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I'm Tyjos, I have been here on MFC for 7 years and I'm working on getting back into collecting figures after a short rest period after taking care of things that had to be done.

Recently I hit the reset button with collecting and I'm not ready to come back to collecting Anime just yet and I recently completed some big goals that I had set for collecting and I can throw out the old To Get List that I had been using for the past decade and I have made some major changes to how I collect things and I'm in a Rest and Recovery stage right now so I won't be returning to blogging here on MFC for a while since I just took care of getting the last Holy Grail that I had on my list and I don't have much of a reason to hang around collecting sites like I used too so I will be spending more time relaxing.

I'm going back to watching the Anime that started everything and Mobile Suit Gundam has been on the viewing list so I'll be going back to spending time watching the 0079 Series, 08th MS Team, 0083,Zeta Gundam,Unicorn,and I have been wanting to watch Gundam Wing again so I will be spending more time watching my favorite Anime series.

08th MS Team is still my #1 Favorite Anime after all these years and I end up watching it every other month.

Macross Frontier is one of my favorite Anime series and I like to collect some of the Macross Valks, I have a few Chogokin DX's in the collection. Macross Plus is one of my favorite Macross series and Macross II and Macross Do You Remember love are among some of my favorite Macross films.

Sayonora No Tsubasa is my favorite Macross Frontier movie and I'm looking forward to the next Macross series that's coming out next year.

I love Kos-Mos and T-Elos, both of them have been my favorite Video Game Characters since finding Xenosaga when it came out. T-Elos was introduced in Episode 3 and she was an instant favorite. Xenosaga Episode II is my favorite of the Trilogy.

Xenosaga is one of my favorite RPG Games and the character designs are among my favorites. item #3227 is my favorite figure in my entire collection along with item #332 item #333 and item #6180

My Collecting Blog

This blog will be updated almost every week and I'll focus mainly on blogging about Anime here on MFC while my main blog is focused on the other items that I collect.

-The old blog has been deleted and I have a new blog here [ext link ]

Currently the Blog is focused on finishing up with collecting a few of the older items that were on my to get list and then I may return to collecting Anime before the end of the year but right now I don't think I'll be jumping back into things for a while.

I'm not ready to get back into doing things like I used too before the collection purge that took a long time to complete so for now I will be focusing on relaxing more and getting back to enjoying the Anime series I like the most.

Currently the collection is slowly expanding again and most of what I have is stuff that was packed away during the collection purge and I'm working on focusing on getting back into collecting and building Gundam Models and focusing on some Action figures and a few scaled figures every so often at this point so I'm still in the process of easing back into this hobby.

Getting back to working with Photography and I will be spending more time outside now that cooler weather has returned and spend more time taking photos of the Aircraft that fly around here along with Weather and Lunar Photography




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