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Kyuubey's Canadian AdventureKyuubey's Canadian Adventure

AnnieAzuraAnnieAzura6 years agoDiary
Hey there! first article i'm writing! and it's gonna be about my adventure in Canada with Kyuubey! Even he needs a break from work once in a while right? ;D


We're on the plane and he's perching on my hat!


We got to see some nice scenery! look at the trees! we dont have that in the city!


waterfall! how pretty!


dun dun dun! look in the sky! it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's flying Kyuubey! XD


Next, we saw some deer(?) antlers and stuff on the road. Kyuubey wanted to take the biggest one home with us.


Apparently, the owner of those antlers did not approve of that idea.... poor kyuubey....


Guess he had to make do with smaller ones. Still looks cute tho. (but no, i didn't really get to keep those horns. there were just put there for educational purposes)


Oh noes! an owl has set his eyes on Kyuubey!


So Kyuubey thinks fast and hides in a tree hole with a... duck? is that a duck??? o_O


After avoiding that ordeal, Kyuubey felt like a boss, so he stole my shades and acted all high and mighty.
Then we went to see the river where the salmon should be.


Lol, kyuubey. Thinking about work on vacation? bad bad! XD


Oops! looks like Kyuubey let his guard down and got nom'd by a giant salmon! D:
Oh well, he lives anyways ;P


Not for long! A bear got him and is taking him away!! Darn you bear! give him back! D:<
Ok, so we got to go see the glaciers in the Rocky mountains too.


Kyuubey drives the snow bus?!?! No! no one wants to die here! get back here Kyuubey!! D:<


Kyuubey likes to "chill" on the ice. haha get it? "chill"? ok ok, yea, bad puns aside, the ice was a bit dirty, but still really nice~


oh look! a mini stream of melted glacier! Kyuubey is fascinated! He wants a drink of pure glacial water! I bottled some for him to drink on the way back so he wouldn't any wetter and dirtier than he already was.


At one of our stops, there was a big globe half. Look! Kyuubey is on top of the world! Lol. No Kyuubey, we're not in the Arctic, we're in Canada. Close tho.


Oh look! Kyuubey found Japan! "Let's attack it!" he says.... I swear i heard a little voice that sounded like Madoka coming from Japan saying "NO!"
Next we went to a wine making place for icewine. Loved it~


O_O looks like SOMEBODY got a little too much to drink.... well at least he's posing with the grapes used for the wine and not clawing them in a frenzy...


I didn't even notice, but looks like the owl from before was following us the whole time! He was waiting for an opportunity to attack Kyuubey! and the time is now when he's drunk! oh noes! Kyuubey got caught by the owl.... oh well... Kyuubey can never die anyways :3
Well, our adventure in Canada is over, and we're back on the plane


Time for a nice rest before getting back! Kyuubey is asleep in my hat~ so cute~~

Well, this was fun! Kyuubey got kinda dirty from being stuffed in every nook and cranny for pics, but i'll just go dry clean him if need be. Thanks for reading! hope you liked it!
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Kyuubey came to Canada and didn't offer me a contract?! >:O
6 years ago
Awesome idea! I may have to do something similar with mine. XD
6 years ago
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Haha! :D Some of the pics are great!
6 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
QB is love <3
6 years ago
That Kyuubey is so cute. I'm sad I missed him but I have the other plushie on order. I want to abuse him badly lol.
6 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Lol, my favorite is when Kyuubey's in the bear's mouth.
6 years ago
What a fun repertoire, this really made my day :)
6 years ago
Where the fun begins!

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