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BloosicaBloosica6 years ago
December just seemed to be one of those months where everyone's hauls were larger than normal, including mine. Mine would have been larger too if it wasn't for 4 figures being pushed back into the following months. There was just so many great releases that I even had to turn some away that maybe I can get later.

I did all my purchases through Amiami and this has to be the biggest box I've ever received from them and I've received some large boxes in the past. The shipping price was also insane this month being the most I've ever paid in shipping. That's all thanks to one Model kit that my boyfriend just had to have.

Our unboxing of this large haul can be seen below and keep reading for more pictures.

Not only is it one of our largest pre-order hauls to date, but it's also probably one of my favorite. While none of my top 5 figures are in this haul there are still a lot of figures to love and this month I felt like it was balanced between the figures my boyfriend and I both love. Sometimes I wish all my hauls can be this great, but then I think about how much my wallet would kill me.

But before I go I do want to showcase the figures a little more, even if most are still in their boxes.

First of all this was a great month for Nendroids. We picked up four, but it was originally 5 before Kuze Hibiki ITEM #153779 got pushed back.

I thought I had a favorite Nendoroid for this month being Tohka as the one I was most excited for, but as I was pulling more and more of the nendoroids out of the amiami box I realized that I can't pick a favorite. While Tohka is a goregous Nendoroid I have been wating for Asuna for a long time after missing the first batch. Kirito was getting lonely. Also dat Iron Man! The packaging went the extra mile and he just looks amazing.

Moving onto the scale figures from this haul, first we have Elizabeth's 1/8 Scale Figure from Persona 4 Arena. I almost had to pass on her because my order was so huge, but as figures got pushed back I found a little room for her and pre-ordered her at the beginning of December. I'm very happy I did as I've been trying to grow my Persona Figure collection and she looks amazing. While her pose is fun and dynamic, the details on this figure really make her shine. From the printed words on the book, to her double sided tarot card, all the way down to the buttons on her dress you can't deny how much attention was put into her.

Then we have Kuroneko's Sweet Lolita version, which I was lucky to pre-order with a restock. I was afraid I was going to miss her. This was a figure that both my boyfriend and I can agree on, which doesn't happen very often. As he puts it "so many fetishes packed into one". There really is a lot here that most people can find something to love even if you aren't a Kuroneko fan. Of course she caters more to the Kawaii lover.

Lastly let's move onto a couple of the last minute items. Just days before my order was shipped I spotted Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum in Amiami's pre-owned section. She is a prize figure, but totally worth it. Not to mention she was only around 1100 JPY. Such a steal for such an adorable figure. What can I saw I'm a sucker for cute. I did notice that she isn't holding her penguin from the show, but nothing wrong with that.

And finally we come to my boyfriend's favorite item from this order and what made the shipping and box so large. He spent hours working on it. Here we can see the body built, but the weapons aren't included and he still needs to put on the decals.

This is a 1/100 scale model and just look at it towering over some of our other figures and it's just as larger as Insane Black Rock Shooter.

Well thanks for stopping by. I hope you all enjoyed our December Amiami Haul :)
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yaay Elizabeth, can't wait to get mine :3
6 years ago
kevinlowl6 years ago#1918792I think that's the happiest I've seen your boyfriend, lol

He was really excited lol. We even had to get another model kit to go along with that one lol
6 years ago
Anselmminjoot6 years ago#1918598Great haul!!! The 4 Nendoroids!! <3 :D

Thank you :) Hopefully I will have some video reviews up on them soon.
6 years ago
I think that's the happiest I've seen your boyfriend, lol
6 years ago
Great haul!!! The 4 Nendoroids!! <3 :D
6 years ago