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I've been watching anime actively since 1988, and collecting anime/manga/eroge/moe related merchandise since 1999. My collection consists mostly of plush dolls and figures, but artbooks, cels, tapestries and anything Tokimeki Memorial/Idolm@ster/To Heart/He is My Master related are fine too.

Besides that, I LOVE western style porcelain dolls, but those are extremely space consuming, so my porcelain doll collection restricted to a few.

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013 days agoRazzeeRazzee
Can you please close this alert?
(mfc link)

I didn't notice that the sword she holds is of the Saber's figure.
020 days agoRazzeeRazzee
Should I link this photo to the items that it is promoting?
picture #1324824

Thanks for your patience.
024 days agoRazzeeRazzee
Sorry for giving you so much work :<
04 months ago (4 months ago)MegamadicMegamadic
Item #295520
Item #295521

Fixed these two alerts
06 months agonouhimex3nouhimex3
i wanted to thank you for the entry post you edit on sengoku musou 4 goods, i am still new on here and missed a minor entry post; so for that i wanted to thank you so much ^0^
09 months ago (9 months ago)AnimeChibi101AnimeChibi101
item #257263 Fixed C: Sorry for any trouble caused.
09 months agoTokitokiiTokitokii Happiness Therapy
Hi, i seek your help, can you please close those alert who are useless as the person could do the change or pm me instead thanks Alerte item #255591 and (mfc link)
09 months agoghostmuffinghostmuffin
thank you for cleaning up the entries on the neptune things i posted last night. there was a lot of them so i steamrolled through it to be sure i posted all of 'em, so i may have overlooked some details or not done enough research. thanks again. c:
09 months agoNuramoonNuramoon
my fault I enter ISBN10 in first time, i add all 7 same time so i dont notice it.
Other program had the 13er in other sequence listed.

paTKany (9 months ago) #2386339What did you enter the field as ISBN?
09 months agoNuramoonNuramoon
he dont save isbn i got all
01 year agoAnimeChibi101AnimeChibi101
Thanks for updating the two Fate/Stay Night Lancer items! C:
01 year agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
Oh alright, got it ^^ Thanks! paTKany (1 year ago) #2256847Adding books Rules&Recommendations
* Do not repeat the origin in the title.
It's redundant, therefore not needed.
01 year agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
I see you edited this entry and removed the title:
item #234394
Isn't that how the book is called? I'm confused :P
01 year agoaeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
paTKany (1 year ago) #2245167Eleven page Anmi art plus the cover, the rest is anime illustrations for magazines. No text pages, just illustrations.
Thanks :D
01 year ago (1 year ago)SNLSNL

I saw you edited item #232870 because it can also be used as a coin bank, but even then, wouldn't it be better to leave it as a prepainted figure that can also be used as something else ? Misc is so ambiguous and being a coin bank is not its primary use. Any thoughts ?
01 year ago (1 year ago)aeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Hi, I noticed that you own this item #205445 and was wondering if you could tell me what you think of it? Also how much of Anmi's art is in there as opposed to the anime's art? (I'm a big fan of Anmi's work ^^).
01 year ago (1 year ago)KeripoKeripo 「ケリポ」
Are you up for a challenge? :)
(mfc link)

01 year agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
I've been busy adding all Sonico Ichiban Kuji items and classifications and separating all existing ones. Expect for a few Alerts for some entries that I cannot edit.
01 year agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
Yeah, that's what I thought, but I wanted to be really sure ^^ Thank you :) That will help.
paTKany (1 year ago) #2023224Nope. Those are completely different items.
Variants are for
1. The same thing released in different color. (E.g. figure repaints.)
2. Almost the same thing released with minor difference. (E.g. waving vs. peace sign figure, different console release of the same video game, ...)
01 year agoMarco-KunMarco-Kun Sonico lover
Ah alright, found it ^^ Thank you.
Should items like this be added as variants?

item #155718
item #203328
item #203329
item #203330
paTKany (1 year ago) #2023203Yes.
The Link/Unlink feature in the item top menu is where you can create Variant and Bundle links.

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