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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Rider - 1/6 - Swimsuit Ver. (ALTER)

fama226fama2268 years agoReview
Well, doing a review on a swimsuit figure is certainly a intimidating task especially if the likeness at hand happens to be the stunning Rider of the immensely popular Fate series, small talk aside let's begin!

Right off the bat the single most notable aspect of the figure is it's height, Rider is incredibly tall and as such her proportion in size can leave quite the impression at first sight, Rider's height however helps to fortify her character and gives her a sense of identity when brought into the context of her depiction in the Fate series and with the other fate characters (and scaled figures of them for that matter). The body sculpt is lean and voluptuous yet holds an air of simplicity and admiring beauty, from her gracious arms down to her slender legs Rider's curves are gorgeous and accented in every way imaginable. When it comes to the face the sculpt possess some serenity in its features and is faultless in its construct. Most importantly, though she may indeed be in a swimsuit she still manages to give off a dignified appearance which I'm pretty happy with when I think about all those other bathing-suit figures that tend to lean on the "indecent" spectrum of the balance. Rider's physique is captured well but it is her hair that truly takes the cake, with sunglasses perched upon her long flowing twin-bangs along with a magnificent single braid adorned with a lovely ribbon, the hair is what makes this figure truly outstanding; the detail put into the braid alone seem to surpass even that of the body and makes viewing the figure all that more enjoyable. Although the sculpting seems to be poised towards paradise there are a few problems that still blemish this good lady's body, most notably SEAM LINES! From afar they are virtually invisible but upon closer inspection they run the total length of the figure from the chest downwards, the sides of the legs are perhaps the biggest victim as the lines are more noticeable and bring more attention towards them there, also from what I've seen the arms seem to have them too but thankfully not to the same extent as the legs. The seams are what you could say a scourge to the presentation of the figure; however, they are but a slight factor afflicting Rider and really don't degrade her in any way, but those looking for perfection should stay keenly aware of this fact when attempting to buy her.

Rider's paint job probably wont be the most enticing thing you'll ever witness, but Alter's attention to body tone is quite excellent in this rendition. The area's of the legs, back, and neck are impressive and give hints of realism with slight blush-like coloring from spot to spot; Rider's two-piece swimsuit is painted in the rather bland colors of black and magenta and are rather dull but happen to match her personality to the line. Rider's key feature, her hair, is perhaps the most vividly painted aspect; her bangs and braid undergo durations of silken violet and have darkened hues in the folds to put more emphasis into its beauty; furthermore, the deep purple of her ribbon is a nice touch and adds a bit of change to the mundane painting selection. The eyes are quite remarkable to look at and seem intricately painted, Rider's signature square pupils for one are amazing to behold and give some emotion that supports the charm of her face. Rider's nails have also been painted with pastel-like violet, it's a small touch that goes a long way and prevents the figure from being completely boring.

Nothing exactly special about Rider's pose, she stands with a slight step while elegantly sweeping her bang from her face with her right hand in a sophisticated yet innocent manner while her left hand holds a book behind her as she struts. Its great to gaze at but begins to dull on the mind after a while, I mean it's beautiful but the pose seriously comes across as common.

Rider's base is your standard circular disk that has been stylized to a translucent teal to give the effect of water to match the swimsuit motif, actually I find it happens to be very ideal and matches the figure perfectly; if the base was instead boldly colored white or black I'd imagine that the appeal would drop dramatically I guess that's just the importance of complimenting between the figure and the stand. Attaching Rider to her base was more easier than expected, the stand came with a heel support and a hooked peg that connected with the position of the holes in her soles, truth be told that peg looked really imposing and I was skeptical if it would even go up Rider's foot, but after a little effort it slid in nicely and whats more provided the figure with incredible stability.

The box in a word is very straightforward, it has two large windows in the front and rear to view the figure along with a pair of double square windows on each side of the box which honestly had no use because of where they were placed (they were put in area where only the plastic encasing the figure was visible but not the figure itself). The design of the box depicts different angles of the figure bordered with violet and white with the Fate Hollow Axtraxia emblem at the front; moreover, the box is huge vertically-wise and is narrow to accordingly house Rider. It makes due with its appearance and serves its purpose nicely making would be buyers know full well what it's holding within.

i was certainly happy to have bought this figure but at the same time it felt like there was something more I wanted out of it, In a sense it was like a half-baked desire that had come from a full-blown wish; you have it but then again you don't. I highly recommend this to any Rider fans out there since it does happen to be one of the best of the rider sculpts out there or to those wishing to see their favorite character in a more "skin-revealing" escapade; for those who like Fate and Type-moon in general, only if you have close ties to the character because it has a lot left to be desired unless you are a full-fledged devotee. As for those who have never come across Rider or the Fate series I would recommend that you survey it to see if it matches your taste before buying otherwise it might just be for the best if you looked for something else that can truly satisfy you.

Extra Note:
Well Rider was a complete and utter impulse buy on my part so that whole "survey to see if it suits you taste" thing was pretty hypocritical. soooooo I'll just say follow your gut and/or male/female intuition and see where where that takes you! Though it was an impulse buy I do not regret buying it at all, I believe i was in "Gotta buy a Rider figure" mode at the time so it couldn't really be helped; anyways thanks to anyone on the board who took the precious time out of there lives to ready this, hope it was helpful!
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It's interessting how your writing or maybe your thought process while writing seems similar to mine and so I can see similarities to you looking at this Alter figure and me looking at KOS-MOS from Alter in my review.

So with this said good review (I wouldn't want to downgrade my own style -_^).

To the figure itself: I just say the original show (night) and did not play any game so I barely remember her. Somehow this one reminds me of my little beach figure of Sakura from Naruto!!
8 years ago
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Nice review...Dislike generally find swimsuit figures boring, but you sure made her sound interesting. ~_^
8 years ago