Comments Nagisa Furukawa 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

  • Great review!
    I think if I see her for a price around 2~3k one day I'd probably get her because of this.
    6 years ago
    Excellent review, it was nicely detailed and interesting! That figure looks like quite nice indeed, and attracts my eye; however, as far as I'm concerned I'm more interested in ITEM #42087 and ITEM #78295 (mainly because I like Tomoyo and Kyou more than Nagisa).
    Thanks for the review!
    6 years ago
    Makes me want to get her even more!

    Very detailed and informative Ghirahim-onee-san!
    6 years ago
    Loved Nagisa as a character - and Clannad was always a favourite of mine.
    The figure looks too thin, and I completely agree with you on the pose! They should have given her more of a shy look, something like the pose she is in when first introduced in episode 1. www.wallsave.co... It also seems like the Kotobukiya Kyou is in Nagisas pose and vice versa? (ITEM #26)
    6 years ago
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