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Ichigo Hollow Clay Mask!

josuwajosuwa6 years agoReview
So, an article for my cosplay. Cosplaying as Ichigo Hollow Bankai from Bleach during AFA 2011! However, I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible. Therefore... Instead of using some cheap plastic mask or even an expensive plastic mask... I thought, why not make the mask out of clay?

So... I bought paper clay, which hardens in air, and using the cheap plastic mask as a guide, made a clay mask.

Paper clay is annoying and terribly messy, but the final effect is well worth it. A nice, slightly crumbly mask which gives a really realistic touch to the cosplay. I varnished it to give it a slight shine as well as to strengthen the clay as well. Whole room smells terrible now.

So it's 75% complete. The entire clay mask is finished and all that's left is the paint job. I'm painting the Hollow Mask in the new design after Ichigo unleashes his new form against Ulquoirra.

So now it's outfit, check.

REAL metal Tensa Zangetsu, check.

Hollow Mask, 75%.

Wig, Not yet here.

I hope everything works out for my first cosplay attempt!!! =D
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The sword? I think you could probably find it online. It's 1.73m long and made of black carbon steel. Weighs about 4 kg. I think I probably own one out of several hundreds in the whole world.
6 years ago
I would even be interested in the not-painted-mask^^

And ofc. the sword sounds interesting too =D
6 years ago
Pics up asap! =D I'll finish painting it by tmr!
6 years ago
Would like to see the final product :D
6 years ago
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