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Moro (1 year ago) #14091386Yessssss I saw those!!! They're really adorable, I'll probably get them as long as they aren't horribly expensive. Rei especially is so cute <3
Probably to have it safe to have in your mouth you would have to make whatever piece was in your mouth out of a separate kind of plastic. Maybe the kind used for dental apparatus if you could mold it. But from an engineering perspective making something where you use your actual tongue or lips to manipulate the legs could be extremely difficult anyway. Easier to make something where a larger movement like that of your jaw would move them, but that's not necessarily the right kind of movement... I hope you work out a good solution!
YES now that you've started NEXT you've met my favorite character, my asshole Mazoku husband Xellos <3 <3 He is a pain in the ass and I love him. Akira Ishida is one of my favorite seiyuus too! He's very versatile but always distinctive.
Yeah you can't get scarification or brands at just any tattoo or body mod place. And admittedly scarification CAN be dangerous, because you're actually cutting and making large open wounds so you have a lot of potential for infection. Branding is actually not too dangerous in the infection department because the heat cauterizes the wound it creates, but certainly it's not something to be done by just anyone. I think there isn't even anyone in my city that will perform either of those even though we have some body-mod places.
Oooh, starting with mind control sounds a bit Stockholm-syndrome? I like that stuff myself... I'll ship just about anything if someone can "sell" it to me well enough, haha. So you have lots of doujin/art/fanfic (idk if you like to read fanfics) available for Noah/Mokuba then?
Oh wow ok yeah that's a looooooot of episodes. And I haven't ever played the game, I'm a Magic the Gathering sort of person myself. Never played Pokémon cards either strangely enough. I think if I decide to check it out in more detail I'm best off with the manga as I can go through it whenever and don't have to commit to sitting down for a bunch of episodes.
I watched a couple episodes of Code Geass but didn't care for it, myself. I went into it expecting something more like Gundam (I saw political stuff and mecha in PVs previously, after all)but then there was a bunch of the characters fucking around at school and an entire episode devoted to chasing a cat around the city, and I got angry and stopped watching XD;;;

Those Parfom are actually pretty expensive so far, like 5-6K yen. :/ But I really like their proportions and joints. They look like a way more action-figure-ey version of a Nendoroid. And while I think Nendoroids are super cute, sometimes their big heads are a bit too big for me. ;)

Yes, that was what I'm planning! I actually have some leftover plastics that should be safe, but I want to be 100% sure about this or cover the plastics up with something else. Don't want to get sick after wearing the costume for a few hours...

I really really want the legs to be seperately moveable, which is why I'm thinking of tongue/lips. An easier solution would be indeed using my jaw instead, but that would also limit the "leg movement" to only up and down. If for some reason I can't work out making the legs seperately moveable, I think I will drop the possible movement alltogether and go for a mask-only.

Oh, so HE was your favorite! Hrmmm. :> I haven't seen enough yet to say a lot about what I think of the character, but his voice actor being Akira Ishida makes me very prejudiced, hehe. I love his voice, it's one of the most distinctive voices I know. Everytime I hear an anime with his voice BOOM I know it's him. While with a lot of other (famous) voice actors I go like "hrmmm this character sounds like [other character]". I also have a lot of nostalgic feelings whenever I hear him, as he played a lot of roles in anime I watched when I was just new to it. :) My favorite (and most fitting) character for his voice is (in my opinion ;) ) Chrno from Chrono Crusade. What about your favorite? Kaworu or Xellos? :)

Oh yeah, of course scarification can go wrong, but branding, piercings and tattoos also have some nasty problems that could occur! I came across a picture of a "dried out" tattoo a few days ago and it looked uuurgrrghrghrhh D: That person didn't use the cream/lotions you're supposed to apply to keep a fresh tattoo moist + she suntanned a lot (which is bad for tattoos in general).

With bad scarification even more can go wrong! Especially since the created wound is a lot bigger. But it's not like it's 100% bad bad bad unsafe. To find a person qualified to do this, you probably have to search and travel quite a bit. Since you like it so much, are you planning on getting scarification someday? :O

Yeah, it's quite Stockholm-syndrome, in the anime a little bit, but of course in the fanmaterial it's full-on Stockholm, haha! Actually Noah/Mokuba material can be a bit hard to find nowadays. Considering Duel Monsters is "dead", only the most popular characters still get piles of new fanmaterial. Noah is a character that (unfortunately) is not very loved by a lot of people (most people see him as a brat that tries to mess up the relationship of another really popular character). I do have one picture of when I was a newbie cosplayer, where I was Noah and a friend of mine Mokuba. People swooned over the picture back then, you wouldn't believe it, haha! xD Unfortunately, now looking back on it, so much things could have been better. I wish I could re-do that shoot, but half of my Noah cosplay has to be fixed and the friend that was my Mokuba stopped cosplaying alltogether. This is the picture btw: [ext link ] (it's not very popular on my site, but on other places it is, haha!)

Ah, I have 2 starter desks with beginners' explanations of Magic the Gathering, but I never got really into it. Pokémon I played and collected as a teen, but haven't done anything with them for yeeeeeeears. I used to have quite a big collection, though. As for YGO...well, I got into that quite "late", as in: when the hype in the Netherlands already died and you couldn't easily buy cards anymore. I don't own much physical YGO cards, I mainly played the game on handhelds and consoles and had digital decks to play with. I have collected a lot of things, but except for a bit of Pokémon never got heavily into collecting physical trading cards. I did buy a lot of ChaosTCG from Strike Witches a while ago, I think I have 150-200 of them now. But I display them for the artwork. I can't even play the game you're supposed to play with them, haha!

If you decide to start with the YGO manga let me know, I'm curious what you think of it! And who your favorite characters will be of course! :>

Hahah, omg. I had a friend warning me about the "cat episode" and the "pizza episodes" in Code Geass. There are literally 3 super stupid episodes: the one with the cat you talked about, and 2 fucking episodes about a school festival where they are baking a huge pizza (thanks Pizza Hut sponsoring >.>). Pushing that aside, yes Code Geass has a bad start. If it wasn't for friends telling me "it will get better" and me getting some spoilers for View spoilerHide spoileremperor Lelouch holy sheeeeeeeet, maybe I would have dropped it too!

But yeah the best part of the series is defenitely the polital part, which happens mostly in season 2. Without spoilering too much, there comes a part in season 2 where many characters decide to drop out of school...and the series gets so much better after that!!! I love the last part of the series. Maybe that's why I pushed the memories of "happy school festival"-episodes so far away. :P And now there is a new bunch of movies called "Akito the Exiled", which is a direct follow-up from the political situation left after season 2. And from what I heard, it should be very good. I will try it and see for myself!
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Moro (1 year ago) #14003459Oh I have a slight familiarity with worbla, though I've never used it myself. I know a lot of cosplayers use it to make armor and the like. Movable face-legs?! That would be incredible, maybe some kind of mechanism where you can use your own mouth (hidden by the mask) to make them wriggle or flex?
Haha yeah Naga is really kind of like a bratty diva, really playful, which is why she gets on Lina's nerves so much, but she's great! Volks made a great CharaGumin of her as well, though due to her size it's very expensive. I really get the "constantly bickering girlfriends" feeling from her and Lina XD
Mmyessss, it's gorgeous! People are curiously shy about scarification/branding compared to tattooing even though they are equally permanent. Though tattoos are a lot more common in terms of body modification...
Haha, I find it amusing how that works out sometimes...characters who have fairly little canon interaction to go off of nevertheless end up a massive sensation with fans! Please ramble as much as you like, I love listening to people enthuse about their ships (= w =) I'm shipper trash myself after all ahaha ;;orz
Holy shit I knew Duel Monsters was long but 200+ episodes is impressive, lol. Maybe I'd be better off with the manga? Are the manga and animes separate plotlines...?
Yeah mostly it's twitter. You can say a lot more in 140 characters in Japanese than in English so it's actually a pretty good format. You've got the right of it--since I'm posting and replying to comments it gives me the time to look over my words and I think I make fewer mistakes since I can take the time to check.
Yaaaaayy! You must tell me all your thoughts, I love it so much!

But first...these are so cuteee! picture #1589377 (finally caught up on Wonfes lol)

A lot of cosplayers are Worbla-worshippers and try to use it as basic material for...almost anything. xD While I agree that it's a really nice material, it also comes with a high price and can be really heavy. When I made my mecha musume tanklegs, people actually thought it was full Worbla! That would have cost a fortune and would have been a ton of weight on my legs if it was!

I still have to test, but it will probably be a system that I hold in my mouth and makes me move the "legs" with either my lips or tongue. If I'm going to be uncomfortable with the mask and having trouble breathing, I better make the best of it and add some cool effects, haha! I am looking into safety measures, because Worbla is probably something I dont want to put in my mouth. :P

I actually like CharaGumin's Lina a lot more than their Naga, but considering there are not much high quality Slayers figures out there, both of them are nice. :) I just started with Slayers Next, the huge jump in animation quality is very noticeable! And Akira Ishida now has a voice rol in Slayersss! Aaaaaaaaah! He's my favorite voice actor! <3

I guess it's because tattoo's are getting more and more mainstream and there are parlors to get them everywhere. But if you want something like scarification/branding you have to search a lot more. Also a lot of people seem to be very scared of scarification/branding, thinking that it will get you infections, it's unhealthy etc. I remember when I heard about scarification for the first time and I started googling it, 75% of the results were pictures of nasty infections and stories about it going wrong. X_X

Haha, I'm not even that much into MalikxBakura! xD But I can understand the appeal of them really well, also with their looks being so opposite from eachother. My favorite pairing from YGO is NoahxMokuba. I'm a huge fan of Noah, as I've got a thing for evil little guys. :P And in the series he takes mind control over Mokuba for a really long time, but even after the mind control wears out, Mokuba keeps on having a soft spot for Noah. It's so cute! <3 And yeah as you can guess there is a lot of fanmaterial between them, both with and without the mindcontrol. ;)

To be exact Duel Monsters is 224. xD The best part are the 25 last episodes about Egypt and then Duel City is the best arc, which is about 60-65 episodes if my guess is right. The only really "bad" part is the Dartz-arc, which is around 50 episodes and feels like a filler most of the time. The other episodes are random tournaments and character development of good quality.

Hrmmmmmmmm, well the manga and anime have their differences, but the main storyline it follows are the same. The manga starts off the same way as season 0. Yuugi's name means "King of Games" and the series originally was meant to be about all sorts of games (mainly games originally made for the series) being played as "Shadow Games" (the loser gets banished to an unkown realm, which is pretty much them reliving their worst moments over and over again for eternity). Yuugi has the power to start these Shadow Games and the first few volumes of the manga is pretty much every chapter having it's own game with a bit of backstory of the character that is entered into this game. Yuugi was a loooooot more evil, lol. Anyway, after a while of those different games, the manga introduces the card game and it doesn't take long before the card game takes over the whole manga series. I personally am really fond of all the different games getting played before the card games take off, but a lot of people don't care about that and just want Duel Monsters. xD

YGO is such a hard series to recommend! It's long, it has it's fillers, you do have to like the card game to appreciate the series, but most of the characters are very memorable. I also love the drawing style, which looks prettier in the manga than the anime most of the times. But the visual style is also something that has to be your "thing".

Oh, I think Twitter is a really good medium to practice your Japanese, because of the small amount of characters you can use. It challenges you to keep it short and do a good spell-check! :)

I will! :D It looks like my time-off-anime-marathon will have a lot of mech-related series, I'm also planning to catch up with the new Code Geass movies. Haven't watched anything Code Geass since the end of the 2nd season, so I'm quite behind on it! I don't remember if you liked Code Geass you?
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Moro (1 year ago) #13912617Those mechanical pieces are looking good! I super can't wait to see the final result, it's gonna be amazing!! Yeah I bet it's going to take a long time given how many little intricate pieces you're going to be building. What are you going to do for the face-legs? Prosthetics?
Oh no none of the light novels are translated unfortunately (and my Japanese isn't good enough to read a whole book). I've read some of the manga though and it's really funny, a bit pervier than the anime (though as you noticed the anime gets in some naughty jokes!) I like the Slayers' naughty jokes because they aren't the same shit you see in every ecchi series, I get very tired of that kind of thing even though I like ecchi stuff.
Hehe, never been into Yu-Gi-Oh but I like those Koto figures. I had no idea they weren't really major characters though, I see so much stuff of them o: enough so that I happen across doujin with them even when I'm looking for other stuff, it's common enough to cross my path by accident.
Yeah it's pretty nice, everyone in the JP fandom I've talked to is really nice and polite and they don't seem to mind that my Japanese isn't perfect, lol. I'm ok with being the weird foreigner in the fandom if it means I have nice people to talk to sometimes. And they've always been really excited when I tell them I'm an American but still bought their doujinshi (probably because they know it's quite a bit of trouble to do that.)
Yessssss come join me in Iron-Blooded Orphans hell, it's so good! My new favorite Gundam series for sure.

Thank you! I'm so stoked for wearing it. It's nice to slowly see everything coming together, but I wish I had more free time to work on it!!! But this project is special to me, so I don't want to rush things~

I actually soon want to buy a piece of "worbla black". I'm not sure if you're known with that material, but it's a new type of thermoplastics. Im going to try to make a partial face mask with the "face legs" sticking out. I'll start with the mask that will be on my face (for the "missing jaw" illusion) from worbla black and see how good it works to also make the legs from it. I REALLY want the "face legs" to be moveable, I'm working on a system for that. It's going to be quite complicated, haha!

I am now watching the first Slayers movie and have finally seen Naga! Wow, she is a lot different than I expected! The artwork and especially the expressions she has on them made me always think she is super-bitchy. But Naga is actually very cute? And it's also super cute to see her and Lina having their small fights. ;)

Hehe, I keep comparing Slayers to Dragon Ball, as I rewatched Dragon Ball shortly before starting Slayers (I was in a retro-mood :P ) Dragon Ball is literally in-your-face with boobs and butts being groped. Slayers has it's dirty jokes too, but I have extra appreciation for them not being so...touchy? It's weird to say it, because I have watched tons of ecchi too. xD

Oh yeah I remember you responding on my Malik review about his sexy back ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Not much people want to call it scarification and always talk about his "tattoos", so I remember your reply on it very well, haha!

And yes, BakuraxMalik ismaybe one of the biggest pairings in doujinshi-history!? Even many many years after the ending of the series you still see tons of new doujinshi and fanart coming up from it.

The characters themselves don't do much together in the series and manga. There is only one duel where they are forced to work together, which results in the 2 of them bickering a lot (which of course has the fans of the pairing swoon over ;) ). BUT! There is one amazing panel in the manga of the 2 of them together: View spoilerHide spoiler

This is just...amazing. It's the scène right after Malik acts like he's going to "help" Bakura, but instead he just throws him on his motorbike and humiliates him, while Bakura is close to passing out from the wound that his other personality inflicted on him. *wipes sweat* Sorry for my rambling, haha! I'm not even that much into BakuraxMalik, but maaaaaan, that panel. It perfectly shows both characters and is high quality fanservice without them having to get naked lol.

If you are interested in YGO, the first series ("season 0") is the most diverse and interesting story-wise, it's also only 24 episodes and has a retro look (comparison with the 2nd series, Duel Monsters): View spoilerHide spoiler

But the best characters are all in Duel Monsters and that is the 200+ episode series with sometimes really bad fillers... There are some nice arcs, but without seeing the rest I'm not sure how enjoyable they are by themselves.

I think that's really cool! I also think you mainly talk to threm through messages/chat/forums/social media? Which gives you some more time to practice your Japanese and proofread everything well before posting, right? :)

I also heard cute stories from people on MFC buying a Garage Kit directly from the artist and the artist going "Woah, no way! People are interested in my work so far away from Japan?!" I think resplies like that are adorable! <3

I'm planning on taking 2 weeks off from work in october and do nothing but sleep and binge-watch anime. I'll try to shove Iron-Blooded Orphans in my planning there as well! :D
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Moro (1 year ago) #13844301She has a bigger role in the Slayers light novels, on which the first two seasons of the anime are based (3rd season, Slayers TRY, is independent of the light novels or manga). And there are quite a lot of OVAs and she's in most of those. Definitely a favorite of the artists too, I agree.
Oh yeah it doesn't have the weird face shapes. Just lots of great 90s charm! Actually Slayers is the anime I watch when I'm sad and it always helps at least a little.
Oh man... so, ok, I kinda... joined a Japanese fandom on twitter, both because I wanted a good way to practice Japanese and because I was 1000% fed up with eng fandoms. And so now not only do I want the doujin because it's hot, but also because I want to make my new friends happy ahahaha ;;orz so it increases the number a lot. I'm planning to buy a bunch of doujin for Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (the fandom I joined.) I have already bought numerous ones before people even started announcing their C90 books, because there was Super Comic City and a lot of them had new stuff out for that.

I managed to watch a lot more Slayers while I was behind the sewing machine for my Calne cosplay last weekend! ^^ I am now almost finished with the first season! And I'm not sure if I linked you anything recently, but I'm making quite some progress with Calne, here a few examples: [ext link ] But there is still so much to do! And not even one part is completely finished yet, oh man, it's such a huge project. x_x

Ohh, I take it you read all or most of the light novels? Are they recommendable or is the anime more fun?

More series/franchises have things like that. For example YGO, both with official art and fanart you would expect Bakura and Malik being the biggest bad guys in the series, but they aren't. Malik has a big role for a short time and Bakura has a small role for a longer time. They are also the ones getting most paired in doujinshi/fanfics. Not that I mind, because I love both characters and both of them also got scaled figures (thanks, Koto!), but there are bad guys with a looooot more screentime in the anime and manga, that also don't have figures now or much official artwork outside of manga-pages.

Hehe, the humor is Slayers is cute! I like how it sometimes makes "dirty" jokes without going overly-ecchi. I don't mind ecchi at all, but I like how it's differently portrayed in Slayers. It's a bit hard to explain, hrmm. I hope you understand what I mean. xD

Oh wow, that is impressive! I tried learning Japanese multiple times (including taking lessons), but I never got good int it. :( It's nice you found new people to chat with, though! Especially after you told me your dislike of certain English speaking fandoms. And well, as long as you are enjoying yourself (and keep a bit of an eye out on your wallet), everything is fine! :>

And gah! That reminds me I still have to watch Iron-Blooded Orphans, I hear so much good stuff about it!
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Moro (1 year ago) #13795892(innocent whistling) I won't confirm until I know you've gotten to that point. Naga is hilarious. I would call her Lina's out of control ex-girlfriend more than enemy, really. She's more in the Slayers OVAs than in the series, I will tell you that much.
Yeah it's an old franchise and has that classic/super 90s look that I love. It was based on the creator's D&D campaigns and you can really tell in the character designs, very classic high-fantasy. Frank Frazetta would be pleased.
I confess I haven't.... Comiket 90 is happening and I have too much smut to buy LOL

Hehe, that's okay! :) And oooh, I always saw artwork of the two of them together that much, I thought Naga was going to be a really big character in the series. :O Seems like she is a fan and/or author/artist-favorite. :)

The thing I was afraid of with Slayers and it luckily doesn't have so far is the "retro cheeks" or maybe I'm better with calling them "retro face shapes" that can make characters look so scrambled. Example: [ext link ]

Hehe, do you have a list of what you're planning to buy?

I'm personally still busy with catching up with Wonfes, because my new job is so much hours. :/ But I literally screamed when I saw the announcement of item #464598 Luckily for my wallet there are not much other insta-buys for me, but there were a lot of interesting announcements overall. So lots of prototypes to look forward too! :)
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Moro (1 year ago) #13697963YESSSSS I'M SO EXCITED, Slayers is the greatest. So many fantastic characters. (If you're only a bit into the first season then you won't have encountered my favorite character yet... When you get to Slayers NEXT you should let me know, ehehe.) Slayers is love, Slayers is life. Slayers needs more merchandise!!! Bless Volks for their CharaGumin kits. I've built Lina already (still haven't taken some pictures, I really should) and have Gourry in my model backlog, lol. I reaaallllyyy want them to make more characters!

I started at the very very beginning (The Slayers), so it will take me a while to get there as I'm slow with watching anime anyway (sorry in advance haha)!

I don't know who your favorite character is, but I'm actually surprised to not have seen Naga yet. I thought she was the main enemy of Lina, so I expected her to show up pretty quick in the first series. So my guess now is that it is her. :)

I think the oufits are really cute, especially the big shoulder pads so much characters have! It reminds me of the first Dragon Ball series which I'm quite a fan of. :> The designs also work out really nice for figures.

Well Dragon Ball has recently gotten a boost with characters from the first series getting multiple figures, so let's hope the retro-love spreads! :)

Btw, did you buy that Calne manga yet we were earlier talking about? I still want to pick it up, but have too much other expenses right now to start a big proxy order... :(
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
Wanted to drop by to say I finally started watching Slayers! I'm not far yet and it will probably take me ages to finish it with the amount of episodes it has, but Lina is so cute! <3
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Moro (1 year ago) #12696616Bad is relative, perhaps. If their significant others aren't cool with such a hobby then maybe the collector should rethink their choice! (I'm actually mostly serious. I think if a hobby is important to someone, whatever that hobby might be, and their partner isn't cool with it, that's not good for anyone.)

Haha, of course. They are more concerned about the worst case scenario than anything else (ending up like me) but I don't think they have anything to be worried about as the friends that I sort of got into collecting seem to have way more self control than I do...
01 year agokatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Moro (1 year ago) #12649191Having gotten a couple of people into collecting (nobody is quite ON MY LEVEL but nevertheless) I always count it as a victory, personally, lol. If I'm down in figure collector hell then I might as well drag as many people as possible down here with me!

Are we bad people for doing this? Sure I laugh maniacally every time I drag someone else into this hell but let's just say their significant others aren't exactly happy with me... >_>
01 year agokatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Moro (1 year ago) #12569679Yay I'm glad he liked it! Yeah you should really tell him that revoltechs are quite durable. I've had numerous ones survive some nasty falls completely unscathed. (and if he somehow breaks a joint, you can buy replacement ones.)
Ouch that's a big jump up in price and size from a humble revoltech, lol. RIP his wallet.

I'm going to start playing with it if he doesn't believe me... I can't stand boring poses on action figures! (I won't, but you get the idea)

He's a huge Destiny fan with a good bit of disposable income so I'm not THAT surprised. Plus, a friend of ours who owns a local comic book store ordered them for him and will for less than the retail price because he's helped him out a lot. Either way, this is my fault and I should feel ashamed. BUT I GOT ANOTHER PERSON INTO COLLECTING SO WHO'S REALLY WINNING HERE?
01 year agokatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
My roommate loved his present, thanks again! Though he doesn't want to play with it because he's afraid of breaking it even though I've told him time and time again that that's not how it works so EVA-01 is just chilling in the living room in a very boring pose.

I might have ignited a spark with it as well as he just ordered the 3A 1/6 Destiny action figures... -_-
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Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday ... Damm bird arrived late .. must have been a bad wind storm LOL so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!
01 year agotomokotomoko
(✿◠‿◠)ノ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Happy Belated Birthday!! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ヽ(◠‿◠✿)
I hope it was great and special and that you got everything that you wished for!
I am so sorry for this being late >﹏<
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
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Moro (1 year ago) #12233807Haha that's ok, I don't mind~ Thank you!! <3

No problem!

I rather have birthday messages not being about me, but quickly wanted to say I got the job I told you earlier about! :D
11 year agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Moro (1 year ago) #12188182Wahahaha, every year someone gives me some variation of the CONGRATULATIONS thing and it NEVER GETS OLD. It will always be funny to me. Thanks~!
Nooo, I thought I was being original! Should have known lol.
11 year agoMaakieMaakie
Gah! I'm late! D:

Anyway, a happy birthday to you! Hope you had a nice day! :D
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Moro (1 year ago) #12191245I mostly became less active by choice... didn't like the way the "environment" was going, I suppose. But I still look at things and lurk, simply don't post much anymore. Oh! by now you've had your wedding, right? How was it? :D

Yup in november we even had our honeymoon in japan recently :D (8th until 20th)

Hmm yeah i had the same actually even had a blog about it not long ago about someone bashing me (new member so good first impression..) for prefering a proto over how she turned out and claiming i didnt like the figure. So i cant even say i prefer her matte colore over the sparkly colors they gave her.. Oh well ;) comments got removed i believe by now or adjusted.

The wedding was awesome and so was the honeymoon. Sure it couldve been even better but i was happy overall and no regrets :) besides that here marriage only means paying more -_- and hassle.
But for us it was mainly the promise and meaning behind it :D

I mainly look around tho i might not even dwo that as im way too tempted and im moving out soon (already packing stuff) ^^" so i try to sell instead of buying
01 year agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Moro (1 year ago) #12187919Thank you~~ I haven't been too active on here anymore but I'm glad you thought of me!

Ofc! And we cant always be active unless youre a bored lil fuckker like me xD who is now unemployed
11 year agokevinlowlkevinlowl
hi there, happy birthday!
yesterday... but it's the thought that counts eh?
11 year ago (1 year ago)katsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Hello my friend, just dropping by to wish you a happy birthday! ^^

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