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How to raise the glass shelf in IKEA Detolf glass cabinetHow to raise the glass shelf in IKEA Detolf glass cabinet

RyoSaebaRyoSaeba8 years agoTutorial
Several members has asked me how I raised the shelves in my Detolf after seeing this image.

Here's an older photo of how I had it.

So here is the tutorial.

Firstly, you'll need to decide if you want to cut acrylic or have it cut for you. That's the only hard bit about this exercise.

You'll need the following items:
6mm clear acrylic/polycarbonate/perspex/etc (if you're doing the cutting yourself)
Hollow PVC pipe with inner diameter of 6mm and outer diameter of 8-10mm. Outer diameter is not as important as inner diameter. I got mine from hobby shop.

Next cut the acrylic sheet to this exact specification.
I had mine cut by a shop a long time ago, since I did not have the proper tool to cut such exact dimensions at the time. This is what it looks like once cut.

Peel back the backing to reveal the clear acrylic under.

Then decide how high you want to raise the shelf. Cut 4 piece of PVC pipe to the height. ie if you wish to raise the shelf by 4cm, cut 4 pieces of PVC pipe 4cm long.

Next you cut a groove into one side of the PVC pipe and do a V shape on one end. The reason for the V shape will be explain later.

Spray the cut PVC pipe silver to match the case. I use Tamiya Silver Leaf for my spray.

A proper spray should have it look like this :
It is barely noticable once in place.

For this tutorial, I've left the pieces unpainted so you can see the pipe clearer.

Take the cut pipe, go to your cabinet and push the V shape into the vertical support. Don't worry the pipe is flexible and won't snap. If it snap, you've probably got wrong pipe. Go get some different ones.

Shouldn't require too much force for it to cleanly snap into place. Once it's inplace you should have something like this.

Next rotate the cut away from the front of the cabinet so it won't be visible.

Snap all 4 in place. Then place the cut acrylic over them. If acrylic cut to exact dimension, it will fit snugly over the top and not move.

Then just place shelf back over the top of the acrylic pieces and you're done. Here's one I prepared earlier. :D

As for how strong this solution is, I do not have the answer to that. I've been using it for a few years and it's still fine. Probably a good idea not to put too much stuff on it though. Alternatively, you can also use this method to add more shelves. You just need another acrylic sheet or glass sheet cut to the same size as the shelves.

Hope that's clear and easily understandable. Thank you for making it this far lol. :D

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Can you also use glass instead of acrylic?
6 years ago
Very awesome! Thank you for sharing!
7 years ago
Hey thanks for posting this here and thank you for sharing this. I found your original post on a different forum from a few years ago and followed your exact method to raise the shelf on one of my detolfs to fit my 1/4 Xenosaga Kosmos figure. I've had it a year or two now and haven't had any problems with it and raised shelf is fine. This is a great mod and not really that difficult to do other than getting the specialized pieces fabricated. I was able to get that done for about $35 USD for both pieces from a local plastics shop in town.

Ikea (now) also sells these circular LED lights (Dioder) which are perfect for the Detolf cabinet especially for figures (since they don't get melting hot). They come in a package of 4 lights that branch out from a single power supply with a rocker switch. Each light can be screw on or use the self adhesive pads. I have mine setup so each shelf lights up (had to use screws for the top one and self adhesive pads for the glass shelves). As for the wires, I just zip-tied them to one column of the inner frame all the way up and out of the top hole but I'm sure people could find a better solution with additional work.

Anyways highly recommended if you can find a plastics shop that can make those pieces for you and if you need to raise (or lower) the shelves.
8 years ago
Thanks :)

Unfortunately I have not done much weight testing. Can't really say how much weight it'll hold. But would probably be fine with about 5-6 mid size figures as they don't really weight that much.

They're low wattage halogen lamps. They don't get very hot. Warm but not hot. It's not really a problem. I rarely turn them on and when I do, they don't go on for long period of time anyway. Also my arrangement looks different now. They look like this : picture/282325&... So there are not many figures as close to the lights any more. :)
8 years ago
Sweet. Looks good.
Have you done any weight tests on these? PVC pipe is very solid, but like you said, some people can have tons of figures per shelf.

Also, I'm a little worried for your figures that are now so close to the lights. They don't have the color temperature for LEDs and too small for CFL. What are they?
Nevermind, saw your other pic of the whole setup.
Halogen? Whoa, those get hot. Yeah they're covered, but they're REALLY close to a lot of your figures. Advise you not turn them on very often or for very long.
8 years ago
Thanks a lot :)!
8 years ago
eimhir kiel
thanks for the very detailed and nice tutorial!
8 years ago
brilliant! nice work!
8 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
Thanks a lot for this!!
8 years ago
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Very helpful tutorial. :D I've been toying with ideas for new shelves.
8 years ago
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