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02 years agoGunterGunter Questionably Amazing
Me thinks I need to swap it to the Shena one I'm usin' on Steam lol.

adrikyn (2 years ago) #3161545Nice Selim icon, hahaha.
02 years agomirrorcle_worldmirrorcle_world ✿ baka neko ✿
Dropping by to say I love your HxH collection! <3
02 years agoMuurasakiMuurasaki
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2956602They're some of the best! :3 Yep ! :D
02 years agoMuurasakiMuurasaki
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2956400Hunter x Hunter, YGO, Vocaloid, and Death Note... Good taste!

Thank ! You too ! In fact, we have the same favorite animes/mangas (HxH and YGO) XD
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2715193He's probably as big (and heavy) as my Koto DMC3 Dante figure then, wow. He cost about the same to ship too...... WUUUUhh I would love to put them next to each other!! Life isn't fair... ;_;You'll get one someday, I'm sure! And UGHHH I want those Koto DMC figs so much. I don't even wanna know how much they cost now.
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2715184Yeah it's just funny because the other figures I had that cost that much to ship just had GIGANTIC boxes. Though I imagine Raiden is a lot bigger in person than I imagine he'd be.
He's gotta be heavy with all those cyborg parts right. It's canon!
Definitely!! Raiden, you're going on an electrolyte diet.
My friends that have gotten him say he's like a foot tall. Dat's huge. Raiden's box looks relatively small based on his pose? Like... It looks like he fits in there pretty snugly.
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2709877Oh man, that's nice... I'll def. keep a look out for Nakano store sales then, thanks for the info *_*
Also that's a lot for shipping! That's a little less or around what I paid (EMS) for my three BRS scales (each). That makes me wonder how big his box is, because theirs' were HUGE. I can't believe that puts him at like 20k? D: yikes... At least the exchange rate is in your favour.
Well, he's 1/6 scale + he's got the corpse at his base so he's bound to weigh a lot. I'm not completely surprised by it, mostly just laughing cause he's a fatass. His box looked pretty compact? He looks like he takes up most of the room in it.

Yw! I wanna go looking on Manda but I shouldn't since I just bought Raiden. OTZ
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2705942Their hyperlinks must not be updated yet or something, but oohh.. a watch list. I'm just gonna bookmark the search term for now but '_' nice
What's DHL anyway?
Yeah, in true Manda style it's still far from fully functional. I don't think you can bookmark search terms on the new site, actually, cuz of how it works. But the watch list is really nice IMO since even if that particular item sells out, I think it will still stay there so I know that at one point I was looking for it. It's also really useful for if you're putting together an order and aren't sure what all you want to buy yet- I just throw it all in my watch list so I can sort through it and make a decision.

DHL is another shipping service. It's about as fast as EMS and usually it's more expensive, but the Nakano store has some sort of deal going on with DHL to where it's pretty affordable. I had a Nendoroid and some doujin shipped to me for like 1300 yen??? I think they were charging 2800~ish for EMS and like 1100 for SAL so HELL YEAH I took the DHL. So now when I buy from Manda I check Nakano first.

Raiden's fat ass wound up being 4100 yen to ship. He's going on a diet ;A;
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2704254That seems to just be the Japanese version of the site, since when you go to "global" it links to the same one I was using
WAIT NEVERMIND they just?? still link back to the old one okay... thank you, haha.
Lmao what?? Cause there's definitely a new site.
Also there's an English option. [ext link ]
The new site has a watch list feature too. It's kinda nice.

ANYWAY tho when I switch back to the English version it changes the price to be cheaper on Raiden? WTF. Oh well. It has box damage but that would've been a better deal if I could've sent it DHL out of Nakano. They've got a special deal at Nakano and DHL was only a couple bux more than SAL.
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2704241Ohh okay. Wait, if that's their old site what's their new one? I've been using that one still to track the Hunter x Hunter
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2704229[ext link ] 16k one at manda right now, though I'm not sure which store?Nakano lmfao. It's too late though, I went with Amiami. There's a chance the one on Manda is gone since you linked to their old site, but on their new site, that one isn't there at all? Oh well, I'll eat it on shipping a bit.
02 years ago (2 years ago)elagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2704214There's one on Manda right now for 16k, so it doesn't seem like he's going down, no. D: You could wait to see if he goes down but there's the risk he'll go up if you're okay with the price and you have the money, I'd say get it.
I'm gonna have to wait and suffer LOL.
Oh sweet, I checked Manda a few nights ago but he wasn't up yet.

I'm fine with the price. The only thing is that if the Manda one is unopened and at Nakano it might be cheaper to ship him via DHL from there than to EMS from Amiami. I'll go look at him real quick and then decide on which one to get.

Edit: that one's gone now, there's a 17+k one up now so it looks like Amiami is the way to go!
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2704192I remember them getting bigger discounts on AmiAmi but I think it was a pretty slim window, and then they popped up 2nd hand a few times--Heather seems to still be around for normal prices but the others have went up. MGR is pretty popular so I'm actually...worried he might just sell out? Like his Play Arts Kai did, but the Revoltech dropped in price? It's hard to tell.
I saw him come back on AmiAmi too and wish I had the money for him... ;_;
Sooo I take it that means that I should probably buy him at the price he's at now? I can't imagine a 2nd hand one even getting that low on mandarake or w/e so I'm guessing it's the best price?

Ty! ;A; Aww bb, me too. I actually don't have space for him right now but like... I regretted not ordering him so hard, I have to do this.
02 years agoelagabaluselagabalus
HEY I remember you mentioning that Gecco figs seemed to go down in price 2nd hand after release. Did you mean down from MSRP or like, down from discounts like at Amiami?

Raiden's in stock on Amiami and I'm considering doing a thing OTZ
02 years agonekomimisnekomimis
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2637203
02 years agonekomimisnekomimis
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2637190meruem's sheath

the sheath which protects the Chimera Ant King's Chimera Ant Dong
02 years agonekomimisnekomimis
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2636895every time I eat one of those tiny baby oranges and its sweet and tasty I think about that picture of meruem now

02 years agoMaakieMaakie
adrikyn (2 years ago) #2620183I do too I just get so distracted by life I forget to reply or don't notice the email ;3;
but hehe I know exactly what you mean. seeing all my YGO manga lined up looks great. Too bad it takes up like an entire bookshelf all by itself.
I wonder why Dutch manga is so undervalued? Is it because the market over there is very small? Or do they just print so much that it ends up being worthless? :o
As for the DS lite...yikes that was bad for my hands too! When I got a 3DS XL, it was such a relief. It's bigger and rounder and it feels much nicer to hold than those blocky little things they had before.

Normally I was pretty good at keeping up with comments/e-mail, but my current job is just way too busy and I have a backlog on everything. Q.Q But hey, I'm replying now! Yay!

Lol, I used to also have series taking up their own shelves. xD I sold a lot of manga and nowadays the biggest complete series I have are 8-10 volumes. Which is still a big bunch looking at it, haha!

Probably both, haha! The market is indeed small, as the Netherlands doesn't have that many people living there to begin with (around 16-17 million) and then you only have a small percentage from those with an interest in manga. On top of that, they keep reprinting and reprinting and every comic book shop has tons of the same popular series Dutch translated in stock (YGO, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece). I guess they sort of want to keep up that every shop has the most popular series (and then especially the first few volumes) in stock at all times, but it's just insane. xD

My guess is that you like the PSP a lot too, then? When it comes to comfort, I think that is the handheld I like the most myself! ;) Only downside is that horrible controller-button on the bottom left, but luckily a lot of games don't use that one.
02 years agoSweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
I was too but I have to stop! I practically bought a detolf and need to get one more O____ O
02 years agoSweetIvySweetIvy The Jellopy Connoisseur
If you still want it..... sale #64987

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