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1/8 Tenshi (2013 ver)

AnnieAzuraAnnieAzura4 years agoReview
After much delay, procrastination, forgetfulness, etc, I'm finally getting to reviewing this precious girl! The only one from last year's wonfes that absolutely caught my eye!

I'm trying a black background for the first time, so let's see how this goes...

Disclaimer: I do not really pay too much attention to grammar and punctuation in my reviews cuz they are more or less stream of consciousness.

Tenshi, aka Tachibana Kanade, is from the anime Angel Beats by Visual Arts/Key, so the art is more on the cutesy side. She is a sweet quiet girl, who has trouble communicating her thoughts.



Here is the box front. There no windows like other boxes, but the box itself is made of sightly flimsier cardboard. guess they didn't have to worry about the windows compromising the durability of the packing.


Both sides of the box. Again, no windows, but the heavenly theme is really nice


Back of the box shows pictures of the figure and other info.


Top and Bottom. not the same as the top like other figures. hmm reminds me of the bottom of a donut box...


The inside insert. really simple, but since there's no window on the box, no one can see it anyways.


The figure comes with instructions as usual, though it's only the wing installations. Seems simple, but it was actually pretty hard to figure out where they go without the instructions.


One layer of blisters with the wings set separate and further behind the figure in a compact manner and the base on the bottom. Finally a box from GSC that doesn't take a huge amount of unnecessary room!

The Figure:


All the pieces taken apart. Yes the head is meant to be taken off, but the dress isn't. As some people that follow this figure know, this figure was originally designed to be a cast-off, but I guess later, the designers rethought that. The detachable head design stayed, but the open-able dress was scrapped so now the head thing is unnecessary. I mean really, you need the head on to know where to install the wings anyways. You do have to take the head off in the beginning to remove the plastic sheet between the neck and the head though.

A look at the figure itself without the wings first:


As you can see, the actual color motif is on the bluer side compared to the box art and the official photos.This is mainly because of how you choose to set the white balance. The official shots set her dress to be white. But in reality, her dress is pale blue, so there's actually no place on this figure that's white enough to be used for white balance(you know how annoying it was to edit these photos cuz of that?? >_<)


Hair seam at the top of the head as usual.


Close up of her face. very serene and tenshi-like with the light blush lines.


As I said before, the dress is not white like the official photos, but a pale blue. The creases from the top and middle of the dress is realistically done, and each groove is appropriately shaded in for a more 3D feel. Her dress is also semi-translucent, though that's more apparent in person than on pictures.


The dark blue bows are a nice touch too so the figure isn't just a wash of similar shades of pale colors. They are their own separate piece glued on.


From the side, you can see her well sculpted ear and side bangs. You can also see the chin to neck seam. it's not noticeable, so not a big deal in my opinion.


The legs are one of my favorite parts! Bare legs that look very soft! Thin ankles and shapely petite feet. The toe nails are even painted with a slight shade of pale pink to give them a healthy glow!


Back of the hair is very well done with groove where her hair is supposed to be pulled together by the hair clip.


The hair flows as if a cool breeze is combing through it. you can also see the opening in the hair where the right wing is supposed to be. However, even if you want to display her without the wings, it doesn't seem jarringly out of place.

Here's a look at her hands:


They are very petite and proportional. The nails are also painted with the pale pink gloss like the toes. As you can also see here, the dress is a separate piece from the body, and the top part of the dress can be removed from the neck when you take off the head.


Moving down to her back, this is what the wing inserts look like without the hair. the creases in the back of the dress give the impression that the elastic there is hugging her waist closely.


Is it me, or does the back of her knees look really REALLY nice. like if you didn't know better, would you say this could be a picture of a real model's legs? so lovely~


Moving on to the base, itis supposed to give off the sandy beach feel. it has a grainy (though not sandpaper-y) texture


The parts where she is stepping on is painted darker to give it a shadowy feel. I've heard people complain about how ugly the base is, but really it isn't that bad. I've definitely seen worse. Of course, I do not really agree with the creator's choice of base since it does not add much to the figure, but as the figure is gorgeous enough as it is, the base is really just there to be functional. As a flat base, it is also easy to mod with artificial flowers or cotton balls as clouds to your fancy. At least it isn't hot pink XP.


The figure attaches to the base only on two pegs on one of her legs, which means this whole figure (wings and all) balances are only one of her thin ankles since the other foot doesn't even touch the ground. I worry about leaning, but so far she seems fine, so i'm guess it's GSC's magical figure engineering at work.


The wings are also not white, but a bluish lavender color. This one is the left wing which is flaring out possibly blown by the imaginary wind that is also sweeping the hair. Each feather is carved out neatly. The tips gradually becomes translucent, which is a very nice touch. Much better than the original tenshi figure's wings which faded to translucent a lot more suddenly from the wing body.


Here is a closeup of the wing peg. It looks rather small and shallow, but actually is very sturdy once inserted. No worries there.


The right wing is more folded up as it is open against the imaginary wind. The feathers that are flipping up make the wing seem more natural. T'was a nice touch.


The wings are prong to imperfections however. The mold is prong to hairs and dust particles so can leave blemishes on the wing. They can only be seen on very close inspection, so not a deal breaker in my opinion.


My tenshi's right wing had a paint chip. I already sent the pictures to GSC support and they have since sent me new wings, so if there are no fear of any manufacture errors since they will be able to send you new pieces.

Let's look at tenshi with her wings on:


Looks nice yeah? I think she looks great from most angles.


The wings go into specific gaps in her hair. Be careful installing them though! her hair is like a paint transfer magnet! I question the finish they did to the hair paint! Just be 110% careful when anything touches the hair.


From most viewing angles, it's not possible to see the conection between the back and the wings through the hair.

panty shothidehttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/AnnieAzura1389926638.jpeg

Tenshi wears simple white panties. nothing to write home about, but very appropriate for an innocent angel.


From this angle, you can see the wing connection area. The pegs fit snuggly if you don't toggle it too much. I've heard some people complain that the wings may sag over time, but if you don't wiggle the wing pegs in their sockets too much, that will not be a problem because toggling the peg will make the PVC stretch and make the hole bigger.



I really like this figure. probably one of the most gracefully elegant yet cute figures in my collection. It just flows well. Some complaints would be the color scheme is bluer than the official pictures since i like the more purple shade better, the imperfections of the wings, and how easily the hair paint transfers. The base could have been better, but nothing serious to complain about. Angel Beats was such a feels anime, but I've always thought their uniforms were a bit lackluster as a work of art, so this alternate outfit for tenshi really grabbed my heart as more of an emotional representation of the anime rather than a literal replication of a character design. I was definitely not disappointed, and I have no regrets getting this figure.
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Comments6 comments

awesome review c: she's definitely worth it imo ^o^~
4 years ago
Take (4 years ago) #1938112"Angel Beast was such a feels anime" ==> I'm surprised this mistake doesn't happen more often :D
Very nice review, as ever. Thanks for sharing them with the community :)

Oops! Gonna fix that now XD. I actually caught this typo once in another part of the review but guess there was more than one! Thanks for reading!
4 years ago
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
"Angel Beast was such a feels anime" ==> I'm surprised this mistake doesn't happen more often :D
Very nice review, as ever. Thanks for sharing them with the community :)
4 years ago
That was one detailed review. I've been wanting her for a while now but haven't really been searching.
I think its time I go looking for her.
4 years ago
Very nice review! I'm tempted to get her, her wings are just absolutely beautiful!
And speaking of knees, the back of hers is very well sculpted indeed. :o
It reminded me of this picture -> PICTURE #218254
4 years ago
Amazing review!!
I love this figure and Tenshi so much *_* Surely going to get her one day!!!!
4 years ago
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