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Kodomo no Jikan - Kokonoe Rin - Nendoroid - 060 (Good Smile CompKodomo no Jikan - Kokonoe Rin - Nendoroid - 060 (Good Smile Comp

I love Kojikan~ but unfourtunately, there haven't been many nice figures of the characters in this cute "not-loli" (to quote Sankaku Complex) anime. But, GSC has made a nendoroid of Rin, which is very cute~

Sculpting: Maybe it's just because I love the sculpts of Jun, but I think Rin has the best sculpt on a nendoroid yet. Her bangs are especially detailed, the detail is the same as on a scale figure. (Although much larger)

Painting: The painting is very good, a few imperfections, but they aren't noticeable. The hair is really well shaded, but other than that, the painting is nothing too too exciting.

Posing: Even though she has the same joints as any nendoroid (arms on pegs and ball-joint type legs), you can do a lot of poses with Rin, due to all the different arm parts she comes with. As well, her hair has two joints in each twintail, making that quite poseable.

Base: Nendoroid bases, I don't like them at all. They're boring, but I guess they aren't too bad, they (mostly) keep the figure up, so as long as they do that and don't break I'm happy.

Packaging: From the moment I saw it on Mika-tan's blog, I loved the packaging of nendo Rin. It's your typical nendoroid box, but it's very nice and colourful. I love the apple green inside of the box.

Enjoyment: I give Rin a 10 of 10 for enjoyment. She is just so cute! As well, she's really poseable for a nendoroid, and I love playing with her twintails. Rin is super moe and a must have for Kojikan fans~
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Miku doesn't either, but it's a lot easier to stand up Rin without the base than Miku.
9 years ago
What I like about this nedoroid is the fact that she is the only one (as far as I know) who doesn't need a base to keep her upright; her huge twin tails can give the figure the necessary standing support as well.
9 years ago
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