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RXPrime2 months agoItem #852619Unsolved
ITEM #852619, ITEM #852620, & ITEM #852621 are smaller robots & accessories that combine into the main robot Dancouga. These items should merge into one entry that includes characters Dancouga, Big Moth, Eagle Fighter, Land Cougar, & Land Tiger. The focus & mugshot should be on Dancouga.

Examples of combining robots that are one entry: ITEM #514785, ITEM #560280, ITEM #676484, & ITEM #875129

Add W = 100mm & H = 165mm for Dancouga.

Change the price to ¥8400 as the items are not sold separately. They are only sold as a set.

Source: p-bandai.jp/ite...

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I second this; it's really confusing to search for the Dancouga entry, plus the new entry for the black variant lists all of the Dancouga components (except Black Wing, which is sold separately).
1 month ago
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