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03 months agoPanda_ChanPanda_Chan Impey's Princess
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19932595Kuroshitsuji *w*
Yeah haha! :D I'm a fan of this series. I watched it like 6 or 7 years ago and then polish manga's publishing house started publishing the manga. I wasn't interested at all, but in December 2016 I bought all volumes (23 I think?) for a really good price and read all - and I'm in love in this series now! :D So I started buying stuff from this series - with Ciel and Sebastian, Ciel's the best! ^^
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Sadly it was not very popular, I personally love Ergo Progy and consider it a masterpiece so I want it to succeed, but I see how other people may not find it as appealing.

I pass on a beautiful Vincent and Rel mayer wall scroll a couple of years ago and now I can not find it anywhere :(
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Well you do have a ton of figures so do not worry and really cool ones too :D

Oh I see you have the Ergo Proxy ost that is my favorite anime, I got the soundtrack bundle with the first volume of the series a long time ago. Been looking for a Vincent, Pino and Re L mayer figure but no luck so far.
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Thanks I will check it out.

By the way you have an amazing collection, I have a few figures but hope to get as many as you one day :D
03 months agoAsagoeAsagoe Mad Magician ✨
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19901595You have that amazing Vivi swim suit figureeee yess. How is shee?I think she's pretty great, but I'm a little biased because I like that character.
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
I been on the fence about getting a new console, I look at the reviews and all and I see some issues like problems with the hard drive not saving the files and overheating, but I do not know for sure how much of that is real.

Have you had any problems with your ps4 and would you recommend it?
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19906263What about a gaming PC

I have a 10 year old laptop so I guess I need to get an upgrade soon haha. I mostly play on my ps3 and ps2.

what about you? do you have a ps4 or do you game on pc?
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19905690Yeah I'm really not a fan of how action horror often gets called survival horror when I really don't consider it to be. Resident Evil 7 though surprisingly did it pretty decently though. Being actual survival horror I mean

Yeah I know what you mean, is just that they try to appeal to the masses and that is why they change with the times. I seen some gameplay of RE 7 and looks really good, unfortunately I do not own a ps4 or xbox1 so maybe someday I will get to play it.
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19905218Resident Evil, Illbleed, Haunting Ground, Corpse Party (Though all the characters, Dino Crisis (Though I'm still too anxious to get through it which is saying something seeing as I'm mostly desensitized to this genre), Alien Isolation (Haven't completed it yet), Until Dawn, Rule Of Rose, Fatal Frame (Was good but I got stuck because bad managament and where I left off there's just eh no way I coulda goten further) etc

Good choice of games. I think after playing so many survival horror games the fear just goes away, like you said we become desensitized. For me the last game that really scared me was fatal frame II and back in the day playing clock tower on the psone was such a thrill too.

Now it seems there is more action in horror games but oh well we still have the classics :D
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19904738No prob. I actually noticed after adding you that you like survival horror?

Yeah I notice that about you too, I love survival horror games and have a few in my collection. Right now I am doing my 4th playthrough of Haunting Ground which is one of my favs, also love silent hill, fatal frame and resident evil.

What are your favorites?
03 months agoBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Nice to meet you, thank you for the friend request :)
03 months agoMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19903301I honestly wish she'd come back tbh in the new MVC. At least Megaman will be in it though ; u ;

Yeah, I always enjoyed using X in MvC3, glad he's coming back! It's kind of sad that she's not coming back, and it looks like Hsien-ko is being left out too. But there are some other pretty cool characters in the "leaked" roster (not sure if it's real), so I'll be looking forward to the game all the same!
03 months agoMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19902582I almost forgot, I was happy to see you like Bulleta too. She is legit my favorite aside Princess Daisy

She's a really fun character! I love the mixing of cute and chaotic. I'll admit that I know her mostly from Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and playing Vampire Savior came later after I already was familiar with her.
03 months agoShirohigePopsShirohigePops
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19902182You like Killer? -Sees your Killer figure-

i got that figure for free and actually don't like him before the timeskip lol, i do like how he looks after the timeskip though.
03 months agoMauxjediMauxjedi
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19901948You and Sonicmonkey joining my group suddenly when I didn't expect it gave me hope that maybe I could make something useful and made me change my mind about ditching it. So thanks for that

Thank you for making the group! I'm looking forward to making new friends! It's always nice to connect to people that have similar interests, and I think the group will be a great way to do that.
03 months agoazusamukamiazusamukami
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19647333I came here because of the Shinsou avatar.

Shinsou-chan is the best
13 months agoJellygemJellygem
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19502114Nice collectionnn

Thank you! Same to you~!
13 months ago (3 months ago)CoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
TraumaticSherry (3 months ago) #19422163Oh lucky you have Mista RAH. He looks so nice
He's much nicer in person too, I thought it would be the opposite!
14 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I sent you a friend request because cute drawings make me smile. lol. :3
17 months agocanetoncaneton
aaaaah, you like yu gi oh, too!! excuse the weird FR, i'm also into shounen ridiculousness and you seem cool~

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