uuurgrrghrghrhh D: That person didn't use the cream/lotions you're supposed to apply to keep a fresh tattoo moist + she suntanned a lot (which is bad for tattoos in general).
With bad scarification even more can go wrong! Especially since the created wound is a lot bigger. But it's not like it's 100% bad bad bad unsafe. To find a person qualified to do this, you probably have to search and travel quite a bit. Since you like it so much, are you planning on getting scarification someday? :O
Yeah, it's quite Stockholm-syndrome, in the anime a little bit, but of course in the fanmaterial it's full-on Stockholm, haha! Actually Noah/Mokuba material can be a bit hard to find nowadays. Considering Duel Monsters is "dead", only the most popular characters still get piles of new fanmaterial. Noah is a character that (unfortunately) is not very loved by a lot of people (most people see him as a brat that tries to mess up the relationship of another really popular character). I do have one picture of when I was a newbie cosplayer, where I was Noah and a friend of mine Mokuba. People swooned over the picture back then, you wouldn't believe it, haha! xD Unfortunately, now looking back on it, so much things could have been better. I wish I could re-do that shoot, but half of my Noah cosplay has to be fixed and the friend that was my Mokuba stopped cosplaying alltogether. This is the picture btw: [ext link ] (it's not very popular on my site, but on other places it is, haha!)
Ah, I have 2 starter desks with beginners' explanations of Magic the Gathering, but I never got really into it. Pokémon I played and collected as a teen, but haven't done anything with them for yeeeeeeears. I used to have quite a big collection, though. As for YGO...well, I got into that quite "late", as in: when the hype in the Netherlands already died and you couldn't easily buy cards anymore. I don't own much physical YGO cards, I mainly played the game on handhelds and consoles and had digital decks to play with. I have collected a lot of things, but except for a bit of Pokémon never got heavily into collecting physical trading cards. I did buy a lot of ChaosTCG from Strike Witches a while ago, I think I have 150-200 of them now. But I display them for the artwork. I can't even play the game you're supposed to play with them, haha!
If you decide to start with the YGO manga let me know, I'm curious what you think of it! And who your favorite characters will be of course! :>
Hahah, omg. I had a friend warning me about the "cat episode" and the "pizza episodes" in Code Geass. There are literally 3 super stupid episodes: the one with the cat you talked about, and 2 fucking episodes about a school festival where they are baking a huge pizza (thanks Pizza Hut sponsoring >.>). Pushing that aside, yes Code Geass has a bad start. If it wasn't for friends telling me "it will get better" and me getting some spoilers for View spoilerHide spoileremperor Lelouch holy sheeeeeeeet, maybe I would have dropped it too!
But yeah the best part of the series is defenitely the polital part, which happens mostly in season 2. Without spoilering too much, there comes a part in season 2 where many characters decide to drop out of school...and the series gets so much better after that!!! I love the last part of the series. Maybe that's why I pushed the memories of "happy school festival"-episodes so far away. :P And now there is a new bunch of movies called "Akito the Exiled", which is a direct follow-up from the political situation left after season 2. And from what I heard, it should be very good. I will try it and see for myself!

Ouch that is a little pricey, maybe I will only get one. I guess we'll see how much spare cash I have once they go up for preorder and see then XD Yeah I'm with you on nendos, their proportions are a bit too fat/chibi for my liking.

Oh definitely, if you're going to be having something in your mouth for long periods you want to make sure it's not going to make you sick. That's why I suggested dental plastics, like the stuff that's used to make the plastic part of a retainer. That kind of stuff is easy to clean, too, for obvious reasons... just brush it with toothpaste! Anyway, I hope you're successful in getting a good apparatus working!

Yesssss, I loved him almost immediately lol. I really really wish Volks would make a full-sized non-chibi CharaGumin kit of Xellos, I would buy that so fast. My boyfriend is the one who introduced me to Slayers and Xellos was his favorite too. Actually, their personalities are a little bit similar... they are both nuisances! But I mean that only in the best way.
Well in a choice between Kaworu or Xellos, Kaworu definitely wins, but mostly because anything from Eva is pretty much a win from the get-go. When an anime changes your entire life it tends to stick in every place. But they're very different characters who I love for different reasons, so in that respect I couldn't necessarily choose.

Ahahaha nah I'm not interested in getting any scarification myself, I only like to look at it on other people. There's a tattoo I definitely want to get, but I don't know precisely when I will get it. I want the cyberbrain access ports from Ghost in the Shell that go on the back of your neck [ext link ] . Simple, subtle, yet immediately recognizable to those who know the source material. A tattoo I wanted but will not be getting is an Angel's core in the center of my chest... it wouldn't look right because my breasts would distort the shape, so it's one I've given up on ;;;orz

Yum. I love fucked-up stuff like that. Ooooh, and they're brothers on top of that, niiiice, even better! Honestly if it's twisted and wrong I'm usually drawn to it, I'm terrible lol. Well you might not like things about it now but I still think it's a good picture! Those fancy thrones are really cool. Also not to be a total creep but you look really cute in that outfit, heh.

It sounds like most of the stuff that interests me doesn't show up until 2nd season, that's a shame. I'm not very patient most of the time with anime, if I'm not into it after about 3 or 4 episodes it gets dropped ;;;
011 months agoSB-129SB-129
Maakie (1 year ago) #12929306Yeah I tried that too for my keychains, but no succes. :( Also went through Suruga-ya sold items and a lot of other sale websites that keep a big database of previously sold items.
But thanks for the help! ^^

No problem. And just so you know, the Suchie-Pai Museum is back online.
011 months agoMoroMoro
Maakie (11 months ago) #14083663But first...these are so cuteee! picture #1589377 (finally caught up on Wonfes lol)
A lot of cosplayers are Worbla-worshippers and try to use it as basic material for...almost anything. xD While I agree that it's a really nice material, it also comes with a high price and can be really heavy. When I made my mecha musume tanklegs, people actually thought it was full Worbla! That would have cost a fortune and would have been a ton of weight on my legs if it was!
I still have to test, but it will probably be a system that I hold in my mouth and makes me move the "legs" with either my lips or tongue. If I'm going to be uncomfortable with the mask and having trouble breathing, I better make the best of it and add some cool effects, haha! I am looking into safety measures, because Worbla is probably something I dont want to put in my mouth. :P
I actually like CharaGumin's Lina a lot more than their Naga, but considering there are not much high quality Slayers figures out there, both of them are nice. :) I just started with Slayers Next, the huge jump in animation quality is very noticeable! And Akira Ishida now has a voice rol in Slayersss! Aaaaaaaaah! He's my favorite voice actor! <3
I guess it's because tattoo's are getting more and more mainstream and there are parlors to get them everywhere. But if you want something like scarification/branding you have to search a lot more. Also a lot of people seem to be very scared of scarification/branding, thinking that it will get you infections, it's unhealthy etc. I remember when I heard about scarification for the first time and I started googling it, 75% of the results were pictures of nasty infections and stories about it going wrong. X_X
Haha, I'm not even that much into MalikxBakura! xD But I can understand the appeal of them really well, also with their looks being so opposite from eachother. My favorite pairing from YGO is NoahxMokuba. I'm a huge fan of Noah, as I've got a thing for evil little guys. :P And in the series he takes mind control over Mokuba for a really long time, but even after the mind control wears out, Mokuba keeps on having a soft spot for Noah. It's so cute! <3 And yeah as you can guess there is a lot of fanmaterial between them, both with and without the mindcontrol. ;)
To be exact Duel Monsters is 224. xD The best part are the 25 last episodes about Egypt and then Duel City is the best arc, which is about 60-65 episodes if my guess is right. The only really "bad" part is the Dartz-arc, which is around 50 episodes and feels like a filler most of the time. The other episodes are random tournaments and character development of good quality.
Hrmmmmmmmm, well the manga and anime have their differences, but the main storyline it follows are the same. The manga starts off the same way as season 0. Yuugi's name means "King of Games" and the series originally was meant to be about all sorts of games (mainly games originally made for the series) being played as "Shadow Games" (the loser gets banished to an unkown realm, which is pretty much them reliving their worst moments over and over again for eternity). Yuugi has the power to start these Shadow Games and the first few volumes of the manga is pretty much every chapter having it's own game with a bit of backstory of the character that is entered into this game. Yuugi was a loooooot more evil, lol. Anyway, after a while of those different games, the manga introduces the card game and it doesn't take long before the card game takes over the whole manga series. I personally am really fond of all the different games getting played before the card games take off, but a lot of people don't care about that and just want Duel Monsters. xD
YGO is such a hard series to recommend! It's long, it has it's fillers, you do have to like the card game to appreciate the series, but most of the characters are very memorable. I also love the drawing style, which looks prettier in the manga than the anime most of the times. But the visual style is also something that has to be your "thing".
Oh, I think Twitter is a really good medium to practice your Japanese, because of the small amount of characters you can use. It challenges you to keep it short and do a good spell-check! :)
I will! :D It looks like my time-off-anime-marathon will have a lot of mech-related series, I'm also planning to catch up with the new Code Geass movies. Haven't watched anything Code Geass since the end of the 2nd season, so I'm quite behind on it! I don't remember if you liked Code Geass you?

Yessssss I saw those!!! They're really adorable, I'll probably get them as long as they aren't horribly expensive. Rei especially is so cute <3

Probably to have it safe to have in your mouth you would have to make whatever piece was in your mouth out of a separate kind of plastic. Maybe the kind used for dental apparatus if you could mold it. But from an engineering perspective making something where you use your actual tongue or lips to manipulate the legs could be extremely difficult anyway. Easier to make something where a larger movement like that of your jaw would move them, but that's not necessarily the right kind of movement... I hope you work out a good solution!

YES now that you've started NEXT you've met my favorite character, my asshole Mazoku husband Xellos <3 <3 He is a pain in the ass and I love him. Akira Ishida is one of my favorite seiyuus too! He's very versatile but always distinctive.

Yeah you can't get scarification or brands at just any tattoo or body mod place. And admittedly scarification CAN be dangerous, because you're actually cutting and making large open wounds so you have a lot of potential for infection. Branding is actually not too dangerous in the infection department because the heat cauterizes the wound it creates, but certainly it's not something to be done by just anyone. I think there isn't even anyone in my city that will perform either of those even though we have some body-mod places.

Oooh, starting with mind control sounds a bit Stockholm-syndrome? I like that stuff myself... I'll ship just about anything if someone can "sell" it to me well enough, haha. So you have lots of doujin/art/fanfic (idk if you like to read fanfics) available for Noah/Mokuba then?

Oh wow ok yeah that's a looooooot of episodes. And I haven't ever played the game, I'm a Magic the Gathering sort of person myself. Never played Pokémon cards either strangely enough. I think if I decide to check it out in more detail I'm best off with the manga as I can go through it whenever and don't have to commit to sitting down for a bunch of episodes.

I watched a couple episodes of Code Geass but didn't care for it, myself. I went into it expecting something more like Gundam (I saw political stuff and mecha in PVs previously, after all)but then there was a bunch of the characters fucking around at school and an entire episode devoted to chasing a cat around the city, and I got angry and stopped watching XD;;;
011 months agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
Maakie (11 months ago) #13599993Hello!
Hehe, no problem! I have been so incredibly busy I have a backlog with replying on messages myself. ^^'' I personally rely on my e-mail notifications, because I always just put everything on "mark as read" over here as I want to get rid of the number at the top lol.
Thank you very much! :) I've been working there for 1,5 moths now. Time is going fast! Actually just 2 days ago I had a really bad day at work and felt really bad...but then I took 1,5 months for me to have a bad day at work! :O At my previous job every day was a bad day. :P So yeah, I hope the job keeps on being fulfilling! ^^
I think the sculpt looks really really good and the pose is also nice. It makes the outfit look best so far. I'm curious if they will make her dress a more matte or metallic white.
I am actually so busy I didn't have the time yet to look at all the Wonfes Additions. So the ones I found out about, are ones my friends pointed me too or got a lot of hype from others. xD So far those are the FMA Kotobukiya figures, the prototype for Atem (YGO) and my surprise of so much Western franchises getting Nendoroids and figma's! I'll come back to reply better to your answer later once I've had time to look at all the new entries!
Ah~ I like the Sega Hard Girls designs a lot! And that is weird. It's a book especially made to keep the straps in and they don't fit in it?!
Well the condition of my iPod right now is that it refuses to charge at home, but it works fine if I put it in the charger at work. I don't understand it at all, but good news I guess? Also it says the whole time it's not charging and stops showing charging after 10%, even if the thing is fully charged. So it still works good enough, haha! I do hope it won't go doing any other weird stuff, though. >.<
And yeah I do the same, hold out on buying a new item until the old one is either completely outdated or not working anymore. I also use this ancient phone, because I don't feel the need to upgrade, haha. I hear a lot of good things about refurbished electronics, thank you for the tip! :)
Oh, that doesn't sound so good about Phantasy Star the game overloaded with users right now? Or the other way around, not enough players to make it worthwhile to let the game run smoothly? I remember having this weird crash problem when I just started playing Aion. It turned out that the game would crash if you skipped the intro movie. If you watched the intro movie, the game would just run after that. So annoying!
Do you have a screenshot of your character? :) I always like looking at MMO and/or RPG selfmade characters! ^^
Ah, for me it's the other way around with contacts. When I put them in, my eyes need to get accostumed to them for quite a while. But taking them out or wearing them is okay for me! ^^ But maybe it's also easier, because before I started with cosplay lenses I would already sometimes wear normal lenses for my vision. The colored contacts I all have are with precription too. :)
Even when I was recently reading articles about banned Overwacth players, I would get advertisements for paid hacks visible for me. ^^'' With the first group you are talking about, well yes, I have heard many stories about super-hackers getting hired by the government or FBI to do the hacking for them! But I still wouldn't recommend hacking a game that is meant for fun, as it could still influence the experience for the non-hacking players.
Ah, we had a heat wave over here about 2 weeks ago. Luckily it cooled down a bit. X_X I don't mind the heat much in my personal time as I put a fan in my face and wear less clothing, but it's really annoying to have to work in it. X_X But I can understand your problem too!
Over here there is this rule that if you don't take your days off and instead keep working, they will give you a +/- 75% payout. They made that rule in the Netherlands, because before that rule, people would just never take days off and try to earn as much as possible money by working many hours. We now have stricter laws about how much vacation you should get. So yeah you get "penalty" for not taking days off and letting them be paid out. I'm very bummed by that happening at my previous job, but I didn't have the chance anymore to take days off before I had to switch jobs.
Actually the pay-out of my vacation days of my last job all went into expenses of our recently bought house, haha! But in good news: We are almost completely finished with the house expenses, so it should soon be possible for me to save up money again. We hope to still do some sort of mini-vacation this year. Or at least take a bunch of days off and just SLEEP. Haha!
I like the feeling of having polished nails, but I reallyyyy dislike the polishing process itself. I feel you. :P
Ohhhhhh, well LS x TR would interest me for sure! But I don't know if those designs would work well for prize figures, considering most of the TR outfit designs are so intricate. Maybe they would be better off as cute Nendoroid Petits indeed! :3
Ah, I didn't know about those interviews before jury duty took place. I thought everyone could get called in for jury duty. As someone not from the USA it all just boggles my mind that they ask normal civilians with highly possible no background in law at all to judge over someone. It seems like an interesting experience, but I'm not sure how I would feel if I ever would get asked for jury duty. But if there is a selection, I probably wouldn't get through it, haha.

I get like... almost 100 emails a day, or maybe more, but a couple are relevant (MFC or other important notices) and the bulk are just ads. It's annoying to keep deleting mails 200 at a time lol

Huh, I never thought about that, the time lapse of good/bad days. But being the pessimist I am... I probably shouldn't LOL

The Sega Hard Girls straps are huge, bigger in dimension AND thicker than the standard box-set rubber strap. Straps from encyclopedia #39553 encyclopedia #35104 fit perfectly, but the Hard Girls straps are about twice as wide and thicker by a few mm I think? @_@

Are you using different charge cords at home and work? It could be a short in the cord! I had that problem.. had to replace several cords -_-
People are wary of refurbished electronics but if they're factory refurbished that means they've been repaired to be good as new by the people who make that item!

PSO2 is running smooth again. Since I have to use a side program to get it to run (works as a Gameguard bypass/applies translation patches) I realize I have to pay more attention to it and when it says something needs updating or patching. If I'm running a local game, it'll tell me right off the bat that a patch needs to be applied. The tweaker can boot the game and it won't show an error until the intro movie is up :p

As for my character:
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
Her name is Ivy. I gave her nice big hips >u<

Speaking of hacking and ruining the game... you're totally right. How about non hackers? Was talking to my friend the other day about the game EVE online and how there's basically a free market in terms of in-game currency, and there was an article about a guy who basically scammed everyone in a super elaborate plot and made away with everyone's money... like, converting the in-game money to USD puts it in the ten-thousands lost! I can't play that game lol

Heat has gotten worse here. I have a headache, took a huge ibuprofen and it only half way helped. Can't relax because tomorrow is Mama's birthday and she wants to go out as a family... and we have no plans. Or, our plans fell through. There's a place called the High Line, did you visit it? An above-ground railway was converted into a long park. But for a day in the upper 90s, it's not a great idea to walk ~even closer~ to the sun...

I want a vacatioooon. I want to go on a cruise but I need someone to go with me and that's the hard part.
People who will want to go: plenty!
People who will have time/money to go and not flake out: .....

I got gel nails for the first time. They're more expensive but are supposed to last really long.

Broke them within hours. Brute!

Well, they don't necessarily want people knowledgeable about law, just people who are comfortable with passing judgement and don't know anything about the case (so they won't have bias). One of the guys in my group was Jewish and studied Judaic law. He said if there's a crime and only one witness, there is no case (because the witness could just lie).
They kept asking him if he would be able to deliberate and he kept telling them that his law is his faith.
Everyone had varied answers to the questions, but when they asked "If an officer testifies will you accept it as the truth?" and everyone said "Hell no" in their own way. LOL
They asked if I would be able to show up and be alert (since I work nights) and I said I'd show up, but the alert part... :p

Maakie (11 months ago) #13649069View spoilerHide spoilerFollow-up from my last comment about Wonfes now that I've looked through everyhting! :D
Luckily for my wallet there is only one OMGIAMGOINGTOBUYTHISNOMATTERTHEPRICE:
item #464598
Then these I'm going to keep an eye out for:
item #463456 To probably replace my Megahouse Edward.
item #463457
item #462094
item #460676
item #460526
item #460678
item #462776 (loved the cartoon as a kid, but not sure how much I want to collect these...the sculpt looks amazing, though!)
item #463280 S-so weird and cute!
item #463475
item #464229
item #464511
item #464603
item #464652
item #455218
item #455250
item #464655
item #464675
item #464713
item #464726
item #464740
item #464770
item #464863
There are many boys and guys on the list this year. much the figure industry is changing! I'm not necessarily a person that wants a collection with a lot of guys, but many of my favorite anime have male main characters!
I'm still behind on reading the blogs, so maybe I missed a few, but it looks like this will be my list for this years' Wonfes! ^^ What about you? :)

The definite buy for me is figma/nendo Li Xiaolang :D
I added a bunch of items to my subscriptions but nothing really to my actual wishlist besides Li. Partly waiting to see finished results, partly just still not looking to buy much more, but always happy to look :p
That Shredder though... and as a kid I loved the names Bebop and Rocksteady so much!! LOL
011 months agoMoroMoro
Maakie (11 months ago) #13998199Thank you! I'm so stoked for wearing it. It's nice to slowly see everything coming together, but I wish I had more free time to work on it!!! But this project is special to me, so I don't want to rush things~
I actually soon want to buy a piece of "worbla black". I'm not sure if you're known with that material, but it's a new type of thermoplastics. Im going to try to make a partial face mask with the "face legs" sticking out. I'll start with the mask that will be on my face (for the "missing jaw" illusion) from worbla black and see how good it works to also make the legs from it. I REALLY want the "face legs" to be moveable, I'm working on a system for that. It's going to be quite complicated, haha!
I am now watching the first Slayers movie and have finally seen Naga! Wow, she is a lot different than I expected! The artwork and especially the expressions she has on them made me always think she is super-bitchy. But Naga is actually very cute? And it's also super cute to see her and Lina having their small fights. ;)
Hehe, I keep comparing Slayers to Dragon Ball, as I rewatched Dragon Ball shortly before starting Slayers (I was in a retro-mood :P ) Dragon Ball is literally in-your-face with boobs and butts being groped. Slayers has it's dirty jokes too, but I have extra appreciation for them not being so...touchy? It's weird to say it, because I have watched tons of ecchi too. xD
Oh yeah I remember you responding on my Malik review about his sexy back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Not much people want to call it scarification and always talk about his "tattoos", so I remember your reply on it very well, haha!
And yes, BakuraxMalik ismaybe one of the biggest pairings in doujinshi-history!? Even many many years after the ending of the series you still see tons of new doujinshi and fanart coming up from it.
The characters themselves don't do much together in the series and manga. There is only one duel where they are forced to work together, which results in the 2 of them bickering a lot (which of course has the fans of the pairing swoon over ;) ). BUT! There is one amazing panel in the manga of the 2 of them together: View spoilerHide spoiler

This is just...amazing. It's the scène right after Malik acts like he's going to "help" Bakura, but instead he just throws him on his motorbike and humiliates him, while Bakura is close to passing out from the wound that his other personality inflicted on him. *wipes sweat* Sorry for my rambling, haha! I'm not even that much into BakuraxMalik, but maaaaaan, that panel. It perfectly shows both characters and is high quality fanservice without them having to get naked lol.
If you are interested in YGO, the first series ("season 0") is the most diverse and interesting story-wise, it's also only 24 episodes and has a retro look (comparison with the 2nd series, Duel Monsters): View spoilerHide spoiler

But the best characters are all in Duel Monsters and that is the 200+ episode series with sometimes really bad fillers... There are some nice arcs, but without seeing the rest I'm not sure how enjoyable they are by themselves.
I think that's really cool! I also think you mainly talk to threm through messages/chat/forums/social media? Which gives you some more time to practice your Japanese and proofread everything well before posting, right? :)
I also heard cute stories from people on MFC buying a Garage Kit directly from the artist and the artist going "Woah, no way! People are interested in my work so far away from Japan?!" I think resplies like that are adorable! <3
I'm planning on taking 2 weeks off from work in october and do nothing but sleep and binge-watch anime. I'll try to shove Iron-Blooded Orphans in my planning there as well! :D

Oh I have a slight familiarity with worbla, though I've never used it myself. I know a lot of cosplayers use it to make armor and the like. Movable face-legs?! That would be incredible, maybe some kind of mechanism where you can use your own mouth (hidden by the mask) to make them wriggle or flex?

Haha yeah Naga is really kind of like a bratty diva, really playful, which is why she gets on Lina's nerves so much, but she's great! Volks made a great CharaGumin of her as well, though due to her size it's very expensive. I really get the "constantly bickering girlfriends" feeling from her and Lina XD

Mmyessss, it's gorgeous! People are curiously shy about scarification/branding compared to tattooing even though they are equally permanent. Though tattoos are a lot more common in terms of body modification...
Haha, I find it amusing how that works out sometimes...characters who have fairly little canon interaction to go off of nevertheless end up a massive sensation with fans! Please ramble as much as you like, I love listening to people enthuse about their ships (= w =) I'm shipper trash myself after all ahaha ;;orz
Holy shit I knew Duel Monsters was long but 200+ episodes is impressive, lol. Maybe I'd be better off with the manga? Are the manga and animes separate plotlines...?

Yeah mostly it's twitter. You can say a lot more in 140 characters in Japanese than in English so it's actually a pretty good format. You've got the right of it--since I'm posting and replying to comments it gives me the time to look over my words and I think I make fewer mistakes since I can take the time to check.
Yaaaaayy! You must tell me all your thoughts, I love it so much!
011 months agogemelligemelli
Maakie (11 months ago) #13805437Ik vond dat punt-tot-punt ontspannender dan kleuren. Vaak was ik met kleuren te snel kritisch op mezelf en vond ik combinaties niet mooi, haha. xD
Drogen die copics niet redelijk snel uit? Tenminste, dat hoorde ik als reden van mijn vrienden vroeger dat ze er niet te veel tegelijk wilde kopen. :P Heb je trouwens art op je DA staan die je met copics hebt gemaakt? :) En jaaaaaa, ik heb zoveel stap-voor-stap artikelen gezien van mangaka die copic-gekleurde tekeningen rechtstreeks als cover-art kunnen gebruiken. o.o Mijn eigen probeersels met copic zagen er uit als standaard kleurstift, ik snap niet hoe mensen dat doen. :')
Heh, wij hebben bijna hetzelfde. :) Wij hebben een 2x4 IKEA Kallax gekocht en die op z'n zij gelegd. Hij kan genoeg gewicht aan om onze TV te dragen. Wij hebben ook van die losse kastjes gekocht en in de "gaten" geschroeft, zodat het er uitziet als een echte meubel. xD Enige nadeel (dan weet je het ook bij deze): Niet elke console past er in. De vakjes zijn redelijk klein. Nou is het sowieso niet slim om electronica (dat in gebruik is) in vakjes/kastjes te proppen, aangezien die dingen anders oververhitten.Games & DVD's er in zetten is uiteraard niks mis mee. :) Wij hebben zelf het allemaal nog niet goed ingedeeld, het is nu vooral een opladers/kabels/stopcontacten-dumpplek. :')
Met het goede weer van de laatste tijd maken we er even gebruik van dat we onze voor- en achtertuin nog goed moeten opruimen en gaan we ons van de winter weer focussen op het opbergen en indelen van spullen. En hopelijk hebben we dan ook weer wat tijd voor de figurekamer, haha! Maar ik vind het ook wel belangrijk dat onze woonkamer iets meer vertoonbaar wordt...we hebben momenteel nog steeds een hoop stopcontacten op random plekken en veel ingepakte dozen. xD

Ik heb die copics toegegeven al een tijdje niet meer gebruikt, dus zou best kunnen dat ze inmiddels heel erg uitgedroogd zijn ja. :') Binnenkort maar even testen. :P En nee, ik heb geen art op dA staan die ik met copics heb gemaakt, het is voornamelijk inkt of kleurpotloden, met een uitstapje naar ecoline. Maar inderdaad heb ik ook tekeningen gezien, van o.a. mangaka, die er supermooi uitzagen en die inderdaad ook als covers zijn gebruikt. Ik heb ook een paar artbooks van mangaka en de meeste art is inderdaad ook met copics gemaakt. Het blijft prachtig. <3

Ik heb mijn consoles en tv nu in een boekenkast staan, en de bovenste planken gebruik ik voor mijn games. Het voordeel is dat alle hitte snel weg kan, alleen al die snoeren tonen nogal rommelig. xD Maar ben het met je eens dat het niet handig is die dingen in kleine kastjes en vakjes te proppen. Ik moet zelf ook echt nog kijken welke kasten het gaan worden, maar dat kan pas wanneer ik op mezelf ga. :P

Gezien het zomer is, is dat logisch. In de herfst en winter kun je niet veel doen in de tuin. Maar ja, als je allebei fulltime werkt is er ook niet veel tijd alles op zijn plek te zetten en te herindelen, dus logisch dat alles nog een beetje een work in progress is. Maar ik neem aan dat je langzaam maar zeker wel verandering ziet?

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