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stars_n_kisses1 month agoItem #640777Solved
Some things have to be corrected/ added in.
Same goes for ITEM #640779 and ITEM #640778, too.

All missing details can be looked up from here since it's from the same series.

As for changes:
- Move current Numbering to Version instead (some items with the same version can be found there, too)
- Replace missing Numbering with 01 (DK), 03 (SE) and 04 (NO)
- Add and crop* bigger thumbnails in:(DK), (NO), (SE)
- Include missing barcodes (DK: 4562480296459; NO: 4562480296466; SE: 4562480296442)

*this means not only deleting the unneeded text at the bottom of the pictures, but also changing the thumbnail the same as ITEM #649660 and ITEM #649659.

Source/s: (1), (2)

P.S.: Just in case, I used the ISO 3166-1 codes to shorten each countries' names here.

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Kaneel on Ice
Updated the entries with the JAN codes and other mising information which was also important to add like an overall classification.
As for the pictures i advise not to use any of Hobby Search pictures since they are watermarked.
20 days ago
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