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Kakashi Hatake Ver. 2: 1/8 G.E.M. Scale Figure by MegaHouseKakashi Hatake Ver. 2: 1/8 G.E.M. Scale Figure by MegaHouse

MobiusXMobiusX5 years agoReview
Edit: Updated shots at the bottom of the review.

Kakashi Hatake Ver. 2 & Pakkun1/8 G.E.M. Scale Figure by MegaHouse

This will be my second review, while additionally covering my second owned scale figure of my collection. Quite befitting, eh?

I pre-ordered him on August 23 2013, which was quite some substantial time after preorders first opened, although he kept popping on and off so FigInStock was my best friend at the time. I paid a total of ¥7560, in components of ¥6070 and ¥1490 shipping (approx. $87.00 AUD total at the time) for the single figure and R.SAL. The order was made with AmiAmi.


P.O. Opened May 10 2013
Great with timing and with no delays.However, it was a sudden surprise to see Kakashi announced out of nowhere, especially already painted. His non-painted "prototype" was revealed at a much later date.


Introductions?Perhaps not?Kakashi of the Sharingan - you guys at least remember how badass this guy was during the Haku and Zabuza arc right?


Kakashi Hatake (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi) is one of the main characters of the series, a jōnin-level shinobi from Konohagakure and the leader of Team 7. He is known worldwide for his use of the Sharingan, earning him the moniker Copy Ninja Kakashi (コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi) and Kakashi of the Sharingan (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi)

- Naruto Wikia naruto.wikia.co...

When his vest is off, it reminds me of the Kakuzu fight:

Prototypes, Fliers and MFC Entry Info
Larger images of the above can be viewed here:

Kyousuke Arai (ENCYCLOPEDIA #12475) was the sculptor for this figure - well known for sculpting the G.E.M.'s of Hijikata (Kai), Kotetsu, Ichigo and Lancer. His works have been promising throughout all of the mentioned figures and hopefully is still evident for this Kakashi. In any case, let's move on!


ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455714.jpeg

: Lots. Of. Paper. This was my first AmiAmi order, but I wasn't very aware of all this paper that I'd get for free! As noted, this was my first order. Now having been a repeated customer at AmiAmi, I can say this was fair and highly protective for the item :x


The outer packaging isn't the best in the world, to say. The box is made from corrugated cardboard, while sturdy, looks ugly under certain light conditions and gives a "cheap" feeling to the overall product. The colour scheme fits with the figure, but it's just way too solid to be eye-catching. If this were a toy, I can tell that kids won't be going "Mommy, get that for me!" as they sweep through aisles.

❂ Front:
Blue. Blue everywhere. Not even a fancy fonted title to go along with it. It seems very... utility? No idea how they came up with the concept of that strange circular cut-out for the window display. Definitely needs some actual Kakashi images for the front, figure or not. The front lacks promotion.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455405.jpeg

❂ Top:
More blue! And lookie, the cut-out is in the shape of half a Pringle chip! Looks like a Times New Roman-ish "HATAKE KAKASHI" printout on top, which is honestly too "scholastic" of a font to be used for a Ninja figure.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455413.jpeg

❂ Sides:
Finally. Some. Visuals. Lovin' it Kakashi. It's like he's posing as a model for a photoshoot eh? Welcome to the bishie bandwagon Kakashi-sensei!
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455407.jpeg

❂ Back:
Contains visuals of the above-included promotional flier + Japanese contact details. I'm pretty sure that's a quote on the side, though I can only read basic hiragana and katakana with something to do with "karada = body" on the last three characters.
Anyone care to translate the whole thing for me? :D
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455409.jpeg

❂ Bottom:
On the bottom is a fold-in lid with flaps that can't really be undone from the outside. They also decided to print out the only instructions for the figure on the bottom. I guess that saves paper, but later on, the instructions never did help me.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455716.jpeg

Only thing I can nitpick about the inner packaging is its utilisation of space. I think with a smaller blister tray, Kakashi would have been able to fit in a much smaller box to minimise fees, but really that's no major issue.

❂ Upon Opening:
More promotions on the side I think, alongside a clear file image, though I have no idea how to obtain one and how it relates to the figure.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455718.jpeg

❂ Blister Layout:
Blister tray is held together with tape and those little indents. Houses the main figure, two alternate heads and the square "base" really it's just a platform, but we'll get later on that. There are no twist-ties, so everything moves a little bit during shipment/moving, which caused an issue for the alternate heads highlighted later in the review.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455722.jpeg

❂ Background:
The box has an inner piece of blue-printed cardboard as a background for Kakashi. Due to the bottom of the box having fold-in flaps, the base of this background can get creased.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455720.jpeg

As an entire figure, he's visually stunning. The hair has a lot of dynamicism, the bandages are detailed with every last fold, the face is spot-on, Pakkun looks 'happy' and... the vest/flak jacket... I'll get to that evil thing soon enough.

❂ Face and Head:
Amazing details for the head. The eyes are decals with matted-coat in order to avoid gloss in light and blend in nicely with his skin. His hair spikes are made of soft PVC with a slightly rubbery feeling to them. His mask is a little thick, causing it to bulge out a bit of his face, but isn't at all noticeable unless you're a nitpicker like me. As well as his mask his mouth, chin and jawline are shaped to perfection. The only con I have in relation to the face is that the alternate heads' noses rub against the blister tray of the inner packaging - leaving that annoying irremovable gloss on the paint.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381453663.jpeg

❂ Pakkun:
Sculpted true to the manga and anime series. Pakkun is sculpted so that he can be positioned on Kakashi's shoulder (via magnet, thank you AKATSUKIZ for pointing this out), or alternatively lying on the base if you choose to.
ImagesClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455837.jpeg

❂ Limbs, Hands and Feet:
I think during some filler episode in a hot spring, Kakashi was seen to be much more muscular around the arms. With G.E.M.'s bishie treatment, they've toned him down a fair bit. In any case, the other features such as the hands and feet are sculpted well and have no overleaks of paint on the gloves or shoes. There are no holes in Kakashi's feet as the base does not account for any.
ImagesClose Spoiler

The Flak Jacket: Rage no Jutsu
This... ugh. If you've been scouting Kakashi's MFC entry, you'll see that there was quite a fierce war going on between our MFC Members and MegaHouse's peg-sculpting with the vest/flak jacket (I'll just call it a flak jacket from here on).

The flak jacket is sculpted nicely with all the necessary details. The front pockets are a little iffy, but are more than acceptable. The Uzumaki clan symbol on the back of the jacket is well sculpted and beveled.
ImagesClose Spoiler

THE. PEGS. It took me a good hour or so just to ATTEMPT to get the pegs to cooperate with me. The flak jacket is to be joined by three pegs on each side with three holes on each side. The problem is that the pegs are too large for the holes, the pegs are fragile as heck and that the alignment between the pegs and the holes isn't even right! In order to properly remove or attach the jacket requires you to take it off, remove the layered plastic (which I just tore off) then place the jacket back again... USING THE PEGS.

Let me introduce you to: Toothpick-kun and Pushpin-chan! ImagesClose Spoiler

I used these to widen the holes for the flak jacket. The jacket is surprisingly made of quite soft PVC and adjustments can be made for him. With the toothpick, it is best to blunt it by ~2mm then drill it parallel to the walls of the hole - otherwise your toothpick may break and get stuck in there (mine got stuck, but I pulled it out with tweezers). There is little chance of you making it through this figure untampered or undamaged, so you might as well give options a try. I did not break any pegs, but only one side of the jacket is joined while the other is concealed under Kakashi's arm. The way they sculpted it was absolutely NOT user friendly, as Kakashi's right arm is positioned so we can't even SEE the holes' positions.
Image-HeavyClose Spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/MobiusX1381455952.jpeg


❂ General Figure:
Overall an impressive sculpt in regard to character with just a few (but major) technical flaws. Balance is a bit arguable though, since Kakashi is sculpted so that he'll stand on either: two feet, two feet and one hand or one foot + one hand + knee. Whichever way he still wobbles, base or not. As noted before, Kakashi was really toned down from his actual build in the series, especially with the flak jacket removed.
ImagesClose Spoiler

Paint applications were very nice. Not sure if the smell of a new product comes from the paint or the PVC but damn gotta love that atarashii smell. All colours accurately reflected the character's design. However, there is a paint-transfer issue with two components of the figure: Pakkun and the heads' attachment through the flak jacket, highlighted later.

❂ Head and Hair:
The hair's colour is pretty solid, but the amounts of spikes allow shadow to create the gradients on their own. Solid in this case was great and the matted feel of the hair with the soft PVC is astounding.
ImagesClose Spoiler

❂ Pakkun:
The paint applications on Pakkun are just as great as the main figure itself. No leaks, no excess gloss. The only issue is the fact that Pakkun makes direct contact with the vest and blue clothing, risking paint transfer if force is applied. I'm hoping gravity isn't enough to instil paint transfer.
ImagesClose Spoiler

❂ Flak Jacket and Main Body:
The green used here is perfect. Unlike other Kakashi figures I've owned, they've all used some sort of strange soap-ish green or a dark moss-green. In relation to paint transfer, the heads pass through the collar of the jacket to be put on or off which often ends in the case of scraping the inner collar with blue paint. Thankfully due to the size of Kakashi's neck, these paint transfers aren't seen easily.
ImagesClose Spoiler

A simple yet effective pose. Rested from the fight, Kakashi kneels down to prepare his next strategy. As I noted in the Introduction-Spoiler section, the jacket-less pose really does remind me of when he was in a pinch against Kakuzu and had his jacket torn off. Pakkun's pose voices a "So, what's next Kakashi?" expression, giving a sense of narrative to the overall figure.
ImagesClose Spoiler

BASE 8.5/10
I'm no fan of square bases and Times New Roman-ish fonts. The blue circles are a nice touch but I see no relevance to them in regard to characterised aesthetics. The base measures 13cm by 13cm, which takes up a lot of space. The base serves only as a platform and does not aid Kakashi's low stability. As aforementioned, Kakashi can be positioned on: Two feet, two feet and one hand or one foot + one hand + knee.
ImagesClose Spoiler

Out of the usual fighting-posed Naruto figures and into more calm ones. This figure will provide me with some quality photoshoots in the future with the simplicity of the pose, the detail of the sculpt and the finesse of the paint. Though not quite a figure I would muster extreme anticipation for, it still is a G.E.M. on my shelves.

Size Comparison with other Kakashi Figures

Due to the kneeling pose, Kakashi takes up very little height on a display, allowing him to be effective for both frontal and risen displays. I have no other 1/8 figures as of the current moment, so I can't provide shots of those. Kakashi is approx. 13cm tall w/ base.

❂ Bandai/Tamashii Nation's Figuarts Zero
ImagesClose Spoiler

❂ Toynami's 6" Figures
ImagesClose Spoiler

❂ Banpresto's DXF Shinobi Relations
ImagesClose Spoiler

❂ Left-to-right size comparison inc. deformed figures (scale)
ImagesClose Spoiler

❂ Left-to-right size comparison inc. deformed figures (main figure height)
ImagesClose Spoiler


*note that the scores on the side have been rounded up/down

Well thank you everyone for reading this review! Hopefully it didn't seem like too much of a TL;DR with the spoiler tags everywhere. I have also ordered G.E.M. Naruto and will hope to review him if I get the chance. I'm hoping to complete the entire Naruto G.E.M. line, with or without the original Kakashi G.E.M. My next goal for scales is to obtain the Plex DPCF's sometime next year, but slowly and progressively :)

Til' next time!

Fun Fact: Kakashi arrived at 8:16am and I didn't finish "fixing" and unboxing him til 11:43am.

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❂ Updated Photos ❂
After-review shots will be updated here.
ImagesClose Spoiler

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Inner Packaging


Really awesome review! Keep it up man :) you do it in a fantastic way!
Will you be getting the 3 megahouse figure? I think I'll get that one.. it looks too good to pass up
4 years ago
Another great review. Thanks!!
5 years ago
Totally dude. Fun to read. Thanx
5 years ago
Thanks for a great review. I want this figure even more now despite all the peg problems, he turned out really good. He looks as what I call a top shelf figure, if one wants to see his face :)
5 years ago
Thanx for the review. I just wish I could of thought of making the wholes bigger rather then forcing it an breaking the pegs :(
5 years ago
I love the last part where you made a comparison (with photos too!) with other Kakashi figures
5 years ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
Akira (5 years ago) #1782355dadfdafsa I love this. I found the way you make reviews really convenient, and this Kakashi rendition is really tempting to me xD
I'm looking forward to see more from you :)

Tempting is good. Prepare your wallet. >:D
Thanks, and I'll be glad to continue reviews over the passing months! :)
It should be either GEM Naruto or X-tra Sasuke next, maybe DPCF Naruto if I can spark the motives.
5 years ago
dadfdafsa I love this. I found the way you make reviews really convenient, and this Kakashi rendition is really tempting to me xD

I'm looking forward to see more from you :)
5 years ago
MobiusX Chūnin Rank
Leosach (5 years ago) #1781311You're getting good in making reviews Mobius! ^^

Thanks Leosach! :D
Though I was pretty tired out from writing this one after tinkering with Kakashi's technical problems for so long... and in the morning too! :x
5 years ago
Leosach Born this way
You're getting good in making reviews Mobius! ^^
5 years ago
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