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~The Search Begins *Began 4 years ago*~The Search Begins *Began 4 years ago*

KeiKei-AiKeiKei-Ai6 years agoDiary
November 23rd 2010

Sooo, I have this obsession with collecting all 15 Tokyo Mew Mew Sega UFO Plush toys. Yeah, who doesn't right? >.< Well it all started about 4 years ago, when I watched Tokyo Mew Mew, being my first Anime *Excluding Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! etc.* I fell for it immediately, and went crazy-mad, wanting all the merchandise I could find for it *Resulting in an epic collection and epic loss of moneyy* But when I discovered the UFO plushies... Well, my mind was blown, as you can imagine x3

And now 4 years laterr, I have 7 out of 15... sucks.
And don't get me wrong, I have scoured the internet for these plushies *Just clearly at the wrong timess* Having bought 3 from a Japanese auction site, 1 from a contact in Taiwan, 1 from a guy I found on Flickr (o.O) and 2 from eBay at one time or anotherr. I've spoken to just about everyone on DA that's uploaded a piccyy of a plush, everyone on flickr, and checked every entry on LiveJournal

Then a few dayys ago, the thing that everyy TMM UFO plush collector dreamsss of happened.
The complete set of 5 TMM UFO Battle plushies came on eBay. Well, I bid immediately, and then spent 4 hourss todayy in a bidding war with 3 other people, watching the price sky rocket to $951, which outbid me LITERALLY at the last second, loosing me the auction and the once in a decade opportunity at those plushies, none of which I had...

As you can imagine, I was beyond devastated, and spent the best part of the rest of the dayy cryying my eyes out, to snap out of it not half an hour ago, when I decided my quest to complete the collection is far from overr, I just need to tryy a little harder.

So now I'm on Facebook, Bebo, DeviantArt, Youtube, LiveJournal, Mibba, Flickr and here on Tsuki-Board, almost all of which, I made the accounts for the sole purpose of finding more of these adorable Plushies.

So, what I ask of you?! I ask that if you have any Tokyo Mew Mew plushies you're willing to sell, pleasseee tell me, or if you know of any plushies selling anywhere else. I need them, my obsession is now at unhealthy levels, but I cannot stop now. Soo join me on my quest to collect em' all ;D

Lots of luuurveee
Ren'A x


Update: 30/06/2011

Purchased Battle form Zakuro off eBay, making it 8 out of 15 xD

Update: 08/09/2011

Today I purchased Battle form Pudding off eBay, making my collection 9 out of 15 xD

Update: 18/11/2011

Today I purchased Maid Lettuce off eBay, courtesy of cannot_afford_it who lifted their "no international bidders" rule for me, completing my maid set and making my collection 10 out of 15!! xD

Update: 13/01/2012

Today I purchased Battle form Ichigo off LiveJournal member heartxofxlilith who commented on one of my journals offering me her, making my collection 11 out of 15 xD

Update: 07/03/2012

Today I purchased Christmas Ichigo and Mint off of dA member Mangav making my collection 13 out of 15 xD

Update: 03/05/2012

Today I purchased Battle Mint and Lettuce off of eBay member cakakatcg making my collection 15 out of 15 xD


Battle Form: *Complete*
Maid Outfit: *Complete*
Christmas Version: *Complete*

*Collection Complete*
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Hey! I been looking for tokyo mew mew plush can you help me find some? I really love tokyo mew mew And I really really really really really really really really really want some plushies!
If you could help me int would mean alot.
6 years ago

Having just purchased some rare figures of Rakuten, I wander if you have tried it?


Good luck with your search.
6 years ago
I'm also aware of the pricing on those cute little plushies. It's pretty outrageous. Collecting the TMM dolls is actually my main TMM goal, but I'll be sure to drop you a line if I find anyone selling the plushies!
6 years ago
There are actually some websites where can ask collection hunters in Japan to search for certain items. You may want to try those out and see if they would have a better chance of finding them for you.
6 years ago
Oh my god, 200$ for one plushie? Ad here I thought I was sick to pay about 35$ for each of my Nendos xD

Good Luck anyways!
6 years ago

I would have continued, I was sniped at the last second Dx
There's 7 I still I need to find, and thankyou very much xD
6 years ago
Oh my GAWD $951 dollars for 5 plushies?? You were right to not continue. That's soooooo much for acouple of plushies.
I don't have any, but I wish you luck for finding the other 5!!
6 years ago

That is a Tokyo Mew Mew plush, but I'm specifically looking for the UFO Catcher brand plushies xD
Thanks anyway, that is a cute little one xD
6 years ago
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Sorry, I know too little about Plushies. Is this one you are looking for? page4.auctions.... It looks similar to one you are looking for, but I'm not sure. Google translates it to mascot.
6 years ago

Ooh thankyou, a site I'm not on xD
I'll definitely have to start using this one ^.^
6 years ago
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