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Crappy packaging...

Just 2 thin pieces of paper wrapped around two Nendo boxes that barely provide any padding... couldn't even spare some bubble wrap or even a few more pieces of paper to pad the box!? My package arrived with quite a deep dent/crushed on the sides, at first I wasn't too worried cause from my experience ordering from other places like Amiami or TOM, the figures are usually padded enough and I thought it'd be the same here... boy was I wrong... Fortunately only the Nendo box at the top suffered a few dents probably taking the brunt of the damage... I've previously ordered smaller items from them and packaging wasn't too big of a deal cause of the size, this was my first & probably last figures I order from them. I mean if this is how they package small sized figures like Nendos, I can't imagine what it's like for scales... Their prices are kinda reasonable and they are usually quick to answer combine shipment requests for different orders, but other places are equally competitive with MUCH BETTER packaging. Furthermore its in their shops policy that shipping damage is not their responsibility and insist the customer to claim compensation from the shipper (which btw they chose!) is plain absurd with how crappy their packaging is in the first place! TLDR; Don't order from here unless it's small items or you can't find what you're looking for from other sources and you don't mind risking your items to damages due to poor packaging.
21 days ago
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