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RXPrime2 months agoItem #835189Unsolved
ITEM #835189, ITEM #835190, & ITEM #835191 are smaller vehicles & accessories that combine into the robot Powered Zenon. These items should merge into one entry that includes characters Powered Zenon, Battle Tracto Max, Buster Borr, Gridman Calibur, & Sky Vitter. The focus & mugshot should be on Powered Zenon.

Examples of combining robots that are one entry: ITEM #514785, ITEM #560280, ITEM #676484, & ITEM #875129

Change the price of Powered Zenon & ITEM #835188 to ¥9600 as the items are not sold separately. They are only sold as a set.

Relate Powered Zenon with ITEM #835188 as a bundle.

Source: p-bandai.jp/ite...

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I see. I didn't know they were sold individually. However, I think most users in this site purchase their figures online & not in stores at Japan. Also, most Super Mini-Pla entries in this site are based on their info as a set.
2 months ago
This is an issue I've had with the super minipla, for example the Combattler V ITEM #872804 is listed in the Bandai site as 1800 yen www.bandai.co.j... since it is divided in 4 boxes that can be bought individually at a store.

Online retailers only sell the full case so you just see the combined price.
2 months ago
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