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RKasaRKasa7 years ago
I did a blog post like this last year BLOG #5993 and wanted to do it again, so here we are! Funnily enough, once more, I'm posting this not long after a "first loot of the New Year" entry has gone up.

In 2013, I continued to spend way too much money. Fortunately, my funds were augmented by selling off some old stuff, mostly on Amazon; their commissions are high, but that site's just so easy and painless to sell on.

There were also some particular goals I fulfilled this year, but I'll get to those at the end of all this. I also didn't include digital purchases here, nor certain other types of items (such as hobby supplies, Club Nintendo rewards, etc.), but there were only a small handful of those. Anyway, let's get started, shall we?


Beginning of January

This month started with me coming home from holiday traveling to a huge pile of packages (PICTURE #603056), the contents of which are in the first photo above. Lots of goodies from Right Stuf's 2012 holiday sales, including complete sets of the Oldboy and Cross Game manga series; the latter wound up being one of our favorite reads this past year. I also got some figma Archetype Hes and Shes, the 2013 Yotsuba&! calendar (just in time!), a whole bunch of stuff via SPIZZY's wonderful doujin shop group orders (for just that stuff, here's a separate loot pic - PICTURE #604309), and, in my quest for the perfect Alphonse Elric figure, my first ever RAH.

The second photo contains the items I bought during our early January trip to New York City. It was our first time back there since moving to the West Coast, and we managed to hit up most of our favorite restaurants XD I also got two half-off Donyatsus at Kinokuniya, as well as the Pyongyang graphic novel from the Strand, Pokedolls from the Nintendo World Store, and Pokemon Kids trading figures from Image Anime.

The third photo is of some of my 2012 Christmas presents. In a way, it's a nice encapsulation of most of my interests. I still haven't yet read 1Q84, btw, but Petit Princess Yucie ended up being a wonderful and charming series.


Now, after all that holidays and post-holidays and vacation stuff, here's my "proper" January loot pic, which is a bit more modest. The highlights this time were the Ni no Kuni collector's edition and the hardcover English release of The History of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Ahh, now we're back to the big hauls. I hosted a couple of group orders for trading figures which arrived in this month, my share of which can be seen here, along with a mix of figures, manga, games, and goods. Although I've been collecting prize figures for years, the three Oreimo Chara Cutes at the top are the first kuji prizes in my collection. They would not be the last.


My share of another group order I hosted-- this one for Amazon.co.jp-- is here, with some nice heavy artbooks, some not-very-heavy game music CDs, and an issue of MIKU-Pack. The other MIKU-Pack issue and two of the game music albums came from CDJapan, and the rest from Right Stuf and fellow members of CLUB #618. Although I thought Message to Adolf was overrated and didn't think much of that first Tokyo Babylon omnibus volume, this was a good haul.

Oh, and before I forget, I had left out one very important item from this photo when I had taken it, but didn't realize this until recently: the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition! Many video game CEs are half-assed, but Blizzard's are always fantastic. This one contains the game, a full-sized hardcover artbook, a soundtrack CD, and other goodies. As with the Wings of Liberty CE, I really got my money's worth. The game itself is quite good, too.

Finally, I got my 3DS XL in March, which you may remember from BLOG #7527. Here's the loot shot I took the following month once the last of the accessories had come in: PICTURE #677927


Much like "regular" January, this was a pretty modest month as far as loot goes. I very highly recommend The Heart of Thomas btw, especially if you're interested in early shounen-ai manga, or just want to read a great, emotion-filled drama.


Another small haul! I like this. Most of this month's goodies came via a USA Animate group order. I was also happy to finally have a sofubi of one of my favorite Dragon Quest monsters, the Great Sabrecat.


The loot haul goes back to a more… normal size? I guess? More Oreimo SegaPrize, more Yotsuba&! capsules, my first (and currently only) Cu-Poche, and other good stuff. The highlight this time around is definitely 2015, a limited-edition bilingual Evangelion art and photo book which is presented from Kaji's point of view. It is incredibly unique, and my own little description here does not do it justice. I've been meaning to review it here, but have been putting it off.


My first massive pile of loot since early January. It was so big that I wrote two blog entries about it: BLOG #8961 and BLOG #9046. The most significant parts of this haul are my figure Holy Grail (ITEM #54401) in the first photo, and the three wonderful desktop display cases in the second. This isn't shown here, but I also got a new bookcase/display case in late June/early July as a birthday present!

The third photo is all the rest of my July goodies, including three more birthday presents in the form of Pikmin plushies.


I got my Snow Miku 2013 Nendos in the hottest month of the year! How funny is that?! Also some comics, manga, anime, and other items, including Right Stuf's very last copy of Graduation (which is actually Graduation II), which I bought for around five dollars. This was published by Tokyopop waaay back when they were called Mixx and was, as far as I know, their only game localization.


PAX Prime was in late August/early September, and my husband and I picked up a lot of goodies (both paid for and freebies) at that convention - PICTURE #814490. This year, PAX was more a social engagement than it has been in the past, and I felt that we spent just as much time hanging out with friends as we did going to panels and checking out games on the show floor. I also got to meet one of MFC's lovely mods, OHNORAPTORS; we talked about games and complained about Griffon and Play Arts Kai over dinner XD

Anyway, the rest of the loot: around this time was when I decided that I would get into plamo seriously, so I picked up some SD Gundam kits that were on sale at Hobby Search-- I figured they would be a good place to start for newbies like me. And no, I have not yet found the time to assemble any of them >_>; The rest of the loot is pretty normal stuff: more manga, more games, more split/group order goodies, etc. Oh, and that lovely Sailor Moon Figuarts, the first figure I've owned of that line. I had quite a few first figure line purchases in 2013, now that I think about it…

Finally, around this time was when Kodansha USA started speeding up their localized releases of the Attack on Titan manga. I'd been reading this for awhile now, so its newfound popularity thanks to the anime came as a huge surprise to me this year (even more surprising: the popularity of Levi). However, this popularity has also led to a new English-language volume a month until we're caught up with the Japanese releases, so I can't complain much ;P


Another one of those rare, figure-heavy months. Satan is my fourth FuRyu figure, but unfortunately, his packaging is lousy and he came with a broken wing. Fortunately, HLJ's customer service is awesome and I've figured out a way to fix him, somewhat, but I'll get into that at a later time.

Speaking of awesome, it was great to finally get my hands on Rune Factory 4 and start reading Vinland Saga!


More books (mostly via a split order), games, game soundtracks, and Sailor Mercury. Oh, and a reversible Zergling plush, which, along with Vol. 2 of the Heart of the Swarm OST, I picked up in a post-Blizzcon sale at Blizzard's online shop.


Finally, the last loot of the year! This time, we came home a few days before the end of 2013, so I was able to pick up my last package of the year on the 31st (it was from Right Stuf). Once again, Right Stuf's holiday sales are to blame for a good chunk of this, but there were also goodies from HLJ, Otaku.com, Amazon.co.jp and its third-party sellers, Rakuten group orders, and my Secret Santa! Oh, and there's some other Christmas presents shown here, too.

There are a few grail items here, one of which is represented by the English-language reprint of ITEM #86766. This artbook is grail-worthy for me, but I was skeptical about this reprint, especially since I'm not too fond of Yen Press. After reading a few reviews, I picked it up and found myself generally pleased with the reprint's quality-- it even has the same see-through slipcase as the Japanese edition! So, since it met my standards, that was one more grail knocked off the list. In case you're wondering, the other two grails were ITEM #54404 and the Gyakuten Kenji Original Soundtrack.


So yeah, a lot of good stuff this year. There were a few annoyances, but nothing major, plus I managed to get some items that I'd been after for a long time. Here's some trends I noticed in my 2013 buying habits:

- Bootleg replacements. One of my minor goals for 2013 was to continue replacing some of my old bootleg game and anime music CDs with legit Japanese versions. I managed to do this to a certain extent, picking up used copies of ITEM #51626, ITEM #49590, and, with a few headaches along the way, the aforementioned ITEM #54404. There are still some left that I have to get, at least one of which I will probably buy new.
- Filling certain holes in my collection. This ties into the above and then some, and has been especially true when it comes to game soundtracks. Fortunately, most of my absolute must-have older items have now been obtained, so hopefully that means that I'll be spending less this year.
- New-to-me figure lines and manufacturers. This past year, I picked up my first RAH, my first Capsule Q Frauleins, my first Western blind-box figures, my first Cu-Poche, my first FuRyu prize figures, my first Figuarts, and my first kuji prizes. I also continued collecting some figure and merchandise lines I already liked and enjoyed: Pokedoll, figma, Nendoroid, etc.

Goals for 2014 (so far):

- Buy less older stuff. Thanks to all my hole-filling-in I did this past year, that shouldn't be a problem.
- Buy less music. See above. There are definitely some upcoming releases I know I'll want to get, but for right now, I won't go as nuts with buying game soundtracks and other music like I did in 2013. Got to listen to all those new CDs first!
- Buy less BL manga. As with the game soundtracks, I've built up a backlog and should be set for awhile ^^;
- Continue replacing bootlegs. Enough said!

That should about wrap things up for me for 2013. It's been another crazy, loot-filled year, and I hope you all have gotten some awesome stuff over the past twelve months, too!

Happy New Year, be most excellent to each other, and don't spend too much in 2014!
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woaah, it's fun to see a lot of anime stuff that people bought like this..
great collection, I wonder how do you manage to display them in you room ^^"
7 years ago
RKasa Deal Hunter ( =₃=)*
Riesz7 years ago#1915274How do you find the time to play all those games and read all the manga?
That's currently one of my problems! XD I am pretty good about reading all my new manga in a timely manner (except the BL stuff), but games are a whole 'nother thing...
7 years ago
Ni no Kuni Wizard Edition was so epic.

Definitely a great collectors item!
7 years ago
Wow, that's a lot of stuff. How do you find the time to play all those games and read all the manga? Looks like a pretty awesome haul though.
7 years ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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