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01 month agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19905218Resident Evil, Illbleed, Haunting Ground, Corpse Party (Though all the characters, Dino Crisis (Though I'm still too anxious to get through it which is saying something seeing as I'm mostly desensitized to this genre), Alien Isolation (Haven't completed it yet), Until Dawn, Rule Of Rose, Fatal Frame (Was good but I got stuck because bad managament and where I left off there's just eh no way I coulda goten further) etc

Good choice of games. I think after playing so many survival horror games the fear just goes away, like you said we become desensitized. For me the last game that really scared me was fatal frame II and back in the day playing clock tower on the psone was such a thrill too.

Now it seems there is more action in horror games but oh well we still have the classics :D
01 month agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19904738No prob. I actually noticed after adding you that you like survival horror?

Yeah I notice that about you too, I love survival horror games and have a few in my collection. Right now I am doing my 4th playthrough of Haunting Ground which is one of my favs, also love silent hill, fatal frame and resident evil.

What are your favorites?
01 month agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Nice to meet you, thank you for the friend request :)
01 month agoMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19903301I honestly wish she'd come back tbh in the new MVC. At least Megaman will be in it though ; u ;

Yeah, I always enjoyed using X in MvC3, glad he's coming back! It's kind of sad that she's not coming back, and it looks like Hsien-ko is being left out too. But there are some other pretty cool characters in the "leaked" roster (not sure if it's real), so I'll be looking forward to the game all the same!
01 month agoMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19902582I almost forgot, I was happy to see you like Bulleta too. She is legit my favorite aside Princess Daisy

She's a really fun character! I love the mixing of cute and chaotic. I'll admit that I know her mostly from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and playing Vampire Savior came later after I already was familiar with her.
01 month agoShirohigePopsShirohigePops
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19902182You like Killer? -Sees your Killer figure-

i got that figure for free and actually don't like him before the timeskip lol, i do like how he looks after the timeskip though.
01 month agoMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19901948You and Sonicmonkey joining my group suddenly when I didn't expect it gave me hope that maybe I could make something useful and made me change my mind about ditching it. So thanks for that

Thank you for making the group! I'm looking forward to making new friends! It's always nice to connect to people that have similar interests, and I think the group will be a great way to do that.
01 month agoazusamukamiazusamukami
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19647333I came here because of the Shinsou avatar.

Shinsou-chan is the best
11 month agoJellygemJellygem
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19502114Nice collectionnn

Thank you! Same to you~!
11 month ago (1 month ago)CoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
TraumaticSherry (1 month ago) #19422163Oh lucky you have Mista RAH. He looks so nice
He's much nicer in person too, I thought it would be the opposite!
12 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I sent you a friend request because cute drawings make me smile. lol. :3
15 months agocanetoncaneton
aaaaah, you like yu gi oh, too!! excuse the weird FR, i'm also into shounen ridiculousness and you seem cool~
15 months agopartyturtlespartyturtles
I saw you like Hitoshi Shinsou in your latest blog post and I gotta say good taste, I don't think I've ever seen anyone else who likes him lmao
06 months agoGrimTwinGrimTwin
TraumaticSherry (6 months ago) #15997495Welcome you FILTHY weeb degenerate. Come harvest plastic humans with us.

Thank you kindly! I'm already waist deep in them!
06 months agokuronekikuroneki
TraumaticSherry (6 months ago) #15990415Oh nice. I hope you get him~ It cost me 80$ for Giorno when he was rereleased. Absolutely insane. I think Buccellati was the same??? ;w; Brutal.

Holy shit. Well I don't blame you for spending more for a favourite character (I spent 7k yen for the Oikawa nendo kill me), especially for characters like Giorno and Bruno.
06 months agokuronekikuroneki
TraumaticSherry (6 months ago) #15990408Oh yeah he is pretty nice. And was actually affordable when I got him I think. $40ish?? I wonder how much he goes for now. Old Joseph is pretty high if I remember right???

He's still a decent price (£45 here) so it's a good thing I'm not interested in old Joseph lmao
06 months agokuronekikuroneki
TraumaticSherry (6 months ago) #15990397Thankyou so much. Sometimes I get self consious that I don't have 100 figs like everyone else lmao so to hear that you like it though makes me happy~☆

Well I have a laughable amount compared to literally everyone but the quanitity and quality I have makes me happy so it doesn't matter I guess. I have my eye on that Jospeh Joestar though I have to say - I'll probably get him for Christmas since he's one of my favourite anime characters.
06 months agokuronekikuroneki
I love your collection hehe
06 months agoChibiNagiChibiNagi
hello ^^ i just want to say that your art is really lovely and you have such a impressive collection
11 year agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... PLUS my birthday too! Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD

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