wurpesswurpess GO GO DUMMY PINK!!!I LIKE TO COLOR!!!. . .\(^_^)/

07 years agoZetsubo-sanZetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do...
(mfc link) Snow's Bocchama is Lightning. XD
07 years agoplanck-chanplanck-chan
Great collection! Lots of nice males, and you have Sakuma-saaan (Tatsuha would love to hug him and so on hahaha), congrats!
And that's nice, you and your husband are collectors, so both can share your hobbies together =)
07 years agoWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
I know a place near me where you can get Bardo for really cheap. Probably going to pick him up soon myself.
07 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
WAARGH! Late response. Work has been so busy. >_<

Anyway, Mickey Mouse briefs it is. :D Though it will probably be a bit. I have a long list of pics I owe people on DA. And then my old tablet broke. Then my husband was uber awsm and got me a shiny new one. But the driver for it messed up windows on my comp. And I can't find the boot disk. And it's XP Media, which they don't make anymore, so it's kinda a pain/expensive to get a hold of. >_< But my husband is once again uber awsm and said he would build me a new comp when he's home on leave. (He spoils me so much. *^_^*) And he said the HD from my old comp would be one of the HDs that goes into the new one, so I could get the files again. But at any rate, it may be til about May before I can start drawing again. >_<

And so glad you got your Bardo. I got both my pic and Akira safe and sound. Which makes me uber happy! :D And yes, all the pieces except the CD were there. He's currently one of the ones sitting in front of my TV. *^_^*

And I think it was all the One Coins that did it. @_@ That and I went through a really impulsive period. So both me and immorrel's collections kinda exploded because of it. >_< But now I don't really have the money to keep doing that. lol. XD

OOOO!!! You got your Sega Sebbie and Grell!! *SQUEEEEE!!!!!!* :D I ordered mine from an American site, so I haz to wait. >.>

DON'T WORRYYYY cause I'm responding just as lateeeee!!!!! ;____; My excuse is school, though xDD Doing a two year course, wich is meant to usually go for four years, has me flooded with homework!! @___@;;; Anyways, how are you doing??

Wow, you can work with a tablet!! xDD I have a cheap ass one, which supposingly should work just as well as the more expensive one, and I can't even write my name with it right xD I had one on my old job too, and it was really expensive one, but writing/drawing... >__>;; Haha, lent me your hubbie for a while, kay? Maybe he can buy me a Riku... *¬* Hee, just kidding xD

You can start drawing in May...? Cool, my birthday is in May :D Maybe it can be a thank you and a Happy Birthday drawing xD But it's better if you first do what you promised all those other people first! A promise is a promise :3 And I'm a very patient person, so don't worry!

Akira is really pretty, no? I just love to grab my Military team once in a while, and snap random photo's of them <3 And Bardo's really awesome too *__* Did you see the picture I uploaded? He has a super-cute blushy-blushy face xDD It looks almost perverted xD

Yeah, one-coin's really fill up one's collection, huh. But you actually have a lot of new completed models too! And still so many CM on order too! I have people sometimes come to me, with "You have so many cool figures!" While my collection is merely an army of one-coins ^__^;; Only the Togainu, Lamento and Kuroshitsuji crew are big! I crack up everytime my 'Did you know' says "imacatlover's collection is like 63% one-coin" xDD

And yay, finally someone who doesn't hate Tutor!Sebastian!! ;___; I think he's really handsome, and definitly better looking than the first one (cause this one doens't have ridiculously long legs!), but nobody seems to agree with me >__>;; I thought, let's post the finest shots of him I can make of him, but still... : / I hope you will also like him too! Grell is perfect love though xD My mother thought he was an crazy library girl from hell, or something xDD

And yeah... I wasn't entirely sure if I should count you in in this one, but [ext link ] OMG, I am so in love with it... *__* I hope Immorrel won't hate me for showing you, though ^___^;;; Haha I can't wait to April... <333
07 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
[ext link ]
[ext link ]

07 years agoWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
Also I think it's really awesome that you have a husband that you can share similar interests with.

My boyfriend is very excited to know that we will someday put our collection together :D
07 years agoWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
It's kinda cool when you realize you have over a hundred figures. You then say to yourself... how did I ever manage to get so many???
07 years agoWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
wurpessWolfxZer0Great figure collection!
Thanx! You too! *^_^* You haz Asato and Konoe!! I so would love to have the Lamento scale figures, but alas, I don't haz the monies to even think about looking for them right now. ;_; (Though my husband would probably kill me, seeing as he's already complaining about my collection taking up most of the apartment. XD) Anyway, thanx so much for the FR!!! *^_^*

HAHAHA. I'm actually afraid that when my boyfriend and I get married, we'd have too many figures and not know what to do with them....

I'm having problems finding the figures for a price that I can afford... there are so many figures coming out like right now that I have to focus on! Why did so many good ones come out this year -_-...
07 years agoWolfxZer0WolfxZer0
Great figure collection!
07 years ago (7 years ago)SaRuSaRu image not found
mm I usually use the 'order list' in my profile to know what I have in pre-order
I haven't been pre-ordering at TL because of the delays. Need to stick to an exact release schedule so I can plan my budget
Right now I want to order the Arablest and Layton revoltechs and some other stuff like cups and straps, but have to stay strong >.< April is such a pain.

The Sengoku nendos and the Trigun revoltechs are a must for me >o<

Ciel nendo has again a release date 2010/09 :D looks like he comes with extra parts for the Sebastian Nendoroid, and it also looks like the Sebby nendo is having a re-release :D
07 years agoimmorrelimmorrel
And the impulse control dies again :p
07 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
wich American shop? I've only seen him in TL
Yeah.. damn June/July. And its not over, I'm waiting for the Sengoku Basara Nendoroids, the release date says 'Summer 2010' >.< I hope they mean August XD And I think Kaiyodo is releasing the Trigun revoltechs this summer too _-_ dammit

My preorders for June are: Hijikata figure and the Bakemonogatari set v.2.
July I have the Natsume figure and Sanji -Strong Edition- figure.

Think I might add the Toradora keychains but not sure... too expensive... but the cutness is so hard to resist >.<

April is killing me but I made sure I had enough money to pay for all my preorders
07 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
Someday those 2 will be mine (,-o-)//

Natsume was in my 'Already mine' list XDD
dammit... not so much money this year for Comic Con T^T
Hope you can order him, such a lovely character and manga <3 <3
What scares me about this figures is that when the GEM line started I told a friend I wanted a Natsume figure based on that same illustration XP seems I'm not only lucky when it comes to pick blind boxes, because this is my 7th most wished figure that comes true XDD

lol I meant the outfit.. the link was just for reference XD
And yeah, for what I've seen MH is planing to make 2 ver. of each characters, example Chopper and Zoro. Chopper might have a 3rd one :p but will have to wait until next year or at least the next WF to see the other figures.

yeah... what ever inspires them XD.. but I also want some variety... Im not complaining about the current ones.. but there are so many other male charcaters I want >3>
If MH likes most shonen jump series... want an Oga(Belzeebub), Hades sensei(Hokenshitsu no Shinigami), Yotsuya(Kibengakuha Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan), Rikuo(Nurarihyon no mago) and a Neuro figure... XDD

pfft wanted male figures is an endless list XDDD

Did you noticed that 'Moriwaki Naoto' is the sculptor of the Natsume figure? he also does all the GEM figures XDD lol
07 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
yay.. you preordered Hijikata and Sanji :DDD
Those 2 and Natsume are my 'most wanted figures' in my order list XD

lol the Okita figure <3 <3, seems the MegaHouse's staff loves the series(and One Piece XD) Hope they make a Viral(time skip) figure or Grimmjow... dies... <3

I loved the Sanji strong edition figure, but I dont know if I'm going to buy the 2nd version... the outfit looks kinda... fruty?? XDD (mfc link)
07 years agoSaRuSaRu image not found
You're welcome :D

aaw I see you have the Itsuki and Kyon figmas u.u, hope I find them someday. Not a fan of the Hauhi series but I love those characters seiyuus, especially Tomokazu Sugita <3 <3 <3
07 years ago (7 years ago)Zetsubo-sanZetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do...
picture #46839

...but Snow's "Bocchan" is Lightning! XDDD
07 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
Yeah, I know packages get mixed up sometimes. I'm so glad this seller was cool about it and I got what I paid for. *^_^* And I haz a sowy. :( One day, you'll be out of school, and get your own place, and it can be as Otaku/bishie-riffic as you want. *^_^* (And possibly with big closets, in case you need them when relatives visit. >.>)

Hmmm. . .I was thinking of doing him either also with the Nobody robe, or the Valor or Final form outfit. But now thinking about it, it might be cute to have him on his stomach and wearing Mickey Mouse briefs. XD (Either nothing but that and his necklace, or with his normal shorts half off. XDDD) Idk, if you get any ideas before I do it, just let me know. *^_^*

I'm the same way. And I really do like the pic. But it was the last one I did before I got my tablet, so I think I can make it better. And I think the comments aren't really bashing the art itself. One was from a guy feeling smug because he saw himself as "superior" to my depiction of Mori. Another person was just kinda giggling. Overall, might have just been disappointment. Whenever I think of Mori in that way, I think of him as being, well, decently sized. Definitely not something that could be easily covered by a belt or drill head. And while my intention was to draw attention away from that, I guess in a way, I kinda emasculated him a bit. Either way, I would like to redo him with my tablet. XD

Lol. Yeah, definitely kinky. . .and hawt! XD Idk, the chapter in the manga with Haruhi learning how to waltz, and Tamaki being upset because he couldn't partner her. And then Honey was all like "I don't see a problem." Liek with the "girl" being taller than the "guy", and I was all "Oh dear god! @_@" as mental pictures of Honey as top went through my head. lol XD But yeah, I generally prefer Mori on top. I just think the other way around would be interesting. ;)

Hmmm. . .if they sent it SAL (or something comparable), it could take a while and not give tracking after it leaves the country of origin. If they did send it SAL on the 3rd, it should probably be there this week sometime. Maybe next at the latest. (It'll generally take 2-3 weeks for SAL to get to an international destination. At least it's what it usually takes coming in.) Or maybe NY is just a vortex of mail. -_- (A yaoi artist I like was auctioning off a pic and the money from it was to help with the Haiti Earthquake relief fund. It was coming from Spain, and according to the tracking, it's been sitting in NY since Jan 27th. -_- I thought maybe they addressed it to Manhattan, NY instead of Manhattan, KS, but they had the right address. It's just kinda stuck there. >_< Here's hoping it either gets to me or gets sent back to them and isn't just lost forever. ;_;) But yeah, if they sent it SAL, it's probably on its way and should be there soon. *^_^*

Did they send it with DHL? Idk, it kinda sounds almost like a phishing email to me. And that the sender of the email was just pretending to be DHL. That is just stupid to make someone from another country come and get their package. >_< And a lot of times, with those, they'll send them to a bunch of people within a block of addresses. I've gotten stuff either to or from just about every yahoo address and every name starting with 'W'. -_- (I usually put my screen name instead of my real name for a lot of stuff on the internet) Idk, just what it sounds like to me.

Maybe you bought the CD that was stolen from the figure I bought. :O lol. That would be funny. XD Anyway, it was supposed to be here today, only I forgot it was a US Federal holiday. ;>.> So yeah, should hopefully be here tomorrow. :D And the CD isn't really all that important to me, as long as all the other pieces are there. But if it is suddenly important, I know who to go to. Thanx! *^_^* *hugs*

Anyway, here's hoping Bardo gets there soon. ;_;

Haha, don't worry about it. I should save my money right now, cause I'm going to the first Yaoi convention The Netherlands has ever had!! ^__^ At first I thought I wasn't going, but now I'm going with my friend! I'm so happy~! But yeah, I wonder how the hell I'm going to take all those Yaoi in unnoticed >__>;; A flat would sound really nice by that time xD

Maaannn, I frickin' love your ideas xD I would like him in Mickey Mouse briefs, please! ^///^

Haha, I can't work with my tablet at all. But yeah, art. I dunno, I like really pretty art too, but for some reason I just can't appreciate it much... I mean, at the end of the day, I'm more likely to think back the the cute doodle that made me laugh so hard, than the picture I ogled at for a minute or two, before moving on. It's just like my new icon, really. I was searching Lamento art through pixiv (and my Lamento folder went from 20 pics to 440, yeahhh!! >‿<) and I saw like 100 pretty Rai fanarts, but right now, for the life of me, I can't remember one of them .__.;; Yet, I was like "Hey, that Konoe/Rai's tail picture was so cute <3 I want it to be my icon!"

Mori doesn't look that bad, now? I didn't think the whole drilling machine was a censor, more that you just didn't draw this peen xD Just like Yaoi manga! Every one has an invisible penis xD It reminds me of a Kuroshitsuji picture, where Ciel is just is just holding air, instead of... something... and the edited text "Invisible burrito" underneath it xD It killed me!

Ah, I should catch up with the manga. I just started reading from the point I finally found out that Haruhi has feelings for Tamaki, so I missed a lot! >__<;; But yeah, Honey definitily isn't implying something ;)

You were right! My package did arrive to me this week~! ^v^ I was worried, cause the tracking site suddenly didn't give me any text, so I was totally prepaired to go into Compalin!mode, with the ebay seller. But when I came home early from school lat Thursday, I saw the mailman already walking to my house, and he gave me the package when I stepped of my bike ^__^ Thank God, school was out early that day <3 Also glad that mail was just a phishing mail...

Haha, I don't hope so xD I see he's in your collection right now, is everything complete? Also, about your collection... How the hell did it grow so much when I aren't looking?? O__O Jeez, it's awesome...! *w*
07 years agoimmorrelimmorrel
I've never protested your collection babe. I only protest where and how some of them might be displayed :p
07 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
wurpessYour av, it makes me giggle. lol. XD

Anyway, sorry for the late response. Finally got my LenxKaito dakimakura!! :D It's very nice and looks great on our bed. (At least to me. immorrel might think differently. >.>) But the Kaito side actually matches our bedspread. And ZOMG! He's wearing Miku's shimapan!!!! XD Which probably means that what Len is wearing is Meiko's black pantsu!! XD I rofled when I saw that. Still thinking about the Yoko and Kamina ones.

ZOMG! I love Soriku!! Yeah, whenever I get around to it, I can put Sora on the other side. Any certain version you want?

Yeah, I might be doing a redo of the Mori pic. I didn't make him, erm, anatomically correct because I wanted the focus to be on him, not his package. But I keep getting comments of people giggling or all :/ because it can easily be covered by the drill head. So I may do a more "correct" version. (Not to mention I made a mistake with one of his hands. :P) Teehee! Alice D? XD Idk, uke Mori doesn't seem all that bad to me. He already is pretty submissive towards Honey. And I just think it's really hot/cute when big tough guys just have that one person that they'll go all soft for. And I think it's kinda hot when Honey actually shows his age. (Even if it's just for a split second. :P) Idk, I like that pairing in either direction. Maybe I'm just weird. lol. XD

*SQUEEE!* I see you got all your Lamento figures (except Bardo)!! Congrats!!! :D I have to take a pic. I have all of my Nitro+ One Coins lined up in front of my TV. It's hilarious! XD And I finally got a military Akira! It should be here Monday. It said it's missing the drama CD, but I got it for a decent price (all things considered. -_-), and I really don't care much about that anyway. So hopefully he has all the rest of everything. They had a pic of the box, and it looked like it did. YAYZ!! XD But I hope things work out and you get your Bardo. :(

Hee, I'm glad you like it :3 Not sure if I'm gonna keep it for long, though. I've gotten so used to my uber cute Lamento av, I'm thinking of changeing it back... =‿=;;; I just can't resist the cuteness~! Especially Tokino, has a warm place in my heart. Oh dear, I'm beginning to have a soft spot for red hair xD

Yaay~! That's great! I'm happy you got it without too much trouble. I heard they mix up packages sometimes, but I never read if it went smooth when wanting to return it.

And man, do you need to say those things?! >__<;; Now I totally want one too again =__=;; <3 Don't fancy hiding him for the rest of my life, though, so I should ust let it pass for now... *sob*

Yay for Soriku-ness! :D It's one of the longest bishie couple I've fangirled over~! <3 I would like to have Sora wear someting different than his normal in-game clothing. I dunno, I don't hate it, but I've never been fond of it either... Maybe I've just read one too many highschool AU fanfics... xD

*shrug* That may be, though I'm very easy to please when it comes to something I like. Some people are really passionate at art, and only choose the best of the best. The prettiest art in the word, so to say. But I can still totally fall in love with a scribble or a doodle, if it's of someting I like, and if it makes me feel happy :3 It doesn't have to be perfect for me.

Now that you put it that way, I think I can see Honey being seme from the bottom though xD It would be totally kinky, if he commands Mori, to do some... stuff, no? ;3

Yes! ^__^ I'm so happy to have them all now! ...though Bardo >__>;; I dunno, the ebay seller gave me a tracking number, and he's been send on Feb. 3, but the tracking numer still says it's only been scanned in New York right now, and doesn't seem to have moved so far. Should this be because the weather in the US is really crappy right now? Or does it always take that long? .__.;; *Never bought someting form the US*

Anyways, later, I got an frustrating email from DHL (posting service) that supposily, my adress isn't right, and that I should go and pick up my package (in the US, yes). However, this mail was send to 'Maud Veen', while my name is Margot... Also, my firewall told me it had removed an Trojan Horse... >__>;; W-why am I getting someone elses mail in my inbox...? And since when does DHL service send people Trojan Horses...? A-and where is my Bardo... ;__;

It's awesome that you got Akira ^v^ Whoot! I hope he comes in complete! If he's missing the CD, you can have mine, cause ironically, I have two Akira CD's. When I was bidding for the first time on Yahoo Auctions, I thought I saw a really cheap Akira figure, but I accedently bought the CD without figure =__=;; So now I have two... If you want one, you can get it for free... You pay for shipment, though... Or I can always send you an MP3 version if you like :D
07 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
lol. Well, in a perfect world, I would be surrounded only by bishies. But yeah. My husband lives here too, so I get to put up with bishoujo/loli types around too. Just like he gets to put up with my bishounen/shota types all over. XD

I've seen them around for $65 I think. And ZOMG! So, the package with the Len/Kaito one came in. But it was the wrong items. ;_; It was wigs and slippers and stuff. I'm trying to get in touch with the seller to let them know so I can get my correct items sent, but they're not answering. ;_; This makes me haz an uber sad. ;;;;_;;;;

And I can do a Riku instead. My idea (at least with the one side) was to have him laying there kinda disheveled pulling the blindfold up with one hand, giving a 'come hither' look. And then have the robe open on the one side, and then have the other side closed enough to cover his 'naughty bits'. XD The other side, idk. But if you wanted something different, I could do something else. Yeah, I got to the 1st hard battle in 358/2, and I'm such a spazz, I just got stuck there. >_<

Well, Honey was the one who pushed me over the edge with the shota fandom. Junior, from R.O.D.tv was the 1st shota I ever was liek ZOMG! HAWT! @_@ about. But I felt a little weird about it. And it happened with a couple other anime. But then Ouran, with Honey, idk, that was when I started to embrace it. I guess since he's actually legal (or almost legal, depending on if you're going by the anime or the manga), it made it ok in my mind. idk. 0_o I just loved him from the start. That and we're just so much alike. XD Mori, for the most part, was just a fixture of Honey to me. Until the ep with the "refreshing" competition at the bed & breakfast. With him chopping wood. Yeah. That was the exact moment I was liek @_@ ZOMG! MORI!! HAWT!!! @_@ So I took notice of him after that. (Which it was the rugged, manual labor type look that inspired this drawing: [ext link ] )And I just love the MorixHoney pairing anyway. (Though I am intrigued by the manga, which implies a seme Honey. XD ) I hate angsty fanfics. >_< I have a couple doujinshi of them. I have a couple ideas and would like to draw some of my own too. XD

My fav het couple is probably SousukexKaname, but others I like/can stand are InuYashaxKagome, MirokuxSango, HibikixDita (Vandread), RanmaxAkane, and then Negi with either Asuna or Nodoka (Negima), and Fuu with either Jin or Mugen (Samurai Champloo). But most of the time, het couples don't particularly interest me. Or, like you mentioned, the girls are way too girly, (or pushy) and just make me want to watch/read yaoi. >_<

And congrats on getting the Lamento One Coins. *SQUEE!!!* Mine just shipped. XD Though I was having an interesting convo with immorrel today. So, I had ordered them from amiami, who do order combining. So I just kept adding things. So all 4 Sengoku Basara Revoltechs wound up in the order too, along with the gothic lolita Asuka for immorrel. So I told him she shipped today. And he asked as to her companions for this trip. And I told him she was traveling with 2 sets of twins and a small army of chibi catboys. A mental image that seemed to amuse and disturb him. XD

Oooh, it;s better that the Kamina cover is cheaper then ^__^ Too bad about the Len Kaito one, though. I hope you can send it back without problems, though I would like to see the face of the random person who might have gotten your cover now xD I got a random vision of a guy being like "wtfffffff 0__o;;" inside my head, and it won't leave me alone xDD Good luck with it!

Ohhh I like that idea ♥ Maybe Sora should be on the other side~ Always have been a huge dork over Soriku =‿=;;; It's one of the few pairing I never tire of! 358/2 is hard, btw =__=;; Or maybe I'm just spoiled by the nice and fancy controles of FF:Dissidia and Crisis Core on my PSP. I rather would have seen the game come out on PSP. I'll just use my DS rather for Phoenix Wright, Ouendan and Proff. Layton... >__>;;

I loved that refreshing episode xD And lol, It was 1 am, when I was reading this the first time xDD I was like "Zzzz... so sleepy... =__=;;" and then I clicked that link and well... x'DDD A-and haha... he has a veeerryyy nice... umm, drilling machine there xDD OMG that sounds so wrong!! xDD Honey as a seme though, would be kinda nightmare-ish for me, lol. I thought of Mori as a cute chibi uke... .___.;; *shiver*

And lol, I never thought everyone would comment on my Lamento coin blues xDD Hee, thank you! Mine got shipped today, so with my other Lamento figures, alot of packages are comming my way. I'm hoping to get one of them tommorow, but I'll have to pretty lucky if the costum authorities are quick with checking it out >__>;; I also got Bardo off ebay on sunday, and I'm so nervous. The seller hansn't replied yet, and altough he has over 5000 posivite comments, he had 12 unsatisfied ones who got nothing, and I have baaad Karma...

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