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Show off your office or work-spaceShow off your office or work-space

KeripoKeripo6 years agoDiary
There was a "show off your office" email thread on the anime listserv at work. Took a quick pic with my phone, then figured I might as well re-post here as well.

View of my desk, covered in plushies and various other stuff

View from the outside - this is what you'll see walking by

Got me wondering how other people's work offices look. Post away!

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What anime-related stuff do you have in your office/work-space?

  • 4%Plushies and stationary
  • 11%Figures and figma
  • 0%Gunpla galore
  • 1%Posters/wallscrolls
  • 1%All of the above!
  • 61%Nothing ;(
  • 8%Figures, Manga, Posters and anime related stuff
  • 15%I dont work
  • 103 votesVotes are public


i only have one nendoroid at my desk to cheer me up and motivation. other then that, i find figures to be distracting because i'm afraid i will look at them instead of doing more work. lol

6 years ago
Took me a while to get a chance to take pictures and upload them, but here they are! Yay! Now, these are all the figures I have at the office displayed at once. I rarely do this since I just like to keep a few on my desk and sometimes I just keep them all stored since I don't feel like taking them out at all!

Front view of my desk. This is the first look people have when entering my department (I'm right in front of the door!).


I love how Mami and Mikono seem to be dancing and Tsuruya seems to be introducing their act xD. And I'm always changing nendos and imagine them saying funny stuff (looking forward to do my nendo comic-strip soon!). It is worth to mention that those stains at the back are not on my side of the glass. I even tried to clean it up when my co-worker was away of her desk, but didn't change a thing! (OCD hits from time to time).

Shiraishi and Akira-chan keeping people from stealing my change xD.

This is the locker where I store my nendo boxes so I can keep their spare parts at hand. Still plenty of space available xD.

Sometimes work can get really tiresome, but being able to keep a part of my collection in here make things a bit better and helps to blow off some steam.
6 years ago
Katto SHSL Magical Girl
At work, I'm not allowed anything :( We are hotdesk, so the desk has to be clear at the end of each day. The only personalisation I have is a Grumpy Cat calendar.

At home though, I've got figures galore :) Most of my Nendoroids live on my corner desk because I can enjoy them more there! Plus there's posters and other bits and pieces. It's a lovely distracting environment, but I wouldn't have it any other way ^_^
6 years ago
Unfortunately it's impossible for me to have anything decorative at my workspace at work because for most of day I'm inside of a cleanroom environment that has literally no spec of dust because its R&D for the next generation of computer chips. But at home I can be a slob from time to time or a neatfreak depending on my mood or if I had enough sleep or not...
6 years ago
I considered workspace as my own table at home since Im a student!
Personalised as hell with figures and all sort of miscellaneous things that I like, Im not sure how I can even work properly to be honest.
6 years ago
You have raised a very interesting topic , Keripo.
I love all the personalized and surround yourself with my favorite things (like you , like many of us). I have a big office , but .. I am a doctor and my office contains many of different medical devices (such as lasers ) , and racks with the scientific literature .
I 've been thinking about what in my collection would be appropriate in the office , where in addition to nurses and my colleagues my patients come to me too . So on the desktop I have ... nendoroid Hakase : D hehe ) )
And I 'm waiting Ginpachi - sensei , to display him next to the scientific literature )
Sometimes you just need to dilute the serious atmosphere !
p.s. ^_^
6 years ago
Used to display some action figures at my desk a few years ago, but too many people touched my stuff without my permission. They would "play" and put my figures at different places and with other poses when I wasn't at my desk and handled them like toys. *sigh* So unless I would get a new job where I could lock my office (your office looks like you can lock it yourself?), I will never display stuff again. :(
6 years ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
My office is absolutely generic except for some struggling-to-survive plant that was left by the woman who worked there before (I'm fighting to save him!) me and a company brand calendar.

I ordered a Nyanko tabletop calendar to put on my table next year ^^
And I kind of want to bring the upcoming Flandre by Orchid Seed to work, to let her fly beside my monitor. I dunno if it's okay or not yet but I cannot stand to work in a bare office.
6 years ago
jena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
I'm a salesperson so I don't have a desk or space for personalisation.
6 years ago
Still an university student...so yeah...

Gosh, I love you Shinobu Plushie!
6 years ago
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