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The Truth of a Supporting Husband!The Truth of a Supporting Husband!

SNasabalSNasabal5 years agoDiary
Happy New Year Everyone!

I am going to get straight to it. IT SUCKS BEING AN ADULT!!!! sometimes and for all you fellow collectors with that special someone you live with and love with all your heart this is for you all. I am thankful for all my blessings past, present and future. I have to say right now I so want to continue my revolt in my household. (Yes, I said REVOLT!!!!)

So,anyway a very few of you in the community know that I am not anywhere near ashamed to say my age (just turned 45 Dec 6th) and that I love anime. My hobby is collecting PVC Chibi Anime keychains. I call them my crack and proud to say it took over a year; but I have/had a network of direct dealers from Japan that would make any crack dealer envious.

Well, I'm all happy and more importantly consistent with my purchases when my husband decides to do a Jerry McGuire at work with the same results. I am a loving and supportive wife so I'm like "Ok, we just need to rearrange somethings and then we are both off on a new path in life!" No, big deal for me. Anyway, I do what most would expect an adult to do and that is to cut the crack habit.(Thinking it's only for a minute) Boy! Let me tell you I wasn't playn' when I said that the keychains were my crack! I had to stop looking online at my favorite websites, I closed down my email folders. Believe me it wasn't fun getting that evil email from my main dealer "You missed paying for your crack so we are closing your account!" I'll blog later about how that is BS when I was a consistent customer for years and I didn't even get an email of what is happening can we help you valued customer service. Well, what did I expect of the crack dealer? Anywhoooo!

So, I'm dealing with my own Betty Ford and AAA self imposed treatments and meetings in my head to get me through the worst of it and just when I can say "Ok!" I can take a small look without anxiety and remorse of missing my crack. I asked my husband can I have $200 and that will catch me up on my crack to where I am back satisfied. Not happy but at least I have something. He said No! I of course say alright.

Weeks later my husband who is a comic book freak goes to his dealer with me in tow after one of our afternoon movie dates and cleans out his reserve box with over $150 worth of comic books. Remember I am a DAMN GOOD WIFE OK!!!! So, I say nothing. I stand back I watch as his face is all lit up like a little eighth grader getting his stash none of his friends will have on the block. We get in the car and as we drive home I calmly ask my husband in my most adult mommy non judgmental voice "So, can you explain to me why it was alright for you to spend almost the same amount of money on your crack; but, it wasn't alright for me?" The reply people.... "Well, you see if you buy yours I won't be able to buy mine."

Yeah people.....I'M A DAMN GOOOOOOD WIFE!!!!!! My husband is still alive and I am still so shocked at the answer I received you can't help but to laugh your ass off. Hence, I am in revolt!!!! I am sharing this priceless moment in my marriage to help anyone willing to learn. A relationship of any kind takes a lot of work and even more restraint. Wooosaw!!!!!
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Lexiy (5 years ago) #1959884Then you're a loser if you have no job at 40. Just saying. Anyone who doesn't have to work at 40 is either because they received tons of money somehow or they are parasites of the state sucking their resources up. I didn't know nor she mentioned she owned her own business (you moron) so I had no way of knowing that. The way she puts it, sounds like he takes care of her financially. So your comment on reading comprehension is baseless, absurd and ignorant. She should have then (going by your logic) renamed this as "the truth of supporting YOUR husband) since it seems money is tight. But, by naming it as "supporting husband" it clearly states that he is the one supporting her. So beat it boy.
Lexiy, you are the same person who frantically posted blogs about selling off your entire nendo collection because you were shamed by your co-workers who came over and saw it and laughed their asses off...you have exposed your soul on this site numerous times, but then would try to mock someone who gave an anecdote (which happened to be funny) of a personal situation...you may be socially disabled to not see the irony in that, but you are probably just an arrogant asshole instead.
Calm down...let the woman tell her story. If you don't like it, don't comment on it. All you kids who got so excited over this blog post...grow the fuck up. And if you can't manage to grow up, sit down and shut up.
5 years ago
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
5 years ago
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jaegeryy (5 years ago) #1962634Having friends and a/some lover(s) that share your collecting hobbies has got to be one of the best things! ...Until you battle each other for limited merch and preorders. x9

I know. You got that right. He keeps me on my toes as to how to go back and forth with him. I am a straight to the point get it out of the way person. He is teaching me to be more subtle in how I go about things and how I get them. It has become fun with him. Believe, it took some time for me to appreciate what he was trying to teach me.
5 years ago
SNasabal (5 years ago) #1962430You are so right about that! My man over all is great. I just wanted to point out the quirks of his that I have to sometimes deal with.

Having friends and a/some lover(s) that share your collecting hobbies has got to be one of the best things! ...Until you battle each other for limited merch and preorders. x9
5 years ago
Deviluke (5 years ago) #1960211its time to cut a B****

That's my 24/7 mode. I have just learned to refine it so be one with a strong aura.
5 years ago
ippikiokamiotaku (5 years ago) #1960718I read the blog entry, thought it was funny. I scroll down for the user comments and was not expecting this. I don't know which one is more entertaining? I know this site can get combative at times but I never expected all the name calling. So uncharacteristic of this site:

I know. I don't know what the hell happened other than the first person that started with the negativity was acting out and on a serious tampon moment. Now, all that craziness aside thank you for the positive feedback on the blog. All I wanted was to give some laughter and a learning moment to those willing to take in the knowledge.
5 years ago
DelicateThunder (5 years ago) #1960756I got a really big kick out of reading this!!
My husband and I will be celebrating year 16 next month so I know all about the Fine Art of Compromise. While my husband collects a few figures, his drug of choice revolves around things to make art. As I have my fun with the pre-orders, I don't begrudge him his if he sees a font he wants or a new technical pen set. There are far worse vices than these, right?
I was far more surprised with the comments here, having gone through them. Its true that we all come from different parts of the globe as well as assorted financial situations. Rather than point out things that we might not agree with/like, aknowledge the fact we're all on here for the same reason. That reason being to throw our money at salivating figure companies who really like that stuff.

DelicateThunder great point made. All I wanted to do was to add humor to the collecting not much more. Good for you on the 16 years. I only have 13 this years with my little bundle of happiness.
5 years ago
Pomelo (5 years ago) #1960870Harsh! It was a funny read, at least. Makes me think I'll skip the marriage part and just stick to me and my job, hehe. (*´・v・)
Hopefully you will be able to get your 'crack' eventually!

Well I have to say Pomelo that I am currently in my second rodeo myself. Marriage isn't for everyone so I understand. My thing is to always keep laughter in your relationships. LOL!
5 years ago
Ultramany121 (5 years ago) #1961100Lol I have no idea how or why some people are making this anything more than it is, just a funny story. Some of the negative commenters need to get off their high horse and take a stroll down humble street.
Anyways thanks for the funny read, I have done the same thing to my girlfriend and long story short, one of my iron man figures no longer has legs.

Thanks for the positive feedback! So, did you get a wheelchair for Tony? Poor thing LMAO! You couldn't find any replacement parts for him?
5 years ago
DarkHentaiX (5 years ago) #1961601Ei, ei, ei, ei, after reading the comments I thought I was on a MMORPG forum. I don't know how many trolls there are... Especially I find the ppl that keeps commenting on an argument trying to proof they are right the worst. I did not expect to see something similar here aswell. But then again there is a Chinese saying: "天下乌鸦一般黑 = Crows everywhere are equally black".
How some ppl manage to turn a short funny story, an anecdote, into something not funny is really beyond reason... why can't ppl appreciate a short funny story?
Anyway, if I was your husband, I would have replied: "You've got your crack, now it's my turn to get drugs!".

DarkHentaiX-LMAO!!!! Thank you, thank you. 1st I want to say my husband said the same thing about trolls and I didn't understand what he meant at first until he explained it too me so when I read your comment. I said to myself someone that truly gets us as a couple. Thanks for the positive feedback. I love your vibe!!!!
5 years ago
shinhawk (5 years ago) #1961151I'm all for some chaos and conflict, but the tirade down there was just...
Anyways, I thought the little lovers bout was rather entertaining. Its a sort of cute and endearing thing that happens in couples. ^^;

Shinhawk-Thanks so much. I felt the same way. My husband and youngest come up with some really funny things that keep my life filled with humor and joy. Thanks again for seeing that was some of what I wanted to share with the community.
5 years ago
Akira (5 years ago) #1962024Haha, oh man. I didn't expect people to get this rude, but you and some users gained my total respect with the way you handled it.
Also, I'm glad you and your husband get along and can laugh of each other while solving you guys problems. It sounds really sweet :p
Good luck and I hope things get solved! uvu

OMG! Thanks so much Akira. I tell you the truth the way some of these people just lost their mind was funny as hell. I choose to believe that this is a community of collectors of all things "Anime" and we come to blog about our collections and to help each other out with our collections and to hear a story of two related to them. I never took this as a forum like FB or Yearbook. A lot of people need to go to social etiquette class for social media. LMAO!!!!
5 years ago
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