Comments TYPE-MOON Collection Milestone - 300 MFC Items

  • Wow, this is incredible!! Such devotion is truly inspiring! I wish you the best of luck on your wishlist and upcoming website.
    6 years ago
    Best of luck :D !
    6 years ago
    that devotion.. *kneels infront of u*

    currently devoted to collecting Kagamine Rin and Len stuffs.. but i have a long long way.. ;A; *envy*
    6 years ago
    Where do you keep all of that? O.O
    6 years ago
    Mikaino Going to Gencon!
    So impressive! You put our TYPE-MOON collection to shame.. xD
    Good luck on the rest of your quest -w-
    6 years ago
    Very impressive! Good luck with finding the rest on your wishlist.
    6 years ago
    astrum the unnecessary guy
    Wow O_O... (eyes bleeding from massive quantities of goods)

    Reaching the heavens, Keripo.

    Maybe one day I can hope to find something I'd devote myself to collection 100% of. You have inspired me *3*b
    6 years ago
    neL on ice
    I can't--
    6 years ago
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