NunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu sending invoices now !! 19/9/2017

05 months agoghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day :)
05 months agoHypedSniperHypedSniper
Happy birthday!!! Hope you have an awesome day!
05 months agosweetangel720sweetangel720
Happy Birthday my friend~☆☆☆
Hope you have a wonderful and awesome day with your family and friends~♡
God bless you~!!
05 months agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Happy happy birthday~! I hope the day is fun and opens to a wonderful week ^^
06 months agoBearcatBearcat
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18685736Thank you for accepting! ^3^ yeah! I need to watch a couple of more shows that you clearly have but I haven't gotten around to yet haha its never ending, everyone always watches something you haven't and your like "I wish I knew about it so that I see their likes compared to mine and how much they love it compared with me blah blah blah"
Thank you!!! :3 I wanted my collection of her to be the best for a English collector~
but me being away has delayed me (I went on a few months hiatus) and I gotta find all the stuff I missed. Ill get there one day! because its one thing finding it but if I can afford it at the time is another story :(
When I first started collecting, everyone was like "I love your code geass collection!!" and now everyone notices Nozomi :3 one day I will have more Code Geass stuff too but gotta focus on all love live and the other merchandise for now. Hopefully within the next year I can start getting more figures like before, the scales and things. I think your collection would look amazing displayed :D ! its very cute all together on your profile~ so diverse and interesting!
I hope I haven't bored you! hahaha
p.s I'm glad your a fan of yurio! I felt so guilty not liking him all that much :/

Sorry for the delay in my response, I was travelling.
And yeah there are just so many shows out there, it's impossible to keep up...and merch wise it's even worse >_<;;
And yeah, I'm supper impressed with your Nozomi stuff, I hope to see it grow in the future :) I only have a couple of things of hers (and Eli's) as I've phased out from LL a little...
And thank you :3 I have it all displayed over several book cases in my living room. But it keep growing so I'm running out of space XD;;; it doesn't help that figures and bases keep getting bigger too. I don't really follow one direction for my collection either, I'm a little all over the place XD;;; I try to stick to things I care about but I do pick up the occasional figure just because it's aesthetically pleasing to me (I very clearly have a type I go for lol).
And no ofc, I love talking to other people on here :) as we're all into the same stuff.
(And yeah...Yurio is my one obsession in life right now...)
06 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #19022621I see your new status, I would like to play the Crash Bandicoot remakes as well! I am the only one in my family excited though :(

That just means more game time with Crash for you! :D
06 months agoYpsiiYpsii
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18747709Yay :3! & I think it's a lovely selection, refined and quality :D
They do look very nice together, looking at them is like the best dessert ever for my eyes hahaha.
I'm glad! It's funny how I don't yet have the only figure you have of her but one day. It's one amazing figure after all!
I forgot to mention to you, I tentatively added you into these in case they interested you ^^ (mfc link) If my memory serves me right - I'm pretty sure your main boys are Yuri, Seung & JJ but this set only has 2 yuri and 1 jj.

Ugh, I'm sorry for my late reply, my tablet got broken some days ago and now I have to use my back to basics phone, which is a true pain. ;(

Hehe, yes, I noticed that, too. Alter's Nozomi is amazing quality- and designwise, but I've been having my eyes on the birthday one from Stronger for some time now as well, I love her cheerful expression and dynamic pose. Are you happy with the figure all in all?

Oh, thank you very much for adding me to your split! :) If it's okay with you, I'd like to think a bit more about it before confirming or dropping my slots. I'll make sure to do so before the confirmation deadline has been reached.

My favourites are JJ and Chris, but I can't help myself collecting merchandise of some of the other characters, too. D: It must be hard liking Victor the most, you have to be fast to get his slots in splits and exclusive items of him get ridiculously expensive in auctions ...

The clips I suggested in the GO club are actually Gashapon, so the packs are completely random. I'll try to open a split for them later in the day, if my ,,great'' phone allows me to. I'll be ordering one box for sure, so I hope I can get both Victors for you. :) Depending on the number of participants I'm willing to order a second box, so the chances are even higher then.
06 months agokuroorinkuroorin
Ay Nunnally, did you get my PM re: YOI fanmerch GO? (mfc link) :)
06 months agosaramewsaramew
Hey there!! For your Love Live Sunshine! VER.2 Rubber Keyring split, I'm interested in the Mari. I don't really know what the 3 *** means but I'd like to be put down at least for a backup for my shiny princess. I really love cheerleader Mari >o<!
06 months agoRekkaRekka
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18747727Im sorry I didnt really notice until today but your collection is.. pretty amazing :o !!
Figure's delight ^♡^

Ahaha, thank you! ^\\\^ It truly is my passion.
06 months agoYpsiiYpsii
Thank you for your FR, I'm proud to be your ... 38th MFC friend! :D
Well, my collection is still very small, especially compared to yours, but yes, I love my display, hehe.
Your figures must look amazing together, too, your Nozomis are adorable for sure! She's my favourite LL! girl as well. :)
06 months ago (6 months ago)Susanoo14Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18643427But of course! I already knew this would happen, the fandom over this is CRAZY and the companies are all like "look at how much money this merchandise gets us! - lets release as much as we can and delay the less popular shows to see some profit! - yes lets! (group laughter and going out to celebrate with expensive wine while laughing)" sigh :'(
I hope you can manage :( and thats why I mentioned the april thing. If your mums birthday had been in August I think you would have been just fine! bad luck ><
I wish a lot more of my collecting was amazing :( I'm glad yours is going really well! so impressive :D !!
if only the second season would come out, as it might help you pick a side or possibly increase your love for both at the same time haha who knows!
Holding back hurts believe me! yes good luck with that!!
really? I wish there was more! like I see these people that have a lot of manga and a lot of scales and I'm just like.... wherever you work is where I want to work too YOU LOADED MONEY BAGS *cries* Like I read a lot more manga then I am able to buy. I sort of cry that I have to read it for free online BUT at the same time I have only bought my favourite things in hard copies soo its kind of good to read it for free so that I know if I buy it I'm going to love it. but there is a few mangas that I would love to buy in hard copies but I just haven't put them first. Ill end that little rant there LOL. What do you think about it? I think your manga collection is similar to mine but mostly of a different series :3

Haha good point! I was truly hoping that there would be less coming out after the last episode ~__~ Actually at this rate, there seems to be more new sets coming out than before. The event exclusives particularly hurt. It seems like most of the long-haired Viktor merch is exclusive and I want it all!! So expensive though TT____TT
Thank you! I'll find a way to manage orz. Luckily I can work a few extra days in April so that will help out.
Ahh I can't wait for season 2! It was announced a few days ago right? Knowing my luck, I will start to really love a third character. You and Kanan are also going up in my rankings rn ;v;
Yeah I feel like I can live without physical copies of manga since there are options to read it online for free;; I only follow very few series and even then I tend to only read the chapters/volumes once or twice. Also I would feel obligated to get an entire series, and at ~$10 per copy, it really adds up lol. I'm glad to see snk is in your top faves though, since you have a majority of its volumes >:D
I think that I am missing 12 of the 72 volumes of Naruto, but I just put finishing up my collection on the bottom of my priorities lol. I was kinda disappointed in how the series ended, and the lot of manga I got years ago was crazy cheap (I think like $70 for volumes 1 through ~61). I'm starting to get back into the series so maybe I will get what I'm missing at some point!!

edit// I love all the images on your new profile page btw! "Free! 1. Makoto omg marry me please" --> SAME LMAOOO
06 months agomeganesmeganes
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18716694we all had to host a split for the first time, you should believe in yourself more ♡✧( ु•⌄• )!
firstly where are you located? US or asia hosts are mega popular. I can try and host set 1 as well as you while I am in your split as tentative as I ended up having to cancel mine before to be in a split that actually worked out much better then mine. I wish my ensemble splits where popular but it depends on the sets and stuff.
if your in the US though you will have to see how your international shipping is like before you host as it seems to be a little different from all US hosts, some are cheaper then others.

im from the US! yea ill definitely check for intl shipping.

ok i dont mind opening one too (-: ill give it some time though and see if i would rly like to !
06 months agomeganesmeganes
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18716028
Yeah, and I was going to open one anyway just to see if I got interest from people who did not look on the suggestions thread but I sort of forgot >< haha.

are you still planning on opening one? i feel like you're one of the go to host for enstars splits so you likely will garner more interest, but if not, i still may open it.. im just not feeling very confident in my ability to do so since ive never hosted before lol
06 months agoBearcatBearcat
Thanks for the FR! We have a lot in common I see :D your Nozomi-chan collection is amazing!!!
06 months agoSusanoo14Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
NunnallyLulu (6 months ago) #18601194That's EXACTLY what I was thinking! 2 husbands at the same time >< and the Love Live Stuff too.. this is murder for you (and a little bit for me too) :s
I am cutting down on what I get on Yoshiko.
I also don't plan on owning a lot from AOT, I will just get a few cute items of my preferred characters, display them all and then I will be happy. I'll be happy once I complete my hardcopy manga collection too!

Haha, plus the flow of yoi merch seems to be worsening, even though the series ended a while ago ;c; I honestly can't keep up! And everything is being released in April!!
Your collection of Yoshiko (& Nozomi) is amazing already! I wish I could limit my Sunshine best girl to one character. I keep wavering between Dia and Hanamaru lmao.
I also wish I had such self-control when it comes to snk... Although I will try my best to stick with just Levi and Hanji merch now. Oh wow, you have a lot of the manga volumes *o*
06 months agoSusanoo14Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
"Susanoo your wallet is doomed >< season 2 merchandise for AOT just had to start right near april OZ"

I'm so happy for new snk merch but terrified at the same time!! I don't know how I can afford Yuri on Ice AND snk stuff :v
07 months ago (7 months ago)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
NunnallyLulu (7 months ago) #18260084I have only just found you recently and you are like a mix between me and my brother \^o^/ so cute! Maybe you're our long lost sibling we didn't know existed :o !
Since your a nice non biting looking spider I will let you live :3 have a lovely day (or night) & all the best in your life, goals and collection ! Looking good so far! ;3

Yippee! I love not being killed! It is my favorite activity next to taking naps and playing video games! :D

It wouldn't be surprising if I had siblings I didn't know about. My parents always seem like they are hiding something. :P

Thank you for the complements. Your collection is super duper cute too! :D
07 months agoSusanoo14Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
NunnallyLulu (7 months ago) #18009257I'm guessing you have used [ext link ] before and got your package safely? I am clearly not signed up with this site so I was curious! the more sites I know about, the better :3 thank you!

For the sake of less proxy related comments on the Viktor plushie's page, I will post here~ Yes, I've ordered from BF 3 or 4 times and I quite like them. Emails with payment requests are in Japanese iirc but are easy enough to navigate. Good luck!
08 months agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
NunnallyLulu (8 months ago) #17657053This made me think of you! :D picture #1685205
Omg I need this so badly ;w;

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