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After spending a long time going through my older stuff one day trying to find info on an old project I worked on (the project in question was BomberNome), I realized that if I made a website where I can put everything all together in one place, life would be so much easier. And so, for the past few weeks, I've been digging through the past 10 years of my life, collecting all my anime/gaming/programming-related content, and putting it all together in one nice, organized website.

And so, I present:
Keripo's Corner - http://keripo.comFigures, Dollfies, Programming, Gaming, and TYPE-MOON
Featuring Noblesse, my little personal mascot

Target content
- Figure reviews
- Dollfie Dream photo shoots
- Photos from various anime/gaming conventions and trips to Japan
- Programming projects, news/updates and releases
- PvP videos and guides for whatever MMORPG I'm playing
- Tutorials/guides or info posts about various otaku or tech topics
- Random anime/otaku-related blog entries

Current content
- All my previous MFC blog posts
- A few other anime/figure/DD-related content that I didn't post on MFC but posted elsewhere (e.g. this)
- A bunch of old projects that I worked on but never published anywhere
- A bunch of placeholder pages (header menu) that will be populated later
- Working mobile version! \o/

To-add content
- Unboxing + review for my new Saber Lily DD
- Dollfie Dream mini-meets/photo shoots with OHNORAPTORS and jadepixel
- Review for a bunch of Saber and other Fate PVC figures
- Reposting of my Beats/Beats2 news/content/releases
- Reposting of my old Project ZeroSlackr/iPodLinux content/releases
- Reposting of my old gaming/PVP videos and other guides/tutorials
- Comprehensive TYPE-MOON collection database
(may be moved to MoonlitArchives depending on how big a task it turns out to be)

Front page, featuring the latest blog posts. On the sidebar is a rotating random post widget and a short blurb about the blog with some links. Note that the header menus items are all placeholders at the moment.

Scrolling down the front page. The side bar continues with the latest 5 posts in each category: Projects, Reviews, Dollfie Dream, Collections, Gaming, Conventions, Travels and Info/Tutorials.

More scrolling down, showing the Dollfie Dream and Conventions latest posts.

At the very bottom of the sidebar are the tag clouds, category links, and a search button to make content navigation easier.

Looking for feedback

This website is still very much work-in-progress and will no doubt change over time as more and more content gets added. This is my first time spending time working on building a proper website so I'm sure there's a lot of issues or areas of improvements, be it content-wise or website-layout wise. Since it's a public website, I'm very much interested in knowing what visitors think and would like to see. Please answer the below poll on what type of content interests you most and leave a comment with overall/specific feedbacks, thanks!


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What kind of content interests you most on Keripo's Corner?

32%More figure reviews
3%More figure photography
10%More Dollfie Dream photography
10%More travels/conventions/event photos
0%More gaming/PvP videos
0%More personal projects news/updates/releases
0%More programming/hardware hacking tutorials
3%More TYPE-MOON/Gundam awesomeness
13%Random drunken Keripo rants (i.e. moar desu)
29%All of the above! :D
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