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LexiyLexiy7 years ago
Banpresto decided to up the bar with their WCF line and gave us this; WCF MEGA!
I personally think it's a great addition to any WCF collection. Particularly because it allows for a more "real" scale of certain characters. Granted, WCF is completely out of scale, but that doesn't mean that it can have an scale within a scale :).

When I first saw this figure announced, I was pretty static to see how big it was and the possibilities for other characters. Being a WCF fanatic and completionist myself, I knew this was trouble for my wallet. I mean, any subline means more figures and more spending! Surprisingly, this figure doesn't go for over 2,000 anywhere online!! That's pretty cool if you ask me! I think I purchased it for 1,200 Yen (not counting Buyee ridiculous 500 yen + 200 yen for Bank fee, lol)

The figure itself is just like any other WCF but enlarged 300% (that's what the golden sticker on the frontal area of the box says). You have to assemble it upon opening the package.

You get the following parts:

2 feet
2 tank-like tires
1 half of a Samurai sword
1 Franky Shogun head
2 forearms/hands
1 base

The way I assemble it goes from bottom to top. The stand is clear blue like previous One Piece WCF releases and it contains the copyrights under it. The other copyrights can be found on Franky's back.

The sword is just the handle. The blade is not included. It is attached to the shoulder of Franky (the right side)

The hands/forearms are perhaps the biggest improvement (or change) added to the WCF line. They can rotate and move 360 degrees. Below is a picture illustrating the range of motion for display purposes (you can rotate them more but then would look awkward).


The head is not rotatable, unfortunately. There you can see how to attach it to the body.


The feet are not movable neither.


Here is where you attach the two tank-like tires.

Here are just some looks of the figure detail's. Also, a side by side comparison with its box and Nightmare Luffy.

As you can see, the TOEI sticker shows the number "12" instead of the usual "4". Just a tip.

Overall, this figure is pretty enjoyable. Specially if you love the Mugiwara's and Franky. I am a fan of Franky, needless to say! I think from all Mugiwara's members, I enjoy Franky the most. This is in particular because of the versatility of the character, and perhaps his affliction with Cola, which I'm a Cola addict myself too! (Coke Zero).
Franky has seen a couple WCF entries. I believe in total #11 (including this Mega #1 and Mega #2).

The Mega series is also numbered in "Volumes". So far, #3 volumes have been created. Vol.2, which I also will review soon (I hope), is Franky "Frankenstein" version. He's part of the Halloween Special coming up at the end of this month. You can expect his price to dwell in the 1,200-1,500 yen previously and after its release.

The paint job on this Shogun Franky is good. I wouldn't rate it as "perfect" because such status is not granted even for the most expensive and meticulously done figures. Prize figures tend to vary in the level of painting of each produced item. You might get this figure with excellent painting app, but someone else might get a mediocre paint app. Thus far, the most common issue with this figure's painting is in the armpit area.

There are two tips that I wish to give you on this blog entry, when dealing with Prize figures. This might not be related to the figure in review but, it would definitively enhance your experience with the likes.

#1. Magic Eraser
#2. Mate clear coating

If you see a paint transfer or paint that doesn't belong to these figures in "white colored" areas, you should aim to use Magic Eraser. It worked wonders for me with Usopp "Red pirates" Ver.
However, Do not use in dark surfaces, you will mess up the black paint.

Mate clear coating. This will give the figures an awesome look, kind of like the way they look when the proto is shown at conventions. It will take away the cheap plastic shiny look some of these have and make it mate color. At times, I've managed to make some of my WCF look just like PVC figures with this method. If you get this Franky and find any of the two mentioned issues, now you know what to do :).

Stay tuned for my next reviews soon! Leave me any comments and suggestions! I'm not too good doing Photo reviews because I usually do video reviews. I found out that MFC enjoys picture reviews more, so that's why I decided to go with the flow and join the system, lol.

This figure quality definitively deserves your love. The price, size and overall appearance of this figure is very appealing and it manages very well to look "like a boss" and maintain that "cute-funny" look f SD figures.
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Lexiy The WCF Aficionado
charle7 years ago#1724419Thank you for the detailed review! This figure is so cool!!!! +__+ I never knew the quality of WCF figures...it's small (with franky being the exception) and packs a punch!

Thanks :).
7 years ago
Thank you for the detailed review! This figure is so cool!!!! +__+ I never knew the quality of WCF figures...it's small (with franky being the exception) and packs a punch!
7 years ago
Raithos Stagnant
Picture reviews. Always picture reviews, they're just better imo
7 years ago
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