nekomagicnekomagic You better be 18 or ove...n/a

07 years agoAshlotteAshlotte Full-time Reviewer
Oh he has Chag he's just being bashful. :p

Oh Jun review is gonna be done sometime tonight Boss and I'll get it to ya before I hit the sack for the night. Hope ya like it!
07 years agoChagChag
nekomagicThank you for the support! Yup I put a lot of time in the site and hopefully it will become one of the top figure site in the english speaking community in the near future. XD

I love your site too and thank you for interested in the link exhange program. The photos you have there is really really nice. Did you take all those photos by yourself?

If you ask me, I would say that Neko Magic has already secured its place among the top figure sites within the English-speaking community. But hey, nobody knows your personal ambitions better than yourself! Free figure sample or die trying, I say. =P

To answer your question: yes, the photos are of my own. Thanks for the compliment, and I look forward to the launch of the link exchange program.
07 years agoChagChag
I've been a longtime reader of your site, and I have yet to see anyone else top the diligence of your coverage. Thanks for all the work you've put into the site -- it's a real life-saver for English speakers like us!
07 years agoBentoBento
I like your homepage! Great visual & many informations!
07 years agoMictlantecuhtliMictlantecuhtli
You are the nekomagic, very good page
07 years agoIdaiIdai
Thanks for the photograph.

You have a beautiful collection
08 years ago (8 years ago)NashNash
nekomagicMerry Christmas and welcome to Tsuki-board!!! =D
Thanks for the welcome~

Happy New Year, nekomagic!
08 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
Happy New Year nekomagic!!!
08 years agokuroken912kuroken912
Happy New Year XD
08 years agokuroken912kuroken912
Thanks for FR, and happy holidays =D.
08 years agoWazzzupWazzzup
Merry Christmas for you too !!
08 years agobunnykittybunnykitty
thanks! merry christmas to you too
08 years agoringoiero360ringoiero360
Awww, thanks :)
Merry Christmas to you too!! <3
08 years agoTenmaTenma The Idolm@ster
Merry Christmas!!

Have a nice day :)
08 years agocielciel
Merrryyy Christmaaas ! Thanks a lot too !
08 years agoZetsubo-sanZetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do...
Happy Holidays!

Thank you always for being one of the best to bring us Anime figure news in the web! :D
08 years agoShimapanShimapan
Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well and that you receive lots of blessing and presents ;)
08 years agomememomememo Sale Hunter
Nollaig Shona Duit

Happy christmas nekomagic love your website cant wait to see how it grows in 2010 =)
08 years ago-kizo-kizo
nekomagicMerry Christmas and welcome to Tsuki-board!!! =D
Ahaha xD Merry X-mas to you toooo! & a Happy New Years!

Btw, it's me, Bang. . . :D Yay, you made an acc~
08 years agoDe-JaYDe-JaY Teitoku
Merry Christmas!

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