jessicrottejessicrotte Jess from Go Figure!!

12 months agoELFWNELFWN
Happy birthday Jess! Love ur vids x
02 months agoBelikov_xpBelikov_xp
Happy birthday! :D
02 months agoLolixdonutLolixdonut
Happy Birthday Jessica!! \(^A^
02 months agoDexcyDexcy
Happy birthday! Always enjoy the reviews on YouTube :D
02 months agoAmy-chanAmy-chan
Happy Birthday Jessica! Enjoy the day and keep up the awesome work with Mia ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
02 months agoRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
02 months agoLuka-nyanLuka-nyan
02 months agoblonde_1blonde_1
HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! :D
02 months agoKuraShikiKuraShiki
jessicrotte (2 months ago) #17476178Thanks for the FR!
You're welcome!! Saw your review video for Sakaki Yumiko, love it!! <3
02 months agoridinkidonkridinkidonk
Happy birthday!
02 months agoMannixMannix
Happy Birthday! :D
02 months agokiseki94kiseki94
Happy Birthday!!
02 months agoBeyond_InfinityBeyond_Infinity
Happy Birthday Jessica! :D
02 months agoChibinariChibinari
Happy Birthday!
02 months agoShelbieShelbShelbieShelb
HAPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! I hope your day is wonderful and full of memories that are unforgettable!!! Enjoy your day and have fun!
02 months agohadalisiihadalisii
Happy happy Birthday! May the Figurine-Goddess bless you (and send you lots of sexy figures)! Hope you can celebrate with your friends and family to the fullest!
02 months agoJoJoC71JoJoC71
BONNE FÊTE! Je te souhaite une merveilleuse journée remplie de joie et de fun! :D
02 months agoMissAzuraMissAzura
Happy Birthday!! I wish you the best of luck :D Celebrate that you are so special <3
02 months agoRoosaLiinaRoosaLiina
Happy Birthday! :D
02 months agoLullesLulles
Happy birthday!!

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